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Chapter 108

Tang Wanwan was always so confident that she has done everything perfectly, and done a good job. At least when it happened, no one was on his side.

One evening Fu Jianchen came back from the company, saw Fu Zhen drawing on the sofa and suddenly asked him.

“What do you want to eat tonight?”

Since Tang Wawan came to the Fu family, Fu Jianchen has not asked him what he needs, what he likes, what he wanted to do or not want to do in a long time.

They always put Tang Wanwan first in everything and Fu Zhen became just a passer-by.

It was almost ironic, that what he use to take for granted now make Fu Zhen feel flattered. He raised his head and looked Fu Jianchen, it took him a long time to process Fu Jianchen’s words.

He were asking himself, and thought about it before saying to Fu Jianchen.

“I want to eat roast duck.”

As soon as Fu Zhen’s words feel, Tang Wanwan suddenly walked in, she took Fu Jianchen’s arm and said to him.

“Dad, I know a particular delicious Sichuan restaurant, let’s go eat Sichuan food tonight, okay?”

Fu Jianchen didn’t even have think about it and nodded directly to Tang Wanwan.

“The let’s go eat Sichuan food tonight.”

Although Fu Zhen quite like to eat spicy food, but every time after eating he would always have stomach ache.

Under the supervision of Fu Jianchen and Fu Ting, he would usually need to coerce his father and brother to let him order some spicy foods.

But now, Fu Jianchen was going to take his family to Sichuan restaurant, making Fu Zhen unhappy about it at all.

After going to the Sichuan restaurant, Tang Wanwan made the order. She was not polite at all, she ordered more and more spicy dishes. She also said to the waiter.

“I like spicy food, can you add extra chili?”

Only after she said this did she realize that something might be wrong and turned her head to Fu Jianchen.

 “Is that okay dad?”

Fu Jianchen nodded with a doting face.

“Of course.”

Since entering the Sichuan restaurant, Fu Zhen has not said half a word. As Tang Wanwan does not let him talked also.

During the meal, she pretended to give a piece of meat, and put it in on Fu Zhen’s bowl, asking him.

“Brother Fu Zhen why not eat it?”

Fu Zhen simply wanted to throw the rice in front him directly to Tang Wanwan’s head. He could barely resist the impulse but at this time Fu Jianchen added fuel to the fire and told Fu Zhen.

“Wanwan personally gave you the food, why not eat it?”

At this time Fu Zhen was an impulsive youngster, thinking that by hurting himself he was hurting others as well.

But later, it showed that no matter what he did, they would not care about him anymore.

Fu Zhen tasted all the dishes at the Sichuan restaurant that night. Not long after he came home, Fu Zhen had a stomach ache, which made him roll in bed in intense pain.

But no one care about him.

Fu Jianchen and Fu Ting accompanied Tang Wanwan to a party, the household servants were sleeping in their own rooms, and no one notice his abnormality.

Fu Zhen’s heart went down, and his body was a little cold, finally he held himself back from the pain and went downstairs to call a cab and went to the hospital.

The driver saw his pale and cold sweat stained face, just by looking at it, the driver knew he was in great pain.

“No one at home ah, going to hospital alone?”

Fu Zhen thought about it and replied to the driver.

“…. There is no one”

The driver sighed and said to Fu Zhen.

“Well, it’s not easy to live outside alone, you have no friends also? In the middle of the night, it would be safe to be with someone.”

Fu Zhen didn’t speak, he had hi head against the window, and hand over his stomach. The street light reflected in the car window forming a strange little space where Fu Zhen thought of countless means of revenged on Tang Wanwan.

The next day, Fu Zhen came back from the hospital at noon.

Fu Jianchen didn’t know why he didn’t go to the company today. Instead he was sitting on the sofa in the living room when he saw Fu Zhen come back.

He raised his head and asked him.

“Where did you go last night?”

Fu Zhen was about to reply when Fu Jianchen continued.

“Wanwan was too tired at the banquet yesterday, so keep your voice down when you go upstairs and don’t wake her up.”

Fu Jianchen doesn’t care where Fu Zhen went last night. He has now his only precious daughter in his heart.

Fu Zhen stood in place and look at Fu Zhen for a long time. The man in front of him didn’t seem to be his father anymore, his father would never be like this.

In the end, he said nothing and silently went upstairs to his bedroom without making a sound as Fu Jianchen had requested.

But Fu Zhen was not reconciled after all.

Resentment and anger tormented him and his heart seemed to harbor countless monsters that screamed at him every day to kill Tang Wanwn, to kill Tang Wanwan.

Fu Zhen’s moral and law in his heart finally defeated the cruel and bloody revenged he wanted. But he still wanted to teach Tang Wanwan a lesson.

Wasn’t it about spicy?

Fu Zhen bought a kind of chili oil in from the internet. He then found someone to sneak into Tang Wanwan’s crew and pour the bottle of chili oil into Tang Wanwan’s lunch box.



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