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Chapter 98

Fu Zhen a man wearing a pair of jade bracelets on his wrist was really inappropriate, but this pair of jade bracelets not only represents a token of appreciation from grandfather Jiang but also an acknowledgement that the Jiang family has completely recognized his relationship with Jiang Hengshu.

“Thank you.”

Fu Zhen smiled after saying his thanks.

Grandfather Jiang also smiled at Fu Zhen, then lifted his hand and patted him twice on the shoulder and said to him.

“I asked grandma Hengshu the other day, and said she likes you very much.”

Fu Zhen didn’t know what to say, he could only hold the box with both hand and bowed slightly to grandfather Jiang.

On the evening of Spring Festival, the Jiang family was bustling with lights. Fu Zhen, Madam Jiang, Father Jiang, and Grandfather Jiang gathered together on a table playing mahjong, leaving Jiang Hengshu and the butler to make dumplings and prepare dinner in the nearby kitchen.

Fu Zhen hasn’t had a good celebration of the festival for the last two years. But today was different, and he had been playing mahjong quite well.

Coupled with good luck, in less than two hours, he had already won 500 yuan.

The aroma of rice wafted out from the kitchen, so after the game Madam Jiang said.

“All right, it’s time for Hengshu and the others to finish their work, so clean up and get ready for dinner.”

“After eating, we’ll play this again.”

Grandather Jiang added.

Fu Zhen had just nodded when Jiang Henhshu ran out from the kitchen at some point and stood behind Fu Zhen with his palm on his shoulder, rejecting Grandfather Jiang’s invitation.

“No, he has to go to bed early.”

Grandfather Jiang who was in the good mood, raised his eyebrows and glared at Jiang Hengshu.

“Your kid is still tightly controlled, grandpa is in charge, you can play for a little longer.”

Jiang Hengshu took a step back and said to Fu Zhen.

“It can’t be more than 12 o’clock.”

Grandfather Jiang was still not quite satisfied with the result, and was about to talk to Jiang Hengshu about it when he saw Jiang Hengshu looking up at him and said.

“And grandpa, you also have to go to bed early, you can’t stay up too late.”

Grandfather Jiang lost his temper.

But right at this moment, Fu Zhen’s phone rang. Fu Zhen glanced at the number on the screen and said sorry to the elders at the mahjong table.

“I’m going to take a call.”

Fu Zhen then went to the end of the corridor on the north side of the villa, and after pressing connect, Fu Jianchen’s voice came over the other end of the line.

“Happy Spring Festival.”

“Happy Spring Festival.”

Fu Zhen returned coldly.

Fu Jianchen thought about what to say to Fu Zhen for a long time before he called. He wanted to tell him that he had prepared lucky money for him.

He wanted to tell him that his room had been cleaned up and there was more room for him. He wanted to tell him to go home.

But hearing Fu Zhen’s cold voice, he couldn’t say anything.

After a while, he opened his mouth and asked Fu Zhen.

“Where are you now?”

How many nights of him wandering in the city did he not ask him where he was? And what was the point asking that now?

Fu Zhen was silent and did not respond.

“The dumpling are cooked, come and eat them.”

Jiang Hengshu walked over and said to Fu Zhen.

Fu Zhen turned his head to Jiang Hengshu and smile before hanging up the phone.

Fu Jianchen naturally heard Jiang Hengshu’s words, and knew that Fu Zhen was spending his holiday eve with that man at this time.

Fu Ting came over and looked Fu Jianchen staring at his phone, he asked him softly.

“How is it?”

Fu Jianchen shook his head and did not speak. From the day he came to his senses he realized in fear that they and Fu Zhen’s relationship would never go back like in the past.

But this was his most beloved child.

He had always wished so much that time could turned back to time when everything hadn’t happened yet. And promised himself he wouldn’t make him sad and upset again.

However, no matter how much wealth he have, he couldn’t buy the chance to start over again.

Shortly after, Tang Wanwan called. Fu Jianchen leaned back against the sofa, and pressed the phone to speaker.

Tang Wanwan’s cheerful voice came over from his phone.

“Happy Spring Festival dad.”

When Fu Jianchen did not speak, Tang Wanwan asked.

“Dad are you listening?”

“Is the signal bad? I can’t hear your voice over here.”

Fu Jianchen’s finger was above the end call button, while Tang Wanwan paused for a while then said.

“Dad I still want to take the Shazou Chronicle. Can you help me tell Fu Zhen that I want the copyright of the Shazou Chronicle?”

Fu Jianchen’s action stopped and his voice finally rang on the phone. He asked Tang Wanwan at the other end of the line.

“Tang Wanwan, that incident back then, is really done by Fu Zhen?”

Tang Wanwan was stunned, her heart was immediately frightened. She asked Fu Jianchen.

“Dad what’s wrong with you?”

When Fu Jianchen didn’t answer Tang Wanwan said somewhat eagerly.

“Does dad regret that he kicked brother Fu Zhen out of the Fu family? If that’s the case, dad could have brought brother Fu Zhen back, why say such things to insult me?”

Without waiting for Fu Jianchen to speak, Tang Wanwan took the initiative to end the call.

This was the bleakest year of the Fu family in recent year. There was no atmosphere of celebrating a festival.

The living room was cold and quiet. In a short period of more than 10 days, Fu Jianchen had become very thin and has a lot of white hair on his head.

Fu Zhen, he really would not come back to the Fu family.

Fu Jianchen went upstairs and pushed the door into Fu Zhen’s former room. There was no trace of him left in the room—he left and would never come back.

On the eve of the festival, were family reunites, Fu Jianchen drove to the neighborhood where he saw Fu Zhen last time.

He didn’t know which floor Fu Zhen lived, but he just parked his car downstairs and looked up at the lighted windows. Thinking that one of the lightened windows belongs to Fu Zhen.



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11 responses to “IWAWP 98”

  1. Its sad that they been trick, hypnotized, and exploited of love. But nevertheless, atleast Fu Zhen became happy again with his hubby. Thank you for the chapters, bless you translator with lots of wealth

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  2. I hope Jiang family will treat FuZhen well ❤️ Its good that they accept Fu Zhen and Jiang Hengshu together and Fu Father is too pitiful… I hope they’ll be a family again…

    Liked by 5 people

  3. 😭😭😭 i understand how Fu Zhen feels but gaaah author out here hurting my heart strings showing how much the Fu family suffered because of that bitch with her brainwashing shit. On one hand, I’m like “yaass Fu Zhen don’t care about them as they fucking hurt you! As you should👏🏼” And on the other hand im like “maybe yall can talk it out so some shit im getting sad!”

    Anyway, thanks for all the updates!

    Liked by 8 people

  4. When I think of everything FZ suffered, I think that they should not receive his forgiveness, but being objective my hatred should be directed at tww

    Thanks for the chapter! ^^)❤

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  5. allroundfangirli Avatar

    This chapter was so bittersweet.

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    Seeing this from a reader POV, knowing they have no choice of what they did, really sad, they have to suffer losing their loved one while the culprit feel no guilt at all taking something that doesn’t belong to her

    Liked by 3 people

  7. Thanks for the chapter! Yeah, the POV of the Fu family now that TWW’s golden finger appears to have gone poof is heartbreaking. Imagine waking up and realizing you nearly destroyed someone you loved dearly while under some sort of mind control. Even worse, you can’t help mend the damage or the broken relationship because your actions destroyed the trust that person had in you… and they don’t know yet that TWW actively put a hit out on FZ. On the plus side, the Jiang family can help FZ heal, and it looks like the blind adoration people had for TWW is wearing off. I wonder when it’s going to become obvious to her that she’s lost her golden finger, and obvious to others that she isn’t sweet and kind acting goddess they thought she was.

    Liked by 3 people

  8. I get it that they were controlled by her and know there finally alright. I don’t think he needs to forgive them and should just live his life. On the other hand they really did love him but because of that freak it was broken. What ever happens I just want him to be happy at the end of this no matter what. It’s just to sad how he has to go though all this.😢😢

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Although I feel bad for the way that he lived, because of living like this, he was able to meet Jiang and start a new and happy life.


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