Chapter 12

In the office, Xu Yanwen received a call from Xue Jiayue.

“Brother Xu, Xiao Lin threw away the bracelet you bought for me which made grandpa angry.”

Knowing how naughty Xu Yanlin was, Xu Yanwen frowned and asked.

“What’s going on?”

Xue Jiayu then briefly talked about what Xu Yanlin did.

“Grandpa is very angry and has locked him up in the study.”

“You take care of grandpa, I’ll be right back.”

Xu Yanwen picked up the car keys on the table and walked out with his long legs.

Walking out of the office and passing by the secretariat, Xu Yanwen ran into Linda again, who was holding some documents in her hands as if she was going out.

“President Xu.”

Linda called out to him sweetly and ran towards him to catch up.

Xu Yanwen gave her a sideways glance.

“What’s the matter?”

“Is President Xu going out? I’m going to Haida to deliver documents, can I get a ride?”

Linda thought to herself that since Xu Yanwen was going to pass by Haida on his way home, and it would be more than convenient for her to take a ride.

Unfortunately Linda’s ‘good intentions’ were backfired.

She only heard Xu Yanwen faintly said.

“I don’t pass by Haida, you can ask the company’s driver to send you when you go out to deliver documents.”

Linda smiled stiffly.

“So President Xu does not go to Haida side….”


Xu Yanwen drove all the way back to the old mansion.

Xue Jiayue has been accompanying Elder Xu, and said many good words, only to coax Elder Xu to feel better.

When Xu Yanwen entered the house, he saw Xue Jiayue playing chess with Elder Xu, looking the two sides were evenly matched, killing each other in a difficult way.


Xu Yanwen walked over and called out.

Elder Xu took time to look at him, and threw the chess in his hand, and chided Xu Yanwen.

“You still know how to come back? Don’t you have to care about me, the old man, if I don’t call you? Don’t you care if your wife is aggrieved?”

Xu Yanwen, paused for a moment and said.


Elder Xu glared at him with dissatisfaction,

“Don’t think I don’t know, I know exactly what’s on your mind.”

Xu Yanwen was speechless.

Xue Jiayue stole a glance at him, thinking that he was also pitiful, obviously she had just called him back, and had not done anything yet but was already scolded by Elder Xu.

Aware of Xue Jiayue’s pitiful look while looking at him, Xu Yanwen wondered how she could see him like that.

Also surprisingly her face was calm, emotionally she was also calm, not like before, complaining about him. She was simply like a different person.

Xu Yanwen retrieved his thoughts and asked.

“Where is Xu Yanlin?”

Elder Xu pointed the study room upstairs with a stern face.

“Xu Yanlin that brat is kneeling in the study, you go up and teach him a good lesson. No matter how big or small, Xue Jiayue is still her sister-in-law. He dares to talk nonsense to Yueyue!”

Xu Yanwen lowered his eyes and said.

“I know.”

He knew that what Elder Xu said was not only scolding Xu Yanlin, but on fact it was also scolding him.

Only because he hadn’t done a good job that Xu Yanlin would dare to treat Xue Jiayue with no importance.

Elder Xu snorted in displeasure.

“I’ll go up and take a look.”

Xu Yanwen said, turning around and going upstairs.

Xu Yanlin who was reluctantly kneeling in the study room of Elder Xu, was thinking if there was no bodyguard next to him to guard him, he would have already escaped.


That bad woman Xue Jiayue!

No wonder big brother doesn’t like her!

When I get out of here, I’ll make her look good!1

Footsteps could be heard from the doorway, Xu Yanlin turned his head to look over and saw the study door open.

He saw Xu Yanwen came in, dressed in a light gray suit.

“Big, big brother….”

As Xu Yanwen walked into the room, Xu Yanlin’s voice shook along with his footsteps.

Xu Yanwen walked into the study, instructed the bodyguard to go out first and then walked to stand in front of Xu Yanlin, looking down at him from a high position.

Xu Yanlin swallowed his saliva fearfully and looked at Xu Yanwen uneasily.

“Big.. big brother..”

Through his rimless glasses, Xu Yanwen stared at him with clear, cold eyes and spoke in a cold voice.

“You’re bullying my wife behind my back, you’ve got a lot of nerve, huh?”

Xu Yanlin was aggrieved.

“I was only trying to help big brother, you clearly doesn’t like her.”


Xu Yanwen let out a cold laugh,

“Who told you that?”

Xu Yanlin froze, opened his mouth and said.

“Big brother did not want to marry her at first, my mother also said so, the family knows, she is just grandfather adopted back….”

“Xu Yanlin!”

Without waiting for Xu Yanlin to finish, Xu Yanwen spoke out and interrupted him, looking at him with sunken eyes, seemingly still restraining the anger inside.

Xu Yanlin froze and looked at him, and fear was born in his heart.

Xu Yanwen said,

“She is my wife.”

Xu Yanlin: “……”

“I can’t even dare to bully her, you are quite capable!”

“I, I…”

Xu Yanlin wanted to explain, wanted to say good words, wanted to beg for forgiveness, but in the face of Xu Yanwen’s cold handsome face, his body emitted a frightening aura.

Xu Yanlin’s mind buzzed blank, as if instantly lost the ability to speak and could only cry.


I’ll make her look good!1 revenge


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