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Chapter 10

The youth seemed like he didn’t expect Ruan Tang to asked this question, and after a moment’s pause, he shook his head.

As if in reply to Ruan Tang’s question that his face was not born like this.

“Your face… is it the Duke?”

Ruan Tang looked at his face, he always felt that it was a new injury. He asked what he thought of and then shut his mouth knowingly.

Regarding his husband the Duke of Blue Beard, who has a fierce reputation in the Imperial Star, Ruan Tang had heard many horrible rumors about him.

One of them was that after his disfigurement and disability, the eldest son of the emperor changed his temperament and become violent and perverse.

Because of his disability, he would never see a neat person again.

Therefore, apart from the old butler sent by the queen to him, there were no more abled-bodied person present in his ducal residence.

He could only feel pleasure when someone who was physically crippled with him was serving by his side.

Even the robot was not a body whose parts were complete. His residence only recruited to hire disabled people. And even those healthy people who was working in his residence would also become disabled.

There were rumors that the Duke himself made them like that.

And since disfigurement was also a form of disability.

Looking at Seth, Ruan Tang had the impression that he was a new employee as the injuries on his face also looked like new. His heart couldn’t help but speculate on this.

The young man once again seemed to not expect him to ask that either, and after slightly dropping his eyes, he shook his head and said.

“…..No Madam.”

Ruan Tang looked at his timid and clumsy appearance, he did not know if he meant what he said or because of his husband’s fierce name that he did not dare to say.

He also didn’t want to pry anymore, so Ruan Tang did not asked more but sigh softly and said.

“…. Well I don’t think the wound in your face is healed yet, the wound seems to have a little pus it’s very unsightly. When you go out to serve like this, I’m afraid you’ll be scolded when the butler sees you..”

“I have a medical kit in my luggage with medicine in it, so bring it over for and I’ll take care of it for you.”

Life was not easy, especially in today’s society after genetic modification and ABO gender differentiation, the gap between the rich and the poor were especially huge.

Most of the wealth of the society was in the hands of the nobles and AO’s, and the slum beta who had a short life could be said to be inferior from birth.

Although the ducal palace was eerie, but the work here was well paid. In order to earn a living, people would exchange their normal self into a disabled one in exchange for the opportunity to work in the ducal palace.

But after Ruan Tang knew something about it, he also knew that this was very normal thing for betas in the slum.

Many of them could not even afford to eat. It was very normal for them to exchange one thing for another in order to get enough to eat.

Ruan Tang inwardly sympathized with them, but Rome wasn’t built in a day. In such environment and identity, he should treat them better and gentler.

Ruan Tang also knew that he couldn’t do more for them to change the world.

The young man named Seth seemed to have not expected Ruan Tang to say and do so.

But after a moment of dazed he obediently found the medical kit that Ruan Tang had brought with him among his luggage and handed it over to Ruan Tang

Ruan Tang directly asked him to sit down and carefully looked at Seth’s face, which was injured by something unknown with rotten polyps and ferocious scars and was still infiltrating with transparent liquid.

The young man’s back was straight and his eyes were intently starting at the Omega in front of him. Seth noticed that the Omega not only had excellent skin and special fragrance but he also have a pair of very beautiful eyes.

His eyes were so dark like the starless night in the canopy, quiet and deep just like a rare obsidian.

One couldn’t help but feel a desire to dig out these beautiful eyes down and take them for oneself as a gem collection.

But no, these eyes were glowing, vivid and bright, he’s afraid that once dig it would never have such a glow again.

What should I do to gouge these eyes out while keeping them as beautiful as they are now?

Seth was lost in his thought.

Ruan Tang was unaware of the thoughts inside the young man in front of him.

He has already moistened the cotton balls with disinfectant and cleaned up the ulcers on the young man’s face.

He was very careful but the wound on the young man’s face was too ghastly, even if he was very careful and cautious, his continuous movement still inflect some pain in his wounds.

He pulled the young man from his deep thoughts, as he frowned and let out a, “Hiss~” sound.

Seth almost leash his fury.

“Sorry, did it hurt you? I didn’t mean to, I’ll be more careful…”

Ruan Tang was once again focused at the wound on his face, completely oblivious to the young man’s thoughts. As he just continuously apologized and his movement were much gentler after seeing he was in pain.

“I actually have no experience in cleaning up a wound.”

Ruan Tang was so gentle to him that he couldn’t be much gentler. From the beginning to end, his calm eyes which turned a blind eye to his hideous scar, for some reason, the violence in his heart disappeared all at once.

He shook his head gently and said.

“It doesn’t hurt madam.”

Looking at the omega face to face, who was always calm and quite without any trace of disgust and fear or the usual look in his eyes.

His heart was moved, and he couldn’t help being more curious about the Omega in front of him.

Even when his biological mother who saw his face for the first time screamed, unable to suppress the nausea and disgust in her eyes.

Not to mention the omegas he has seen, even if they try their best to disguise it, they couldn’t help but show their fear and horror at the sight on his face.



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