Chapter 12

As what Jian Ruixi understands, when her wealthy husband asked her opinion about the second child, was equivalent to the boss asking its employee’s attitude towards overtime.

So if she answered ‘it’s impossible to have a second child, it’s impossible in this life’, was basically telling him, the wealthy husband she doesn’t not want to work overtime.

It was a life changing question.

Jian Ruixi had to think carefully and use her words wisely. She could even say that she was more serious and meticulous with words than when she was taking her college exam.

She then carefully arrange the words in her mind saying.

“For family like us, it’s better to have two more children than one, otherwise without a brother to help Jayce the burden of the company in his shoulder would be too heavy.”

Her strategy was, first of all she should affirm her willingness to have the second child and cater the boss’ point of view.

Then she would change the subject by saying.

“But I’ve been thinking about it lately, if were are talking about Jayce wellbeing then what we need to do is to take good care of him first. But since you are busy and I am negligent about Jayce, if we decided to have a baby now, isn’t it like we are not concern about Jayce’s feelings.”

She continued.

“If we have a baby again, we will have no time to care about Jayce, I’m afraid it would make Jayce more unhappy.”

In was only at the end that Jian Ruixi clarified her point.

“So I don’t think now is the right time.”

Basically, to make it short what she wanted to say was, choosing not to have a second child was for their own good, not because she didn’t want to.

As for when the right time was, God knows when.

Thanks to their talked about Jayce earlier, she could use Jayce as a perfect shield. Jian Ruixi thinks this was a perfect reason.

Even if the wealthy husband wanted to pick a bone in the egg, he couldn’t pick her head1.

But, why was President Fu so silent?

Is he not satisfied with my answer?

Jian Ruixi looked up, Fu Shiyuan was drinking his tea slowly, with a smile like spring breeze hang on his face.

He didn’t look dissatisfied, but Jian Ruixi was puzzled. Then suddenly an idea flash in her mind, so she carefully asked Fu Shiyuan.

“Ethan suddenly asking my opinion, is it because you have a different idea?”

Jian Ruixi grumble inside, why letting her do the problem alone. And why not let President Fu be in her predicament?

However even with such idea, Jian Ruixi could only wait to see President Fu’s reaction. It’s just that she doesn’t know how to differentiate his smile as of the moment.

But at this time Fu Shiyuan gently said.

“What a coincidence, I think so too.”


You don’t want to have a second child yet, you still come and asked me!!?

Is your mouth that cheap?

Jian Ruixi’s face turned green and sweated cold at the thought of being frightened by him.

Black bellied.

Jian Ruixi impolitely labeled Fu Shiyuan.

However despite the small episodes, the dinner between Jian Ruixi and President Fu was satisfactory.

She was able to reach a consensus with her wealthy husband on the second child issue, at least better than worrying about it herself.

Jian Ruixi who was good at comforting herself, decided to shake hand with President Fu and make peace. (in her mind)

The ‘pleasant’ dinner was over, and President Fu had to go back to the company for meeting. They would all go back to their respective roles, and continue what they need to do.

However Fu Shiyuan carried forward his gentlemanly demeanor. He knew that their cars were all parked in the same parking lot, but he still wanted to send Jian Ruixi off in person.

He pulled the car door and help her in, which could be said to be quite attentive.

Jian Ruixi also accepted it openly. She grew up being pampered and sought after, so even though President Fu topped the persona of wealthy nobleman, to do these to her she felt it was natural.

Why? Let’s put it this way. If her wealthy husband was the iceberg boss, then Jian Ruixi would be absolutely scared to show her attitude.

But President Fu was gentle and friendly, not to mention he always smiles making him look amiable, so don’t blame Jian Ruixi for pulling the hair on the tiger’s head2.

And this was how Jian Ruixi was, this was what she does. So she held her head high and didn’t worry about her wealthy husband’s hospitality.

As soon as she got into the driver’s seat, she skillfully fastened her seat belt. Then she ignited the car and pulled the handbrake, this series of operation were done smoothly like a running water.

Before she could press the accelerator, she noticed that the car door was not yet closed. She reached out and tried to close it.

But saw her wealthy husband was still standing holding the car door. She looked up and stared at Fu Shiyuan

Jian Ruixi: “……”

If outsiders saw them, they may think that the young couple have a good relationship, and were reluctant to part.

But of course, Jian Ruixi knows that’s not the case. It was just only yesterday that Madam Fu arrived from Hong Kong to the capital, and they only had a little dinner, so how could President suddenly fall deeply in love that it was hard for him to part?

They stared at each other and no one badge.

Compared with the idea of President Fu’s reluctance to leave, Jian Ruixi was more willing to believe that he has some ulterior motives.

So Jian Ruixi who doesn’t want to fall into the pit, carefully asked.

“Ethan, then I will go home first?”

Fu Shiyuan softly said with his low voice.

“Well, drive safely and have a safe trip.”

“Thank You.”

Jian Ruixi smiled and but inwardly cursing him.

You already let go ah!

Why are you holding the care door, don’t you want me to have a smooth ride?

Unfortunately, President Fu did not have such self-awareness. He seemed to be addicted to acting and asked Jian Ruixi instead.

“Why aren’t you leaving yet?”

Jian Ruixi was spitting in her heart, but she maintained her serious face making her look virtuous.

“I suddenly remembered, will you international meeting be in the in the middle of the night again? If it’s too late, just don’t go home.”

She then smiled brightly.

“I think the room at your office is in good condition, or you can go to a hotel nearby and just deal with it for one night. Since our home is a bit far from here..”

Fu Shiyuan raised his lips, he seemed to be very receptive to his wife’s concern and politely said.

“I’m more worried of going back and disturb your sleep.”

The virtuous wife persona Jian Ruixi had set up couldn’t be done halfway. So even if she doesn’t want to she still need to ‘comfort’ the very guilty Fu Shiyuan.

“I do not matter, even if I don’t sleep well at night, there is a lot of time to catch up on sleep during the day. As for where you sleep it depends on your convenience.”

“Then it’s better to go home, and I’ll try to finish early.”

“That’s fine.”

Jian Ruixi nodded with a smile. She was not satisfied nor disappointed with the answer, after all the villa was owned by President Fu, and his property his charge.

It’s just that Jian Ruixi always felt that Fu Shiyuan was teasing her.


Even if the wealthy husband wanted to pick a bone in the egg, he couldn’t pick her head1– even if Fu Shiyuan wanted to refute what she said, he couldn’t blame her

pulling the hair on the tiger’s head2– metaphor for a very two-way behavior. Knowing that the other party has a strong ability, you still have to do the kind of behavior that will irritate the other party. Doing dangerous things to provoke someone who shouldn’t be provoked means that this person does not know the heights of the world


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