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Chapter 94

When grandpa Jiang was young, he worked in the countryside with a group of northern men for several years. Until now, even when he was old, whenever he was excited or angry his voice would get louder.

Jiang Hengshu’s lost his voice. Grandfather Jiang also felt like his voice was too loud and heavy, so he tone down his voice and asked.

“What does his family do?”

Jiang Hengshu glanced sideways at Fu Zhen who was sleeping in the room and said to Grandpa Jiang.

“I am the only one in his family.”

At this time, Grandpa Jiang wanted to show his love and understanding to his grandson. But he was so angry that his beard was about to fly.

He said to Jiang Hengshu.

“Grandfather is asking you seriously.”

“I am also answering you seriously.”

Jiang Hengshu said.

Grandpa Jiang’s voice trailed off a bit, he seemed to think of something and asked Jiang Hengshu.

“Are both his parents gone?”

“Take it as they’re all gone.”

How could it be regarded as gone? Grandpa Jiang’s reaction was the same as Madam Jiang.

Does the other party’s family doesn’t agree with this matter either?

After he made up his mind, he sighed and said to Jiang Hengshu.

“You are going to kill me.”

He knew that he could not persuade Jiang Hengshu just like when Jiang Hengshu insisted on going abroad as a mercenary.

Their family only has this one child, and it was impossible to drive him out of the Jiang family.

Grandpa Jiang’s sigh made Jiang Hengshu’s heart uncomfortable. He was about to tell his grandpa about Fu Zhen’s pregnancy when he heard his grandpa compromise.

“Okay, we’ll talk about this when I see him.”

Jiang Hengshu gave a hmmm and calmly said.

“He is pregnant.”

“Even if he’s pregnant he’s still a man—”

But before grandpa Jiang finish his sentence, he realized what the three words Jiang Hengshu had just meant.

He suspected that his ears were not working well or that he had a hallucination since he’s been dreaming of seeing his great grandchild.

He asked Jiang Hengshu again.

“What did you say?”

Jiang Hengshu repeated in again.

“He is pregnant.”

“Is he not a man?”

About this matter Jiang Hengshu thinks it was better to explain to the family face to face so he said.

“I will talk to you later about this matter.”

It was probably because the fact that he might see his great grandchild soon or grandfather Jiang was just too shocked, Jiang Hengshu could still hear that he was in a better mood than at the beginning of the call though his tone was a bit stiff.

Grandpa Jiang said to Jiang Hengshu.

“You should bring him home for grandpa to see in Spring Festival.”

“I know.”

“Okay, I’ll hang up now. I still have to ask your grandmother what she thinks about this.”

Jiang Hengshu’s grandmother was a foreigner. She dies more than ten years ago, when she died, grandpa Jiang regretted that he was too busy with his career when he was young and didn’t have time to accompany her.

So he gave up his family’s property to Jiang Father and traveled around the world with her ashes.

Jiang Hengshu wonder, how would grandpa Jiang ask grandma Jiang thinks about the matter.

When Jiang Hengshu hung up the phone and came back from the balcony, he saw that Fu Zhen had woken up.

Fu Zhen looked at him with his two big eyes and asked.

“Are your father and grandfather not quite accepting me?”

Jiang Hengshu came over and touched Fu Zhen’s head and asked him.

“What makes you think so?”

“It’s really hard for parents to accept that their child will come back one day with a man as a lover.”

Fu Zhen replied.

Just like how Chen Fusheng got angry, in Chun Huashan, when he learned that Chen Zhiye did not get married and had children.

Parents were not afraid of outsiders talking about them, all they wanted was to let their children follow a more normal life path.

Because in their experience and views that was where the path where children would expreince least suffering.

Jiang Hengshu shook his head and said to Fu Zhen.

“No, they are all willing to accept you.”


“Of course, it’s true.”


Shortly after going down the mountain, Tang Wanwan was contacted by a director and asked her.

“Do you want to shoot the Shazhou Chronicle?”

Tang Wanwan almost without hesitation nodded her head and replied instantly.


The director urge Tang Wanwan on the phone and said.

“That’s good. I’ve also got another TV series on hand. I have to turn it on August this year, so we need to finish the shooting immediately.”

Tang Wanwan could only reply to the director.

“I’ll try my best.”

The director then hung up after talking to Tang Wanwan.

Tang Wanwan felt that Director Huang has a change a little bit. Before when she asked him to shoot Shazou Chronicle with her, he assured Tang Wanwan that even if he had a 2 billion yuan project, he would spare time for her.

Is it because he had invested 3 billion yuan in that TV series in August this year?

She really doesn’t want to buy the copyright of Shazou Chronicle from Fu Zhen, but the since the Chun Huashan’s dispute happened, she needed to be extra careful.

If that copyright problem was not solved, she dare not start filming the Shazou Chronicle. But if there was really no other way, she could just call Fu Jianchen and Fu Ting.

Qin Zhao looked at Tang Wanwan’s worried face and asked her what’s wrong, but Tang Wanwan just shook her head and Qin Zhao didn’t ask more.

He guessed that maybe she must recalled some unhappy past after seeing Fu Zhen.

He must make those people regret what they did to him when they go back.

When Fu Zhen and Jiang Hengshu came back from the Baimei Mountain, Spring Festival was only a few days away.

With that in mind, and since they were planning to return to the Jiang House, he had to prepare some gifts.

Fu Zhen and Jiang Hengshu went around shopping malls and finally walked into a gold shop, intending to buy a piece of jewelry for Madam Jiang.

When Fu Zhen’s phone rang, it was completely unfamiliar number. Fu Zhen doesn’t care much and connected the call.


In response was a long silence, until Fu Zhen wanted to hang up that the person called him softly.

“Xiao Zhen.”

Fu Zhen immediately recognized the person on the other end of the line, it was Fu Jianchen. He was silent for a moment and no longer spoke.

His eyes were looking at the shining jewelry in the counter.


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