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Chapter 104

During the lunch break, Fu Zhen only nibbled two steamed buns and went back to the computer in a hurry to color the base he had drawn in the morning.

The deputy director passed by Fu Zhen, he thought Fu Zhen was still working but when he looked at the computer and found out that he did not draw the characters in Shazou Chronicle at all.

He asked curiously.

“Director Fu, what are you doing?”

Fu Zhen smiled embarrassingly.


The deputy director took a closer look and immediately found that Fu Zhen’s painting turned out to be Jiang Hengshu.

Although Fu Zhen and Jiang Hengshu didn’t take the initiative to introduce them, they were not blind. It was easy to see that their relationship was unusual and extraordinary.


The deputy director, trailed off a long tone, tapped Fu Zhen on the shoulder twice. Revealing an i-know-what smile.

The deputy director always knew that Fu Zhen was the youngest son of the Fu family. He also don’t like Tang Wanwan very much.

But during the time, Fu Zhen would often complain to them in the studio about how he dislikes Tang Wanwan they would feel uncomfortable in their hearts and felt that it was Fu Zhen who was too calculating.

However it all change, when he saw Tang Wanwan’s wedding century video before the Spring Festival this year.

He suddenly understand that at time, Fu Zhen was facing a completely cruel father and brother, as well as the aggressive Tang Wanwan.

There was resentment in his heart, he wasn’t able to understand Fu Zhen then. After all, it was a human nature to vent down their anger, just like what Fu Zhen did.

If he could have understand this earlier, when Fu Zhen was driven out of the Fu Family, he should have help him.

But he didn’t know why, after hearing the reason that Tang Wanwan had an accident because of him, he seems to have completely forgotten about Fu Zhen.

Since then, no one has ever mentioned this name around him.

He thought that Shazou Chronicle would never be updated again, and it was at this time that he saw a blog sent out by the official site of Shazou Chronicle, contacting all creators of the Shazou Chronicle back.

Before he came to the studio, he was worried that over the years, Fu Zhen would had lost the original intention of the Shazou Chronicle and even if the Shazou Chronicle was restored and updated it would only be rotten.

But the moment he saw Fu Zhen, he understood that the Shazou Chronicle would not decline. Although Fu Zhen didn’t have the fierce spirit he had that year.

He was more mature than before, and he knew for sure that the Shazou Chronicle would only be better than before.

They won’t say anything for him online but they all knew in their hearts that Fu Zhen was really a good person.

The assistant director happily walked away and went to a side lounge to find a single bed to lie on for a nap.

After painting for a while, Fu Zhen received a phone call from Jiang Hengshu, who asked him.

“What are you doing?”

Usually at this time Fu Zhen should be resting. In order not to disturb him Jiang Hengshu would usually send him message on wechat.

Fu Zhen looked at the computer in front of him, as if he had done something wrong, but he did not want to lie to Jiang Hengshu so he said.

“Drawing picture.”

Jiang Hengshu gave a hmm, and with an as I expected tone, he said to Fu Zhen.

“Don’t draw. Go rest.”

“It’s almost done.”

Fu Zhen looked at the picture that needs a little bit of color on it, and told a lie with his eyes open.

Jiang Hengshu’s voice on the other end of the phone was gentle and firm.

“Listen. It’s time for you to rest.”

Fu Zhen was silent for a moment, meekly turned off the computer and responded.


He stood up from the computer, and turned around only to see Wang Tong leaning against the door giggling to himself.

Fu Zhen immediately understood that this Wang Tong must have been his spy.

Fortunately, there wasn’t much work left in the afternoon. Fu Zhen rushed to finished the picture, printed it out with coated paper, bought a picture frame in the supermarket and framed it.

After doing this, Fu Zhen held the frame and looked at the clock. He was waiting for the second hand to turn around, while his heart can’t help but feel a little anxious.

The deputy director saw his expression and could read what he was thinking, so he said to him.

“Director Fu, if you have something to do you can get off the work first. I can handle it here alone.”

Fu Zhen refused.

“No, he’s not off yet, I’ll just wait here a while.”

Not long after Fu Zhen’s words fell, Jiang Hengshu called him and said he was already waiting for him downstairs.

A smile immediately blossomed into Fu Zhen’s face, he said to the few people who was still working.

“You guys should also go home early.”

They rejected Fu Zhen proposal, saying.

“We are group of single dogs, why go back early ah, to eat dog food?”

Fu Zhen couldn’t help but laugh, he waved his hands, turned around and went downstairs to find Jiang Hengshu.

Jiang Hengshu took Fu Zhen to a French restaurant and had a candlelight dinner.

While eating, they heard a little girl at the back of their table, holding her phone and constantly saying.

“So romantic! So romantic!”



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