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Chapter 24

Shen Yan stood at the corner of the elevator, slightly raising her chin to look at the numbers above the elevator door.

But the 1.8 meter tall Meng Yi’an just blocked everything in front of Shen Yan, she could only move to another corner, as if she did not know the two people inside the elevator.

Although a little embarrassed, but this was a good opportunity, He Han could not just give up this, with a red face she whispered.

“President Meng, can you leave your phone number?”

Men Yi’an stood tall with his suit coat hanging in his arms. Looking closely he seems to be drunk, and since his body also has a slight smell of alcohol.

After hearing what He Han said, he loosened the button shirt on his neck and did not answer.

He Han’s face became even redder, not knowing if it was because of embarrassment or because Meng Yi’an’s appearance.

She quietly sized up Meng Yi’an and once again gathered her courage.

“Meng, President Meng?”

When the elevator reached the third floor, Shen Yan counted silently in her heart.

Meng Yi’an side glance just met Shen Yan’s gaze however Shen Yan’s expression did not even flinched. She was very calm.

His adam’s apple moved and said.

“You won’t ask if I have a girlfriend?”

How could Meng Yi’an have a girlfriend, there was no rumor about him seeing anyone. Not only that, though many chased after him, no one have ever touched even the corner of his suit.

So how could Meng Yi’an have a girlfriend, he must be still single.

But since he wanted her to ask, He Han comply and stammeredly asked.

“Men…President Meng, do you have a girlfriend?”

From the inside of his suit coat was a business card, Meng Yi’an handed the card with his other hand to He Han, and with a voice of indifference he said.


With a ding!

The elevator finally opened, Shen Yan walked out the elevator. She just arrived outside, when the elevator closes again.

Meng Yi’an and He Han did not come out.

Looking at the the number of floors on the elevator, She Yan saw it had turned back to three.

Inside the elevator, He Han was so nervous reaching Meng Yi’an’s business card, only to find that Meng Yi’an let go of the business card and it fall directly to the floor.

He slowly took out a handkerchief inside his suit, and wipe his hands. His eyes were cold enough to make Hen Han back up.

Meng Yi’an looked at the handkerchief in his hand while wiping and said.

“Get lost.”

When Meng Yi’an went out from the elevator, He Han fell directly to the ground as she reached out and picked up the business card on the floor.

But when she looked at it, it’s not Meng Yi’an’s business card but his Meng Yi’an’s assistant’s business card.


Shen Yan arrived at the audition theater and received her audition number plate. But unfortunately, the role she auditioned for was not the first to auditioned so even if she had the first number she still needs to wait for a while.

This time the place for the auditioned was quite good, and since Shen Yan came early she could choose which seat to sit.

Thinking about what just happened, Shen Yan was not really in the mood. She just think that He Han was a little stupid.

What has gotten unto her? She even got the idea of hitting on Meng Yi’an. Meng Yi’an was destined to like the heroine.

Lost in her thoughts, the audition room was slowly getting more and more lively, many more people had arrived. There were artist with their agents but there were also who came alone, like her.

If Shen Yan hadn’t come earlier, she might be standing around waiting for the audition to start like many others.

Life together, this TV series was invested by the Meng Group and could also be starred actresses and actors.

So many of the artist who came to audition were already famous, so it was only natural that Shen Yan saw some popular actress.

At this Shen Yang phone rang, when she looked at who had called her. It was one of the crew in Chen Fei, telling her about her salary.

The payment was enough for Shen Yan not to eat cup noodles. Since she had use her money on buying stocks. But thinking that after a period of time, she would at least earn more capital to continue her investment.


Zhou Ruo who went out of the hotel, saw some of her friends who wee also agents from the same and different company.

She also unexpectedly saw someone, and with her years in the entertainment circle, she knows that this woman was one of the best in the circle.

Zheng Rou was also auditioning for female no.3 in the TV series Life Together, but if she wanted to, she could also play the no.1 female and no.2 female with just small investment.

While Zhuo Ruo was thinking whether to follow Shen Yan, her friend and colleagues already decided to stay. Knowing that Zhou Ruo did not accompany her artist on the auditioned, they also didn’t accompany their artist and wanted to chat for a while.

They found a special restaurant near the hotel.

In this chat, Zhou Ruo learned that it was agent Wang Peng who brought Zheng Rou to participate in the same role as Shen Yan.

And this same Zheng Rou, who he brought, has just recently finished filming an online drama as the female no.1.

And her talent, Shen Yan couldn’t compete with her.



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