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Chapter 103

After a long time of fighting with Zhao Jin about the director’s dispute, there was another big news exploded on the internet.

Director Zhao Jin was accused of buying murder, this time what awaits him maybe was a life-long prison with no chance of parole.

Fu Zhen just casually looked the report. Jiang Hengshu already had someone asked to deal with this matter, and would let Zhao Jin get what he deserves.

What he was more concerned about right now was, valentine’s day which would be tomorrow.

He had to buy some gift for Jiang Hengshu for the first time on this kind of day. However he had no idea what to give, he already gave him a tie after the last New Year’s Day.

What to give him this time?

Fu Zhen had been thinking about this problem for several days now, when he came back from the Jiang family.  He realized that Jiang Hengshu didn’t lack anything.

He wanted to give him a pair of shoes before, but when he arrived at the Jiang family, he saw a cabinet in the bedroom where he used to sleep, full of shoes, so he gave up the idea.

He even thought of making a film for Jiang Hengshu as a Valentine’s Day gift to him but if he prepares now, he’s afraid it would be too late for Jiang Hengshu to see it on the day of Valentine’s Day.

Another thing was that he really has no time to write a new script recently. When he had just finished shooting Chun Huashan and had not left the Fu family, he thought of buying Luo Pingping’s work White Castle and adapting it to make a film.

But then those things happened, the plan was delayed by him for a long time.

Now, that he has money, he wanted to consider buying the copyright. But he heard that Luo Pingping was suing a well-known internet writer this time.

So even if he wanted to buy the copyright, he has to wait for Luo Pingping to finished first.

Going back, so there was really no way to give the film to Jiang Hengshu.

What else can I give him?

Fu Zhen scratched his head, he tried to searched on the internet but most of the suggestion was to make a handy craft or buy something he really wanted recently.

But Jiang Hengshu has nothing he wanted recently, and if he start making crafts now, he cannot do anything fancy.

Fu Zhen scrolled down a little and found at the last post about giving yourself to your partner as a gift. Giving him an unforgettable night, there were also pictures of sailor clothes, maid clothes and nursed clothes.

The suggestion was actually a little exciting for Fu Zhen, but he was afraid of complicating the child in his belly, he didn’t dare to mess around.

No, it seems that he could. Thinking about it again, Fu Zhen touched his belly. It was still very flat, no one would notice that there was a small life inside.

Fu Zhen instantly blushed, the redness spread from his face all the way to his neck. He thought of what Jiang Hengshu put in his windbreaker last time.

He wondered if it was still there, he put down the towel in his hand and got up to find the windbreaker Jiang Hengshu wore when they went to the hot spring in Baimei Mountain before Spring Festival.

At this time, Jiang Hengshu pushed the door in found Fu Zhen holding the windbreaker he wore a few days ago, he was fumbling for something. Wondering what he was doing, he asked.

“What are you looking for?”

Fu Zhen looked up at Jiang Hengshu and gave a dry laugh. He naturally could not tell Jiang Hengshu that he was looking for that little white tube.

He shook his head and said to Jiang Hengshu.

“Nothing, see if it’s dirty, do you need to wash it?”

Jiang Hengshu also did not suspect him, or perhaps he had guessed but did not say it. He sat down next to Fu Zhen, picked up a hair dryer inside the cabinet, and beckoned Fu Zhen.

“Well, come over here, and let’s blow dry your hair. It’s time to sleep.”

Fu Zhen hmmm and hung the windbreaker back in the closet. Earlier when he was trying to find the thing he used last time in his pocket, he did not feel anything.

Then it is better to go to the pharmacy tomorrow and buy it.

Jiang Hengshu dried Fu Zhen’s hair, then the two got into bed. They cuddled together and turned off the lights to sleep.

The next morning, Fu Zhen woke up early, just waiting for Jiang Hengshu to open his eyes and say to him.

“Happy Valentine’s Day.”

The sunlight came in along the gap between the bed curtains and quietly pass through the quilt. Jiang Hengshu’s blue eyes seemed to be filled with sparkling waves.

He laughed softly after hearing Fu Zhen’s voice and then extended his arms as soon as he stretched out his arms he immediately took Fu Zhen into his embraced and whispered back.

“Happy Valentine’s Day.”

After breakfast, Fu Zhen and Jiang Hengshu went to work separately. Jiang Hengshu took Fu Zhen to their studio and waited downstairs for a while before leaving.

Fu Zhen came earlier, there were only two people in the studio. After saying hello, Fu Zhen sat in front of the computer and began to draw the rest of yesterday’s unfinished work.

He entered into working state, he had to finished today’s work quickly and then draw a whole body picture for Jiang Hengshu.

After all he had only one night’s happiness. He seems to have cope up more in this Valentine’s Day.

In the sketched book, there were many different piece of drawing of Jiang Hengshu which were drawn by him when he was working on the construction site.

He selected one he was more satisfied with as a sketch and refined and colored it.



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