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Chapter 106

The next morning, Fu Zhen opened his eyes as he was still snuggling in Jiang Hengshu’s arms. Jiang Hengshu patted his back and whispered to him.

“It’s still early, why don’t you sleep a little more?”

Fu Zhen yawned, then took out his phone and looked at the time on the screen, it was still early, he hmmed then closed his eyes again, falling into a deep sleep in Jiang Hengshu’s arms.

When Fu Zhen woke up again, it was already more than 7 o’clock. He sat down from the bed and stretched out his arms.

He felt good and also a little strange at the same time. But after a while, the strange feeling disappeared.

Fu Zhen went to the studio as usual to continued sketching the sub plot. The progress of Shazou Chronicle was getting faster and faster, Fu Zhen feels that if they make an effort, the next episode would be ready to meet with fans in April.

The day after the Valentine’s Day, some paparazzi photographed Tang Wanwan and Qin Zhao, coming in the Central Hospital of Pinghai City.

In the photo was Qin Zhao had a list in his hand and was frowning slightly, he looked really serious.

When the photo exploded, many netizens immediately speculated that Tang Wanwan was pregnant.

But wasn’t the pregnancy a little too fast? The marriage was less than a month, was she pregnant before the marriage?

Moreover, Tang Wanwan was only 23 years old this year. It was too early to be pregnant.

Most of the female stars in the entertainment industry only have children when they were about 30 years old. Since if they get pregnant too early, it may have an impact on their future stardom career.

However, thinking about it again she already has everything. With the support of the Qin family and the Fu family, she could get whatever resources she wanted.

And she shouldn’t be afraid of divorce, since everyone could see that Qin Zhao was miserably in love with her.

The topic of Tang Wanwan’s pregnancy has been once again made as one of to the hot searched by the enthusiastic netizens.

But that night Tang Wanwan sent a blog, clarifying the photo in the hospital during the day, saying she was not pregnant.

“Thank you all for your concern. I am not pregnant. Only my left arm is aching today so Qin Zhao accompanied me to the hospital and took an x-ray. Thank you again for your concern.”

[Left arm?]

Tang Wanwan’s fans immediately flared up. Two years ago, she fell on a cliff. At that time her left arm was injured.

[But this is two years ago, did she have a relapse?]

[Fu Zhen come out to be beaten!]

This was the general response of the netizens. Originally the after the popularity of the Chun Huashan was over, they also almost forgot about Fu Zhen.

But now that Tang Wanwan mentioned it, they all remembered the murderer that almost let Tang Wanwan fall in the cliff and could become crippled.

And Fu Zhen has not received the punishment he deserved until now.

The netizens immediately took action, vowing to find Fu Zhen saying that he should never underestimate the power of netizens.

But after their search, no one found any trace of Fu Zhen.

In the past two years, Fu Zhen seems to have completely evaporated from the world. If it wasn’t for the dispute over the director of Chun Huashan not long ago, they might have thought that Fu Zhen was dead.

Where did Fu Zhen go? Was he sent out of the country by Fu Jianchen? Or did he become a monk because he felt so sinful?

These were all the thought of the netizens after failing to find where Fu Zhen was. What they never thought of was that the official site of Shazou Chronicle and Jian Wen were both created and was Fu Zhen.

Netizens brainstormed and the topic, #FuZhenGoeseWhere. Surprisingly also climbed up as one of the hot searched list and somewhat amusingly it was under the topic, #DadGoesWhere.

Tang Wanwan saw that the enthusiasm was almost over, so she hired water army, they only need to do one thing and that was too push Fu Zhen to the edge.

Let Fu Zhen know that he was now an ant between her fingers, and as long as she exert a little force she could decide whether to let him die or not without a burial place.

[Please give a thumbs up for those support Tang Wanwan’s suing Fu Zhen to court.]

[I hope that the Fu family will no longer indulge Fu Zhen. Tang Wanwan is also the daughter of the Fu family. I hope Fu Jianchen to be fair, even if he can’t give a little love for Tang Wanwan, stop covering for Fu Zhen.]

[This is murder. I hope that Fu Zhen will brought to justice.]

[Fu Zhen is really cruel. If Tang Wanwan’s had a little luck, I am afraid she could be lying in the hospital now, and become a vegetative person.]

Tang Wanwan saw that the wind on weibo had pointed their finger at Fu Zhen, exactly as she wanted. They even want her to take Fu Zhen to the court.

She laughed looking at the comments, with a good mood she took her phone and called Fu Zhen again.

But she didn’t get through, she never thought that her number was blocked by Fu Zhen.

Tang Wanwan was so angry that she had to change to another number, and once the phone was connected by Fu Zhen, Tang Wanwan immediately said to Fu Zhen.

“Fu Zhen, I give you one last chance, 3 million to buy the copyright for Shazou Chronicle, or we will see you in court.”

Fu Zhen coldly returned two words to Tang Wanwan.

“Keep dreaming.”

He hung up the phone after saying that and also he never forget to also blocked the number.



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