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Chapter 100

Fu Zhen’s career began in full swing, and Tang Wanwan’s career encountered some setbacks. Although Qin Zhao helped her clean it up, it was undoubtedly a huge blow to Tang Wanwan who had never experience such setbacks before.

Qin Zhao’s parents were gradually dissatisfied with Tang Wanwan. They don’t want Tang Wanwan, as the daughter-in-law of the Qin family to be in public all day after marriage.

Tang Wanwan was not without money, she could switched her jobs from a celebrity to a producer and work behind the scene.

Or she could also find an easier job that was more comfortable than what she had now.

However Tang Wanwan refused them without any room for argument. Making Qin Zhao’s parents a little unhappy.

But Qin Zhao was still supporting her unconditionally at this time, which made them even more uncomfortable.

So, Qin Zhao’s parents took a step back, and allowed Tang Wanwan to continued working in the entertainment industry, but absolutely no more scandals with any male celebrities.

Tang Wanwan easily agreed, but she didn’t take it seriously because in the past, when this kind of things happened, there would be Fu family and Qin Zhao helping her solve the scandal.

It was just even having those backings she still had a problem, she don’t know what to do with Shazou Chronicle.

The previously scheduled publicity side also called at the same time to ask her if she wanted to take advantage of the heat while the Shazou Chronicle was being updated.

However. Tang Wanwan was worried that the heat was too hot to rub casually, if she was not careful she may make a mess.

Since, ss for the director of Chun Huashan, the case was finally about to begin.

Jiang Hengshu has already contacted Fu Zhen’s lawyer long before the Spring Festival. Fu Zhen found himself an agent and did not appear on court that day.

But Zhao Jin who appeared in court, was swarmed with reporters to interview the director’s feeling about the case.


Fallings my ass!

Zhao Jin knew that his directing career was over. No producers would be stupid enough to choose a deceitful director.

Up to now, the netizens were still mainly eating melon on this matter. The box office of Chun Huashan ended up with only 1.6 billion.

If not for the two directors scandal, the movie breaking through 3 billion was not impossible.

Although it was a very good film, it did not meet a good creator. That maybe also its fate.

However, netiziens were also quite surprised, Fu Zhen was only 17 or 18 years old when shoot the film.

Most of the netizens thought when shooting the film, Fu Zhen should have an experienced teacher beside him, who made this film but was not. He was then proclaimed as genius.

However even if this small number of netizens firmly believed that Fu Zhen was genius and understand that genius were always different from ordinary people.

But even a genius must abide by the law, and not just casually commit murder.

Netizens couldn’t help but wonder if there was something wrong with Fu Jianchen’s education, but Tang Wanwan and Fu Ting seemed to be okay.

Speaking of which, after that incident they seemed to have a collective amnesia as they didn’t care what happened to Fu Zhen, and just remembering the incident now.

Netizens were looking for traces, and finally found that the year that happened Fu Jianchen driven out Fu Zhen from the Fu family.

But their inner thought was, what’s the use of expelling him from the Fu family? That was a murder. He should have been sent to jail.

Looking at the discussion among the netizens on the internet, Tang Wanwan suddenly got inspired.

She also found out that Zhen didn’t go home to the Fu family so her plan was not workable, so she called Fu Zhen and said that she was willing to spend 3 million yuan to buy the copyright of the Shazou Chronicle.

Unsurprisingly Fu Zhen refused her.

After being rejected, Tang Wanwan talked about the incident two years ago. She told Fu Zhen that if the two of them could not reach an agreement on the Shazou Chronicle’s she would not just tell Fu Jianchen about it this time but bring it up on the court.

Fu Zhen reacted very calmly as he asked.

“Are you sure you want to talked about this again?”

Tang Wanwan smiled faintly, and asked him in return.

“If the man beside you knew that you were a murderer who attempted to kill someone, would he still like you?”

Fu Zhen did not answer Tang Wanwan’s question because he knew her assumption was not true, instead he asked her.

“If Qin Zhao knew that Miss Tang was totally different from the person he thought you was, would he still like you?”

Tang Wanwan was somewhat angered by Fu Zhen, yelled.

“Fu Zhen you don’t refuse a toast only to force to drink a forfeit1!”

Fu Zhen was not afraid of Tang Wanwan’s threat. He chuckle and said to Tang Wanwan on the other end of the line.

“It’s not the first time I heard of that. I’ve drank all kinds of wine. Miss Tang feel free to come at me.”


refuse a toast only to force to drink a forfeit1–  fig. to hesitate to do sth until forced to do even more


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