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Chapter 102

When the red light at the intersection was on, Jiang Hengshu and Fu Zhen stopped, and waited for the light to turn green.

Waiting on the road hand in hand until the green light was on and the car stopped.

When Fu Zhen crossed the pedestrian road, and looked back, his eyes crossed the surging traffic flow and saw Fu Jianchen on the opposite of the road.

Fu Jianchen was standing under the high street lamp. His figure was somewhat bent, not as tall and powerful as before. Fu Zhen was in trance and realized that Fu Jianchen was gradually aging.

But this no longer had anything to do with him, even if Fu Jianchen grows old, there would naturally be Fu Ting and Tang Wanwan by his side.

After a long time, Fu Zhen’s heart could not restrain a sour emotion seeping out, so he withdrew his eyes and held Jiang Hengshu’s hand tightly and continued to walk towards the end of the street.

Fu Jianchen was still standing in the dimly lit street lamp. He raised his head, and noticed little snow falling from the sky.

He stretched out his hand, and the little snow particles fell on his fingertips, this was probably the last thing he could see before the arrival of spring. The snow.

Time seems to coincide at this moment with the scene in the past. In those years unknown to Fu Jianchen, Fu Zhen also stood alone on the endless street looking up the sky with the drifting snow waiting for the green light to come on and left alone, wounded.

Fu Jianchen watched at the figure of Fu Zhen walked little by little far away from him and finally completely disappeared in his sight.


The case of who was fake and real director of Chun Huashan finally opened. It was the first time the judge had this kind of case.

As the other party had claimed that the real director was dead but in fact was alive. After claiming that he even dared to openly put the film on his own name and send to relevant authorities for review before successfully releasing the movie.

Simply stupid and foolish.

The judge didn’t even know what to say or evaluate about this Zhao Jin.

The case was sentenced on the spot. Zhao Jin need to pay Fu Zhen with 550 million yuan in total.

After Fu Zhen got the money, he paid some taxes, as well as the site fee and staff fee that Fu Ting paid in advance when shooting the film Chun Huashan.

He had less than 20 million yuan left on hand, this fund was enough for Fu Zhen, and there should be still a lot left after updating Shazou Chronicle.

He could now continue his dream and make a film of his interest.

Tang Wanwan who was also paying attention to the case, learned that Fu Zhen could get more than 500 million compensation.

She was so angry that her finger were shaking, she really should not underestimate Fu Zhen.

The only thing she had with Fu Zhen right now was the accident she had two years ago. If Fu Zhen was still unwilling to give her the copyright, she could only make an issue out of it.

The servant have long found that the since Tang Wanwan left the Fu’s mansion, the Fu family has become more and more cold.

They often see Fu Jianchen sitting in the living room alone, watching the tape he found in the rockery. He would watched it over and over again without saying a word from beginning to end.

The light in the living room was turned off, the darkness along with the loneliness wrapped Fu Jianchen into a silent shell.

His back was against the sofa, and his eyes were closed. He seldom regretted anything in his life, this was the only thing that made him unable to forgive himself for the rest of his life.

On the tea table in front of him was a document with information about Jiang Hengshu written on it.

Fu Jianchen found out that Jiang Hengshu was the only successor of the Jiang family in Hexi. He graduated from a prestigious university and went abroad to study, he recently just came back from abroad last year.

Fu Jianchen does not know how he met Fu Zhen, he also didn’t know whether he should be happy for Fu Zhen of feel sorry for himself.

The joy was that Jiang Hengshu was fully capable of protecting Fu Zhen instead of them, while the sadness was that Fu Zhen probably won’t really need them anymore.

He was also hoping that Jiang Hengshu won’t make his baby sad anymore.

At that time what exactly happened to me?

Fu Jianchen smiled with endless bitterness. He raised his hand and covered his eyes, just like what he had done on the shabby sofa of the rental house for countless of hours.

On the other hand, Tang Wanwan who was anxious, went to find Fu Ting hoping he could help her get the copyright of the Shzou Chronicle from Fu Zhen.

But in view of somewhat cold attitude of the Fu family’s father and son toward her during this period of time, Tang Wanwan also took initiative to explain to Fu Ting.

“I have never done anything bad to Fu Zhen.”

Fu Ting turned his head and faced Tang Wanwan sideways, he lowered his eyes and slowly said.

“Actually, I don’t care what you did.”

Hearing this, Tang Wanwan thought that Fu Ting was still on her side, she couldn’t help  smiling.


But before she finished her words, Fu Ting laughed softly as he said to Tang Wanwan.

“I just need to see the results.”

The suffering that Fu Zhen suffered was all given by the three of them, and Fu Ting never wanted to escape from this.

Tang Wanwan frowned.

“Brother what’s the matter with you? and father.. are you resenting me for what happened to Fu Zhen? What did I do wrong? I was obviously the one who was hurt at that time!”

“We resent ourselves even more.”

Fu Ting said calmly.

“Tang Wanwan you best know that yourself.”

Tang Wanwan couldn’t help but felt resentment in her heart, she questioned Fu Ting.

“Am I not your sister? Why do you treat me like this? Don’t the past two years count?”

Fu Ting turned his head and looked Tang Wanwan, his gaze was calm and cold, he said.

“No, it never was.”

“Those two years were the most regrettable years of my life.”

“We have the same blow flowing in our bodies!”

Tang Wanwan shouted at him.

“So what? What does it matter to me?”

Fu Ting turned around and left the place, his hand was holding the DNA identification taken home from the hospital, which has not yet opened.



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