IHFDATN – Chapter 12.2

Translator: Dorkzilla

Editor: Kyoun15

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Chapter 12.2

Looking around the kitchen, she noticed that there was nothing to eat at home. She picked up her wallet and prepared to go downstairs to buy some food.

As soon as she opened the door, she saw the opposite side also opened. Qi Yanshu came out with a black trash bag. He was still covered with his white cloth but compared to a half a month ago, his face had more colors and he looked more healthy.

Except for when she went to class, Jiang Mian had spent most of her time practicing and meditating in her bedroom. As a result, she had not seen her neighbor in a long time.

But because Xiao Mi had scratched his hand, Jiang Mian would often ask Aunt Liu to make some chicken soup and deliver it. Qi Yanshu would receive it and occasionally send something back.

Jiang Mian: “Hello, Uncle Qi.”

Old man Qi was from her grandfather’s generation and Qi Yanshu was from her father’s. According to the rules, she should call him uncle. (TL: uncle-zoned, ouch.)

Qi Yanshu: “…”

He pursed his lips then asked: “Are you going out?”

“I am in a good mood so I was going to buy something to celebrate.”

When she was happy, everything was pleasing, she took the trash bag he was holding and said.

“I will throw it for you on the way.”

But when she got into the elevator, she noticed that Qi Yanshu was following her.

Qi Yanshu: “I’m going for a walk.”

Jiang Mian knew that her neighbor had already adapted to his environment and could accurately avoid all kinds of obstacles without any help. She did not say much and politely said “Be careful.” when she got out of the elevator and headed straight to the supermarket near the residence.

Qi Yanshu listened to her walk away and after she was entirely gone, he stretched his hand to pinch between his eyebrows.

Before the supermarket came into Jiang Mian’ sight, she heard a voice near the door entrance. The security guard was telling someone he was not allowed to enter. She did not pay attention to it at first until she recognized a familiar voice: “… Don’t touch me, or I will hurt you!”

This was clearly her taoist father!

The guard was getting annoyed with the curly haired man. He rolled his eyes and said: “If you don’t leave, I will call the police.”

Zuo Xingping: “But I am telling the truth! There is blood in the air, something bad will happen. I just want to remind him, why are you pestering me!”

“He’s just talking nonsense, drag him out.” Another security guard stepped forward and reached out to push Zuo Xingping with impatience.

Because the taoist father was arguing with the two guards, he did not pay attention to the hand that came over. Seeing the security guard was about to grab him, a tree branch was suddenly put between them and knocked the guard’s wrist. The guard felt pain and shrank back.

“Mianmian!” Noticing his daughter, Zuo Xingping was overjoyed. He did not care about the security guards anymore and rushed over while shaking the bag in his hand.

“Look, i bought fruit for you!”

He had not seen Jiang Mian for half a month and had saved money to run to the supermarket to buy things for his baby girl. When he had seen a man with a bad aura, he had kindly said a few words but had been asked to leave the supermarket by the security instead.

If it wasn’t for his baby girl, he would still be cursing at them. But all his grievances immediately dissipated when he had seen her.

He looked at her from every side and asked: “Why are you so thin?”

Jiang Mian did not know whether to laugh or cry: “I am not.”

She then glanced at the security guard: “Dad, did they beat you?”

Zuo Xingping shook his head and Jiang Mian walked in. He naturally tried to follow her.

“You can go in but he can’t.” The guard who had just been hit on the wrist said. He wanted to get angry but when he had seen Jiang Mian’s appearance, he had swallowed back his displeasure.

Jiang Mian asked calmly: “Why?”

The security guard paused: “This… He is doing superstitious curses in the supermarket, of course he cannot go in!”

Jiang Mian’s eyes were cold: “According to your logic, as long as someone curses, they cannot enter?”

“You not only scolded my dad but you also tried to beat him. I suppose not only you are not qualified to work here, but you must not be qualified to be security guards.”

She pointed at the camera above her head: “Should we call the police? Go to the police station and have them judge the situation?”

Security guards: “…”

Jiang Mian had a tough attitude and was adamant that she had to bring her taoist father in with her. It alarmed the supermarket manager.

Zuo Xingping: “It’s okay Mianmian, I don’t need to go in.”

“No.” Jiang Mian had a very cold expression. “You are not the one yelling at people neither you are the one beating people. Why are they driving you out?”

When the manager understood the situation, he apologized to them and invited them in politely. For the first time in his life, the taoist father was protected by his precious daughter and his eyes turned red.

Jiang Mian had already heard what had happened from him and said: “Dad, even if you see the person has a problem, you cannot just go tell them directly. Most people do not believe in it and consider it taboo.”

“You believe me.”

The taoist father’s focus was completely off the mark. Like Han Xu, the baby girl did not believe in his abilities and all the talismans he worked hard on were thrown by her in the past. As a result, he rarely mentioned his occupation in front of Jiang Mian and did not dare to give her the talismans he drew anymore in fear of making her angry.

Thinking of all the various excessive behaviors of the original Jiang Mian towards the taoist father, Jiang Mian took Zuo Xingping’s arm.

“Dad, I used to be ignorant. This is your job, of course I believe you.”

Zuo Xingping smiled. Like a fool, he started to talk for a while before scratching his head: “I saw this man had a daughter. If something happened to him, what would happen to his daughter… So I wanted to help.”

Jiang Mian’s heart was a little sour.

The father and daughter pair moved to the snack area and chose a cart worth of snacks.

Everything in this market was more than three times more expensive than the usual prices. As Jiang Mian was about to pay, Zuo Xingping stopped her in a hurry and said: “I will pay!”

He took a bag from his robe. The yellow cloth bag contained all the money he had saved lately.

Zuo Xingping could not make any money because of his fate. If he were to get money and did not use it for a short period of time, there would always be various accidents that would ruin him.

Before the other fathers had realized it, Han Xi had given him a credit card. Within a day, he had lost all of it and Han Xu had to find someone to get the money back.

He would sometimes reluctantly buy good clothes for himself. As a taoist priest, he did not pursue anything material to begin with. But as long as he bought things for Jiang Mian, he could not wait to empty his pockets.

When they checked out, the people around them were all staring at them. The combination of the curly bearded Taoist priest and the beautiful girl was very eye catching.

But Zuo Xingping had long been used to it and did not care about it, neither did Jiang Mian.

The large bag of snacks almost wiped out all of Zuo Xingping’s possession but he wasn’t sad about it. The original Jiang Mian used to dislike him and did not even appreciate when he used to spend money on her. How could he be upset today when he was with her?

“Dad, where do you usually live?”

Jiang Mian asked him on the way back. Of the four fathers, he was the only one with no fixed residence. Hearing this, Zuo Xingping hesitated.

“I have a lot of places.”

Since he did not seem to want to answer, Jiang Mian did not press him and Zuo Xingping breathed a sigh of relief.

He usually lived in a lot of places, such as park benches, outside temples, ordinary houses, mansions and others. It would depend on whether his employers gave money quickly or not. There was no need to talk to his baby girl about this.

As soon as they entered the building, they saw Qi Yanshu waiting for the elevator. Jiang Mian was a little surprised but before she could say anything, her taoist father had asked: “Huh? Are you… Junior Brother Chen?”

Jiang Mian: “???”

Qi Yanshu tilted his head and frowned slightly. After a moment, he recognized the voice and said: “Brother Wuzhen?”

Jiang Mian: “??????”

Zuo Xingping: “God, you are not dead.”

Qi Yanshu: “….”

Jiang Mian: “…….”


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TL note: critical hit.


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