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Chapter 97

Fu Zhen pushed open the car door and got out of the car. He looked at the Jiang family mansion not far away and butler Wang who was still in his tuxedo and his white gloves, standing near the door.

Fu Zhen subconsciously straightened his back and waited for Jiang Hengshu to come over and together they walked towards the people who were waiting for them.

It was reasonable to say that this was the first time Jiang Hengshu took their daughter-in-law home for the Spring Festival.

How should they say it, it was a happy feeling, but looking at the two men walking together—they felt something strange.

Father Jiang muttered a couple of words in his head but on the surface he didn’t show anything and with a decent smile on his face he said to the two of them.

“Let’s go in first.”

Jiang Hengshu held Fu Zhen’s hand. Fu Zhen looked at him sideways, and then held his hand back tighter.

Fu Zhen had seen Father and Grandfather Jiang on the TV many times. As Jiang Hengshu said father Jiang was indeed fatter than before.

Madam Jiang wore a rose cheongsam today, her hair was tied behind her head, looking a little younger than the last time he saw her.

And lastly Grandfather Jiang was in a navy blue tang suit, holding a cane in his hand, looking very bright and does not look like he was more than seventy.

After entering the villa, several people sat down on the sofa, and was doing the you look at me, I look at you action and didn’t know how or what to talk.

Grandfather Jiang looked at Fu Zhen sitting next to his grandson, it seems that they really match each other. But it would be better if he was a girl.

Although they were not satisfied that Jiang Hengshu brought a boy home, they would not blame other people’s children. It was their own problem that Jiang Hengshu chose a man.

And they would not blame Fu Zhen for this.

So even though the stick was prepared for Jiang Hengshu, the Jiang family was all smiles when it comes to Fu Zhen.

Moreover, this young man was really very likeable, but if he was not Jiang Hengshu’s lover, father Jiang thinks we would appreciate him a little more but the fact was already presented to them and no one could change it.

Thinking about it in a different way, their family was equivalent to having two children which also looks pretty good.

When the servants served some snack and fruits, Grandfather Jiang got up from the sofa, glanced at Jiang Hengshu and said to him.

“Hengshu come to my study.”

Jiang Hengshu smiled at Fu Zhen, then followed Grandfather Jiang along the stairs to the study on the second floor.

Grandfather Jiang sat down behind his desk, he then looked at Jiang Hengshu and asked him.

“You told me on the phone that he was pregnant, what was that all about?”

Grandfather Jiang has never heard of a man still being able to get pregnant, which was equivalent to a rooster laying eggs.

After he hung up with Jiang Hengshu yesterday, the more he thought about it the more he felt that it was not right.

Jiang Hengshu shouldn’t deliberately cheat in order that he could be with a man, right?

Jiang Hengshu instantly understood what was in Grandfather Jiang’s mind so he told Grandfather Jiang about the difference in Fu Zhen’s body.

Grandfather Jiang was silent for a while, probably thinking about the truthfulness of what Jiang Hengshu said about the matter and asked Jiang Hengshu.

“Really pregnant?”

Jiang Hengshu nodded.

Grandfather Jiang sighed softly, even without this child he would have eventually agreed to Jiang Hengshu and the boy to be together.

However his mood was indeed in a better, he raised his head to Jiang Hengshu and said.

“Your grandmother still left something for me to give you, but since you have now decided to be with a boy I guess it is not needed, you keep it and pass it on the next generation.”

In the living room downstairs, Fu Zhen sat sternly on the sofa as Father Jiang sized him. He was not quite the same as she had imagine, he looked a few years younger than Jiang Hengshu.

He had always thought that the partner Jiang Hengshu would find would be a brown man like him who was a mercenary abroad, or one who was more sultry and somewhat feminine looking.

He had even considered that Jiang Hengshu would bring the one who had been following him in the company with yellow hair, Wang Tong.

Good thing he brought back today was not Wang Tong.

Fu Zhen looks very well behaved, there was no similar brutality with Jiang Hengshu, and wasn’t so feminine. As what Father Jiang had seen, he was quite satisfied with Fu Zhen.

He asked him.

“What are you doing now?”

Fu Zhen sincerely and honestly replied.

“I take some orders online to paint.”

Father Jiang nodded and then asked Fu Zhen again.

“Then do you plan to keep painting in the future?”

Fu Zhen shook his head and answered.

“I used to do animation, after this festival I was planning on doing it again.”

It was not a long term plan to receive orders online all the time, although Jiang family has money and would not mind one more person, a man should still have a career of his own.

Father Jiang was quite satisfied with Fu Zhen’s career planning in the future. He smiled to Fu Zhen and said.

“If you need anything just tell Hengshu.”

Not long after, grandfather and Jiang Hengshu came down from the study upstairs. He was holding a jewelry box made of balsam wood.

Grandfather Jiang waved at Fu Zhen’s direction, Fu Zhen stood up from the sofa and walked towards grandfather Jiang, who then give the box in his hand to Fu Zhen.

When Fu Zhen took the box, he was a little overwhelmed, he looked at grandfather Jiang and then at Jiang Hengshu who was following grandfather Jiang behind.

Grandfather Jiang smile very kindly and he said to Fu Zhen

“Open it and take a look.”

Fu Zhen then opened the box in front of Grandfather Jiang. Inside was a pair of jade bracelets, Grandfather Jiang then explained.

“This was left behind by Hengshu’s grandmother saying that I should take it to Hengshu’s future wife and since Hengshu has decided to give it to you, it will be yours.”



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