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Chapter 99

Fu Zhen stayed at the Jiang’s mansion until the sixth day. Madam Jiang originally wanted to keep him after 15th day before leaving but Fu Zhen needed to go back since they had things to do.

The most reluctant person to have Fu Zhen leave was Grandpa Jiang. When they were leaving the old man took Fu Zhen’s hand and told him sincerely.

“Visit grandpa often ah, grandpa will keep the mahjong table.”

Fu Zhen could only nod uncontrollably and was finally pulled into the car by Jiang Hengshu.

During his stay in the Jiang family, Fu Zhen not only drew a color insert for Wang Tong, but also rearrange the following outline of the Shazou Chronicle.

He found two voice actors on the internet, and other staff who participated in the creation of Shazou Chronicle came to contact Fu Zhen one after another.

One of the two remaining voice actors had a little work to do, while the other had a sick mother and would not be back for two weeks.

Everything was ready to be continued, the Shazou Chronicle would be starting soon.

Meanwhile Tang Wanwan was also forced to face with problems brought by Shazou Chronicle. The actor and actresses who were previously booked also called to urge Tang Wanwan and to ask when the play will start.

Although Tang Wanwan’s background in the entertainment industry was also considered very powerful but these actor and actresses all need money for them to eat.

And Tang Wanwan’s powerful background could not give them food to eat.

Tang Wanwan was now also worried, at this time if she tell these people that she has not bought the copyright of the Shazou Chronicle at all, and may not be able to buy it in the future, the project would stop.

And worst they may found and they would found out that what she said before were all lies. She was afraid she would become a big joke in the entertainment industry.

But if she ignored the copy right issue and start the drama directly, she was afraid that Fu Zhen would deal with her like he did with Zhao Jin.

And when the Shazou Chronicle was finally broadcasted she would become a laughing stock like Zhao Jin.

Speaking of Zhao Jin, Tang Wanwan was glad that she didn’t say anything that shouldn’t be said in the interview at that time.

Netizens could only say that she didn’t know Fu Zhen and couldn’t find any fault in her words.

Although there was a little issue at that time, it was all suppressed by Qin Zhao and had not influence on her future development.

Tang Wanwan didn’t eat for several days for this matter. She remembered the phone call she had with Fu Jianchen on the Spring Festival.

Will Fu Jianchen really take Fu Zhen home?

On the other hand, if they become a family again, it would be easier to get the copyright of the Shazou Chronicle from Fu Zhen.

She already made Fu Zhen leave the Fu family once, naturally she could also let him leave in for the second time.

Moreover after two years, their feelings for Fu Zhen were not as strong as they used to be. She was confident that this time, she could get everything done without hard work.

Tang Wanwan planned everything very well, but what she didn’t know was that from the day of her wedding the world would never go on the way she wanted it to be.

And the story was developing into another path.

During this period of rebuilding his studio, Fu Zhen drew pictures of the Shazou Chronicle every day and put it on the official weibo of Shazou Chronicle.

On the first day, it was the heroine wearing a red cotton jacket while carrying a lantern in her hand.

On the second day, was Zhu Naiyu in a festive tang suit with couplet in his hand and then followed by Huang Lei. On that the day of the month was the reunion of all major figures of Shazou Chronicle.

This time the fans could really be sure that the Shazou Chronicle was about to be updated. Although the when and what time it would be update was not revealed yet.

However it was still better than it was 2 years ago with no news.

The fans were overjoyed and went to comment under the official site, they leave a message saying.

[Well, don’t think of having a girlfriend for the rest of your life.]1

Someone also asked under the latest post, if the production team was still the same.

Fu Zhen replied with two words.

[The same.]

These two words were the best consolation for the fans of the Shazou Chronicle, and their previous wait was all worth it.

However it was a bit pity that since the official reappearance of Shazou Chronicle two years after its hiatus. Jian Wen has never accepted orders.

Generally speaking, if the Shazou Chronicel was relaunching the more artist should be excited to accept orders and produced it. How come he was instead very quite?

Fans have all wondered if Jian Wen was the original artist of the Shazou Chronicle. The more they think about this possibility, the more they were excited.

Thinking about it, was there any better picture than your favorite artist painted just for you?

Wang Tong, who was a loyal fan of the Shazou Chronicle, naturally saw this kind of speculation. The target they all be looking for should be a member of the Shazou Chronicle team.

He first appreciated the picture sent to him by Fu Zhen then compared it with the picture on the official site. Doing this, more and more he felt there was this possibility.

The last time he went to Jiang Hengshu’s house to send the mechanical clock, he and Fu Zhen exchange contact information, now he could call Fu Zhen and ask the question.

However it was not Fu Zhen who answered the call but Jiang Hengshu. Jiang Hengshu not only acknowledge Wang Tong’s speculation but also said to him.

“So you have nothing to do recently, come over and help him.”

“Huh? Me help? What can I do?”

Wang Tong asked, although he was good at computers, but he had not touched anything related to animation before.


It seems that Jiang Hengshu was also aware of Wang Tong’s ability.


[Well, don’t think of having a girlfriend for the rest of your life.]1– on the first early chapters, speculations of the fans why the show was stopped


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