Chapter 11

As they chatted, Fu Shiyuan said with a smile.

“I haven’t been at home with you for such a long time. Haven’t mom and dad complained about me?”

The mom and dad Fu Shiyuan referring to was obviously Jian Ruixi’s parents. Of course with opportunity given Jian Ruixi helped ‘her’ parents extend their goodwill in front of Fu Shiyuan.

“They love you so much so how could they blame you, actually mom had been teaching and telling me that your work is not easy, and since I can’t help you with that then I shouldn’t be too willful.”

“She wants me to be the woman behind you.”

She even added.

For Jian Ruixi the most understanding mother could be said the best mother-in-law to have. Shouldn’t Fu Shiyuan have the same thought, he should be moved.

With that in mind, Jian Ruixi carefully observed the person opposite to her.

On the other hand, Fu Shiyuan’s head was lowered, and was calmly sipping his tea. In fact he was not actually impressed with his wife’s answer.

He was even more in a dilemma, she did not seem very cooperative, which led to the fact that the topic he really wanted to talk about could not be talked about.

Fu Shiyuan who was good at chatting, also feels it would be hard knowing what his wife wanted this time.

So instead, he raised his head and hit a straight ball1.

“By the way, I heard that President Xi and his wife are having their second baby, did you know?”

Jian Ruixi was silent for a moment, and did not answer the question immediately. She propped up her shin and meaningfully measuring his wealthy husband.

This was actually the first time she had looked directly at Fu Shiyuan since she crossed over.

“Compared to Madam Xu giving birth to her second child I am more curios, Ethan when did you start prying into this kind of gossip?”

Jian Ruixi asked the question very frankly that almost the word ‘suspicion’ was written on her face.

Fu Shiyuan obviously overestimated Jian Ruixi, or perhaps because Madam Fu usually behaves so well that he subconsciously ignored the option that she could also get jealous.

And since he also behaves so obviously thinking his wife had understand that he asked this question because he guessed that Madam Xi had something to do why she suddenly came to the capital.

Fu Shiyuan was stunned but covered it casually and said.

“I think there is a misunderstanding. President Xi and I are business partners and contacted each other and from time to time he would sometimes mention his wife.”

Jian Ruixi raised her eyebrows and seemingly laughing unintentionally.

“So it’s because of President Xi? I thought Ethan appreciates Madam Xi more.”

It was not like Jian Ruixi was suspicious, but last time when she had a free time, she had actually visited Madam Fu’s memory and connected it with the novel’s plot.

Surprisingly she found something, just like why Madam Fu always wanted to compete with the heroine, even after all the suffering she went though.

Three years ago, when Song Yushu and Xi Mucheng had their century wedding, Madam Fu and Fu Shiyuan were invited, which was one of the few occasions Madam Fu accompanied her wealthy husband.

During dinner time, the crowd talked about how kind and talented the bride was, in which Fu Shiyuan surprisingly followed the crowd and praised the bride as kind smart, and a representative of the new era.

Fu Shiyuan, actually never easily praised a woman before, this could count as the first time.

And as a wife, Madam Fu could see that he was not just being polite or simply praised Song Yushu but truly admired her, which she had not received those from her husband before.

From that day on, Madam Fu had already paid attention to the heroine, Song Yushu.

However Jian Ruixi does not think that Fu Shiyuan would have any hidden feelings for the heroine.

First of all, with Fu Shiyuan’s identity and character, it was impossible for him to romantically admire the heroine, just like the male lead’s pure-hearted best friend, Ye Chuchen.

After having a romantic feelings with the heroine, he openly pursue Song Yushu but of course he did not succeeded.

Finally he chose to give up, and continued to be friends with the male lead together with the heroine, which making the relationship of the three awkward.

Therefore, Jian Ruixi thinks that President Fu was not like Ye Chuchen, easily giving up and not thinking of a plan B.

She also thought that the compliment he gave to Song Yushu on the wedding day was pertinent to the occasion.

What’s more, in the novel Fu Shiyuan and the heroine don’t have much interaction. Even his praised to the heroine in Madam Fu’s memory was not mention in the novel at all.

To sum up, Jian Ruixi basically trust Fu Hiyuan before he inquired about the heroine.

Now, President Fu was so busy that he doesn’t have even have time to sleep with his wife, but still had the mood to inquire about the wife of the President next door, asking about the second child, isn’t that suspicious enough?

Jian Ruixi was different from Madam Fu, who would swallow all the hardship and insecurities she had.

If she had any grievances, she would express it in on the spot. For her, it was necessary to make the other party more stifled than her, which was what everyone called, “as the sky as the earth2”.

But Fu Shiyuan’s reaction confused her. He doesn’t look guilty at all he was even suppressing his laugh.

Then a clear laugh echoed throughout the private room.

Jian Ruixi: “….”

Can you at least give me some face?

She’s in three council trail3, okay?

Before Jian Ruixi exploded from his laugh, Fu Shiyuan finally stopped. He continued the conversation and also asked her directly.

“What is your opinion of having second child?”

This time it was Jian Ruixi who was startled, she was not in the mood anymore to gossip about Fu Shiyuan and Madam Xi.

Jian Ruixi was really worried that this time since she had crossed over Madam Fu’s body who was determined to be the captain of super birth guerilla team, would it be her torn to be that captain?


straight ball1 – directly asked/tell what he needs to know

“as the sky as the earth2”- refers to a person having nothing to look for, doing something that violates the rules ( is what I found when I have searched.)

three council trail3 means that the top officials of the three departments try the same case at the same time


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