IHFDATN – Chapter 12.1

TL: hello, got this new novel and permission to continue translating this from dorkzilla (•⚗৺⚗•)

Translator: Dorkzilla

Editor: Kyoun15

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Chapter 12.1 

Jiang Mian had not auditioned to compete with the original female lead but because the opportunity had been just in front of her.

In the original novel, it was said that Guan Xin had dressed up like Director Zhang’s first love and had caught his eyes that way. However, her actor father had told her that if anyone were to do that, Director Zhang would have immediately blacklisted them.

But from what she had seen today, Guan Xin had been dressed like usual. Jiang Mian held her chin in thought, had the description in the original novel been too simple or had the plot changed? Or perhaps there was another hidden story that she did not know about.

According to the reaction of Director Zhang during her audition, Jiang Mian was very satisfied with her performance and was almost certain to be chosen. If Guan Xin were to get the part…

Jiang Mian really wanted to know what was happening and at the time take a look at the heroine’s halo and its combat effectiveness. As long as she did not provoke her, Jiang Mian would not provoke her either but knowing oneself and her enemy’s abilities would help her survive all eventual battles in the future.

Jiang Mian took her phone and called someone. It was the gangster brother Lin Feifei had hired a few days ago at the restaurant and his name was Zhang Liqiang. Zhang Liqiang had gotten her contact information and had called to apologize and return the 30,000 yuan she had promised him. Jiang Mian guessed that he had been afraid she would retaliate, which was pretty normal; they were used to deal with wealthy people but it did not mean they wanted to offend them and Jiang Mian’s aura made him feel uneasy.

But Jiang Mian had thought he was quite useful and had saved his number. Now was the time to make use of him.

“Who is it?”

Zhang Liqiang was playing cards with a group of gangsters in a bar. Jiang Mian could hear a few curses coming from the other end of the call. She did not beat around the bush and said:

“I have something I need your help with. Can you go somewhere quieter?”

“Ah, so it is Miss Jiang.” Zhang Liqiang’s tone changed immediately. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I did not know it was you calling. I will go outside, please give me a minute.”

Zhang Liqiang did not dare to delay and got up. Someone said his name behind him and he yelled back, still holding the phone. After walking to a quiet place, he took his hand off the phone and said: “Miss Jiang, it is quiet here. What do you need me to do? As long as I am able, I will do it.”

“Don’t worry, it’s nothing much.” Jiang Mian said. “I need you to follow someone and to tell me what she does, where she goes and who she meets. I need you to write everything down and tell me later.”

“This is simple!” Zhang Liqiang breathed a sigh of relief and promised: “I will do it well!”

Jiang Mian frowned, this gangster brother’s attitude towards her seemed a bit too respectful. But after a while, she forgot about it and sent him a picture of Guan Xin.

If she wanted to know the whereabouts of the original female lead, she just had to spend some money and let gangsters do her bidding. It was quite easy.

Zhang Liqiang received the photo and said: “Miss Jiang, did this woman offend you? Do you want me to…”

Jiang Mian: “…”

Jiang Mian: “Follow her only. Nothing else.”

Zhang Liqiang understood: “Roger.”


Zhang Liqiang’s efficiency did not disappoint Jiang Mian. That same night, as she was sitting on her bed to meditate, her phone rang.

“Miss Jiang, about the woman you asked me to follow… She took a taxi to a restaurant, met with a man and they took a taxi back to the Junlai Hotel. Another man picked her up in the lobby. I took a few pictures, I am sending it to you on WeChat.”

Jiang Mian opened the app and looked at the photo of Guang Xin meeting a man in the restaurant. Because of the angle, she could not see clearly who he was, but the angle she saw was definitely not Gu Qiwen.

Gu Qiwen did not have much money anyway, and he could not bring Guan Xin to such an expensive place. It was already remarkable Zhang Liqiang was able to take pictures there.

The face of the man in the second picture was more clear; it was Assistant Liu that worked with Director Zhang.

Jiang Mian raised her eyebrows. No wonder why when the original female lead had been chosen, only a few words were mentioned. Director Zhang’s personality was good and he would not have been the type to have an improper relationship with Guan Xin.

As for the man in the restaurant… that was hard to say. There were simply too many ambiguous male supporting characters with the heroine and the author was not able to describe them all in details.

The man in the restaurant should have something to do with Director Zhang and would have given her another chance to meet with Director Zhang alone. That must have been when Guan Xin had found a way to impress him.

Jiang Mian got out of bed and walked to the window to look at the neon night view outside. She sneered when she thought of Gu Qiwen’s unconditional affection for the original female lead and the original Jiang Mian’s infatuation with the male lead.

As long as she called her actor father and told him she wanted to participate in the drama, no matter what Guan Xin did, Director Zhang would not choose her. But it was just a role and she would get more opportunities in the future. She now somehow wanted Guan Xin to get the role just to have Gu Qiwen wear a green hat.

Jiang Mian was in a happy mood and she walked out of the bedroom to fill her stomach when her phone vibrated. It was a message from Zhang Liqiang: Miss Jiang, I have found the room number. Would you like to come over?

Jiang Mian: ?

Zhang Liqiang: Didn’t you want to catch the traitor?

Jiang Mian:

Jiang Mian: No need.

She then sent him 5,000 yuan.


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