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Chapter 105

Fu Zhen was a little curious, so he turned on his phone and checked and he then read an overwhelming news about Tang Wanwan.

On Valentine’s Day, Qin Zhao tried his best to find 52 lovely little boys and went to Tang Wanwan set every ten minutes to send her a bunch of flowers, she basically received flowers the whole day.

When Tang Wanwan got out of work, he saw Qin Zhao waiting at the gate. Seeing Tang Wanwan coming, he opened the trunk of his sports car where there was a whole bunch of flowers.

He then took Tang Wanwan to a seaside, and prepared some fireworks for her. Finally he took her to the highest building in Pinghai City, the Pearl of Pinghai.

With melodious sound of violin, they enjoyed their candlelight dinner in the sky garden.

These romantic scene were all recorded in a paparazzi’s footage, and they made it to the top weibo hot search on the same day.

Netizens all agreed that the marriage was really a good match. If they looked at other people’s Valentine’s Day, even if they earned a lifetime of money, they’re afraid they couldn’t have a Valentine’s Day like Tang Wanwan.

Moreover, unlike those other celebrities who have married into a rich family, Qin Family doesn’t require Tang Wanwan to quit the entertainment circle. She could still mix in the circle.

She really was an envious existence.

Of course, some netizens begin to realize that Tang Wanwan was always on the hot searched. She has been on the hot searched list for 365 days a year, and that’s for almost 3 years.

But her fans did not think too much about it, nor come out to refute about it.

Tang Wanwan doesn’t have to go on hot searched all day to consolidate her popularity. It was the paparazzi who chases her all day and wanted to suck blood from her.

These photos were all taken by paparazzi, they didn’t the paparazzi but blame Tang Wanwan instead for invading her privacy? That idiotic.

And before, she was also often on the hot search at that time, why didn’t they say anything about it? But now that she was married, one by one they pretend to be annoyed.

Weren’t they just angry because their goddess was gotten married?

And because of this, a fight was set off.

After Tang Wanwan’s wedding, he black powder1 has suddenly increased, which was understandable.

After all, she was a young female star, many male fans would stop admiring her or turn black after their love was snatched by someone, which was perfectly normal.

The battle between this people was in full swing, and the people who loved eating melons enjoyed the show.

For a time the three hot searched slots on weibo was occupied by Tang Wanwan.

However all of these has nothing to do with Fu Zhen. Compare to Qin Zhao’s fancy date, he and Jiang Hengshu’s Valentine’s Day was very simple.

After the candlelight dinner, they went to the cinema together, Fu Zhen find a romance film in advance online.

The movie was made in a very common way, but the important thing was the atmosphere in the cinema.

When choosing the movie tickets, Fu Zhen went out his way to find a desolate corner and bought the tickets.

As a result when the time came, he and Jiang Hengshu who walked into the cinema hall were dumbfounded.

They only see a bunch of high school students on the corner Fu Zhen choose.

Fu Zhen looked at the children and finally couldn’t help but smile. He once saw on a blog that someone would specifically surround the couple in the corner, he didn’t expect it would also happen to him.

The high school students who saw two men walked was also taken aback. They were not interesting, was what they thought.

Anyway there were not many people in the cinema, and since the movie would start soon, they decided to change their seats.

Fu Zhen and Jiang Hengshu did not choose this place to do something, unlike what the high school students were expecting.

They just held hands as the time flows on the changing screen.

After the movie, Jiang Hengshu drove Fu Zhen back home, it was already late and it was time for Fu Zhen to sleep as what Jiang Hengshu had set.

Fu Zhen bought a set of maid’s clothes online, and put them in his back pack. When Jiang Hengshu didn’t pay attention, he took the backpack and went into the bathroom.

Jiang Hengshu poured a glass of milk for Fu Zhen and went to the bedroom when he heard a sound of clattering water coming from the bathroom.

So he knew that Fu Zhen was taking a bath inside, he put the warm milk table and sat on the bed, he then took a book and started flipping through it.

As Fu Zhen took time to come out of the bathroom, the warm milk at the table has cooled down a little bit.

Jiang Hengshu was worried and asked him.

“What’s the matter? Is something wrong?”

“It’s okay, I’ll be out in a minute.”

Fu Zhen looked himself in the mirror and washed his face with cool water to make the redness on his face fade a little.

He went to the bathroom door and took a few moments to mentally prepare himself before reaching out and taking hold of the door handle, pulling it open.

Hearing the sound, Jiang Hengshu raised his head from the book and asked Fu Zhen.

“Why did you washed for such a long time—”

His voice abruptly stopped, looking at Fu Zhen who walked out of the bathroom. Fu Zhen’s arms and face still had a little water marks, his clothes were a little small, and his skirt was short which was tightly attached to his body

Fu Zhen took the Valentine’s Day gift he had prepared for Jiang Hengshu and walked up to him.

He held the box in his hand in front of Jiang Hengshu and opened his mouth with some difficulty.

“Jiang …. Jiang Hengshu…”

After Fu Zhen called Jiang Hengshu’s name, his face was ready to explode.


This Valentine’s Day was not too fancy, but the two young men have been greatly satisfied.


black powder1- anti fan

TL: awts it was cut , the author wanted to use your imagination more (✧≖‿ゝ≖)



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  1. The part where netizens were wondering why Tang Wanwan was constantly on the hot search was hilarious to me because that always happens to protagonists in novels about the entertainment industry. Or even in novels where the protagonist is a CEO or something.

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