Chapter 12

Ruan Tian was different from human beings, he has no ambition and aspiration in life. All he cared about was how to play and eat comfortably, as long as he could eat well and sleep well, he would not worry about anything else.

But now was different, he has to raise a kitten which would be the different from his old day of care free life.

Ruan Tian was still seriously pondering when he heard his phone that had been thrown by the bed, ringing nonstop.

The call was from Guo Feng the general manager of Light and Shine Entertainment.

Ruan Tian tilted his head and pondered for a moment before picking up the phone and used his usual soft voice and said.


“Hello, is this Ruan Tian?”

Guo Feng’s thick coarse voice came from the other end of the line.

Ruan Tian rubbed his ears uncomfortable and his tone became normal, no longer as soft as usual.


Gu Feng suddenly smiled and said.

“What I told you some time ago, have you thought it over? You have an outstanding appearance and could be said that no one could match you. As long as you sign a contract with Light and Shine Entertainment, I promised to make you into a big star. You should be clear about our strength, there’s no better company than us.”

He continued.

“Also, we can absolutely satisfy you with better resources here. If you consider the contract, we can talk about it again. To tell you the truth if you don’t enter the entertainment industry under such conditions, you will regret it for life.”

Ruan Tian was not interested in what he said, his only concerned was.

“Can I make a lot of money?”

“Of course you can!”

Guo Feng even added.

“Star are the most profitable. If you starred in a movie, the highest pay can be hundreds of millions not to mention endorsements, variety shows and like. If you want to make money, being a star is the best choice.”

Ruan Tian pondered.

When did a star became so profitable?

It was even more exaggerated than he thought.

“Then what do I have to do?”

Ruan Tian’s eyes lit up and he immediately inquired.

If Guo Feng was telling the truth, then there would be no shortage of milk money for his kitten.

“Let’s meet and talk, can you come over today? I’ll send you my address, you can just come directly to my office.”

Ruan Tian and Guo Feng arrange the meeting time, not long after the call ended he received the address sent by Guo Feng.

He searched in his mind for the address of Light and Shine Entertainment and found that it did match the address given to him.

Ruan Tian cleaned himself a bit and decided to appear beautifully in the Light and Shine Entertainment company.

He heard that this kind of company was full of handsome and beautiful women, no matter how beautiful you were, they would like any passers-by, just ordinary.

Since he wanted to take this road to make money, he had to let himself shine even brighter that would last forever.

Today was working day, and Ruan Tian’s parents were not at home. He specially change into the clothes that even Qin Lin said it looked good on him.

The shirt was mainly red, embroidered with delicate and beautiful patterns, which matched Ruan Tian’s skin tone.

Outside, the sun was shining so brightly so Ruan Tian decided to pick a hat to wear. The bangs on his forehead was soft, and together with his soft white skin, he looked like a cute doll.

Ruan Tian was someone who only pays attention to beauty. After dressing up looked into the full body mirror and appreciated himself.

Seeing how beautiful he was, he felt very satisfied and started taking pictures of himself.

After taking dozens of selfies, he was ready to go out. He carried with him his favorite cat backpack which had two snow white furry cat ears. It contained Ruan Tan’s sweets and other delicious snacks.

Ruan Tian got into a taxi and sent photo to Shen Wenjin via QQ, and edited the text to ask her.

[Does it look good?]

He would need to be recognized so he could boots his confidence.

The photo was already sent out for several minutes but Shen Wenjin did not response. Ruan Tian took out his phone and found that he had sent the photo to Qin Li by mistake!

He tried to withdraw the message, but the system indicated that the message that had been sent for more than 2 minutes could not be withdrawn.

Ruan Rian cried and bite his nails, he could already foresee how Qin Li would attack his self-confidence.

 He grabbed his hair and was about to send another message to Qin Li explaining he send a wrong message when he saw Qin Li’s reply.

[Very nice.]

Ruan Tian’s eyes widened in surprise, he touched his face in disbelief. Qin Li actually complimented him for his good looks.

He was not blind?

Ruan Tian held his phone said replied back;

[Was the phone hacked?]


[Then how can you praise me with my look when you said last night that I look ugly, [angry.jpeg]]

[You’re going out?]

[You don’t need to know]

Qin Li in his office: “….”

[I need to bring you the food.]

Ruan Tian instantly succumbed.

[I’m looking for a job.]

[Looking for a job?]

[I need to stop talking to you when I arrive at the company. Also I don’t need you to care, I can make money by myself!]


The author has something to say:

Ruan Tian: QAQ even the kitten’s milk money are not given to me. If you don’t care then don’t care!
Qin Lin: =_=

(take initiative to hand over his salary card)



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