Chapter 16

Chen Feng all of a sudden became brother Bao and she as his little brother.

His younger brother held his arm tightly as if he was afraid that he would not acknowledge his relationship with her. He also keep on saying.

“Brother Bao I did not expect that there are still trashy people who did not know you in this road. It is necessary to properly control the pest in this area.”

Chen Feng looked down on her, her white fingers had squeezed his arm hard but her face seemed very calm.

The pair was very familiar, the elder who was being followed by his younger brother wherever he goes.

The gangster was in fact not stupid, especially the one eyed man. He still remembered their state when they first arrived.

He suspected that they don’t really know each other at all, and that the woman was just asking for help.

Although he has only one eyed, his eye could easily see through things, ok.

He looked at Jiang Liangchan and then at Chen Feng, with a fierce smile at the corners of his mouth, waiting to see the blush and panic that would appear on that pretty little face when the man denied it.

He likes to see people show this kind of expression, he looked forward to it every time he thinks about it.

That despair, and pain appeared on that small face, such a view.

The one-eyed boss stared at Chen Feng.

Jiang Liangchan also nervously stared at Chen Feng.

Chen Feng suddenly let out a laugh.

“Brother Bao’s little brother, how can we yelled to others?”

He patted Jiang Liangchan shoulder.

“Little brother don’t worry, your brother Bao will definitely back you up.”

Jiang Liangchan who was almost air-dried fish has now suddenly come to life.


Brother Bao is powerful!

The gloating smile on the corner of the one eyed boss disappeared and his expression became even more ruthless, he looked like he would spit poison on his gaze.

“Ok, since you want to go through this muddy water, don’t blame your grandfather for not showing mercy.”

Jiang Liangchan’s crips voice rang out.

“Brother Bao, how could someone not know you? Are they rank so low that they even know who Big Brother Bao is yet?”

Her tone was too natural, and since she has been calling ‘brother Bao this,’ ‘brother Bao that’, made the one eyed boss who thought she was not talking nonsense and was a little hesitant.

Jiang Liangchan still pretended to advice.

“Brother Bao, you calm down, these cheap underlings are not worthy of you. If you get angry and slap them flat, at that time they have to cry and howl making you more annoyed.”

She also persuaded the opposite side.

“You can’t afford to mess with brother Bao, brother Bao has taken fancy of the two children, leave them and get out of here.”

As her acting was getting real by the time, the one eyed man couldn’t help but tilt his head and whispered to one of his subordinates.

“Is there really someone name Brother Bao and own this place?”

After his subordinates thought about it again and again, he shook his head and said.

“I really haven’t heard that name.”

Damn it!

The one eyed boss was furious.

“You brats, how dare you play with this grandfather!”

Jiang Liangchan only had time to feel that she was being held by someone behind her collar, and her body was carried to one side. Before the she could stand still, the scuffle began.

She couldn’t see where Chen Feng was. More than a dozen thugs swarmed up and surrounded Chen Feng.

Jiang Liangchan couldn’t squeezed into the scuffle. She also knew herself that with her physique squeezing into the scuffle was just adding to a chaos.

She leaned against the corner of the wall, dodge the gangsters, and trotted to the two teenagers who had just been beaten.

She found that the one the ground was more seriously injured, she pulled him up and helped him stand.

The boy who was stuck in the corner also struggled to climb up wanting to help the one on the ground.

They should be master and servant. The one who was beaten heavily was the young master, his clothes looked simple, but the fabric was soft as jade satin which was very expensive.

And the one who was thrown on the corner was the servant.

All three were carefully and silently holding each other in getting up unnoticed.

Jiang Liangchan silently pointed to the alley and mouthed them to run quickly.

However the young master, shook his head and even though it was hard to lift his arm, he still pointed to the scuffle.

What he meant was that he could not leave Chen Feng behind.

Without saying a word, Jiang Liangchan pushed him to the corner of the alley. She was clear at herself that it was not only useless for these two people to stay, but could also delay Chen Feng, including herself.

But she couldn’t just leave him.

She pushed them to the corner of alley entrance and mouthed.

“Report to the officer.”

The young master understood, he endured the pain and moved out quickly with his servant.

When the two kids were gone, she clenched her fist and moved back to the brawl.

Few of the thugs have been put down already, and there were still few who were standing but she could now see the cold expression of Chen Feng in the middle.

He was really good at Kung Fu. Those gangsters have guys who had weapons on their hands, Chen Feng tried to break them up but there were too many of them.

It was hard for him to avoid and take care of them.

Jiang Liangchan watched helplessly as Chen Feng was dealing with the thugs. One gangster had fallen behind him struggled to get up again and tried to hit Chen Feng in the head with the blade that was as big as a man’s arm.


Before the blade could touched Chen Feng, the gangster was heavily hit with a stone on his head and fell down with a bam!

It was Jiang Liangchan who hit the gangster. She quickly picked up a stone, before the gangstar could hit Chen Feng.

The stone hit him on the forehead and knocked him unconscious.

Chen Feng looked back and caught a sight of the scene.

Jiang Liangchan was relieved to see that he fainted. Then her eyes fell on the blade the gangster just used.

It was long and heavy, it could also be considered as one of the best weapon as of the moment. So she took it out and held it in her hand.

She vigilantly staring at the brawl, waiting for an opportunity to knocked people and help Chen Feng.

But before the blade could be swung, it was snatched out of her hand.



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