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Chapter 23

Shen Yan once again advised the assistant director.

“You can think about investing yourself in the drama.”

“Why do you always want me invest in Chen Fei?”

“Can make money.”

“How do you know?”

“Guess it.”



The assistant director considered slightly, and finally reluctantly said.

“I’ll use the money earned from buying shares.”

The assistant director felt that some of the money he earned was because Shen Yan recommended the stock, and now Shen Yan wanted him to invest in Chen Fei.

So he would just use the money he earned to invest in Chen Fei.

But as for making money by investing in Chen Fei, the assistant director doesn’t believe it.

The next day, Chen Fei continued to work. Li Jun decided to fire He Han, and so He Han asked Li Jun to pay the liquidated damages for breaching the contract.

But because Li Jun didn’t pay her much, she could only get a very small amount of compensation.

She Yan learned this news from the assistant director. She also learned that when He Han was leaving the site, many people in the crew throw rotten vegetables on He Han.

It was said that when He Han explained that she had nothing to do when the stocks fall. After all He Han did not forced them, they were the ones who willingly bought the stock.

So the people in the crew could only throw rotten vegetables on her to show their dissatisfaction towards He Han.

Zhu Ruo asked She Yan to audition for a TV series called Life Togther, about the story of three couples.

Shen Yan audition as the third male’s sister. This sister, in order to set up his brother and sister-in-law, made a lot of efforts.

The role was not bad at all.

The most important thing was that this project was a TV series.

It’s just a pity that this drama was invested by Meng Yi’an.

Shen Yan who got the audition script, didn’t even read the lines, she directly tossed the audtion scripts aside and sat on the sofa to watch TV.

The drama has good future results, but Shen Yan was not interested.

There was a knock on the door, and Shen Yan got up to open it.

“Have you read the script?”


“You’ll get familiar with it in the car. We’re going to B city now, the audition location and time have been changed temporarily because of the director’s schedule.”

After packing her suitcase, Shen Yan followed Zhuo Ruo downstairs and went to the airport.

The two cities were not far apart, just over an hour away by plane.


“Chu Chu must help me ah.”

He Han tugged Chu Chu’s hand. This Chu Chu was also an artist under Zhuo Ruo, and the one suggested He Han to let Zhang He invest in Chen Fei drama last time.

Looking at the wretched He Han in front of her, Chu Chu helped her gather her messy hair, and anxiously looked at her.

“I read it on the weibo, and thought about it carefully. I think it’s because Zhang He’s authority is not enough, but if he would be replace with much higher authority, see who would dare to say anything.”

He Han was a smart person who could easily understand a little hint.

Chu Chu asked.

“Do you know Meng Yi’an?”

Meng Yi’an, how could He Han not know that the Meng family found their son. The rich and handsome man also known as the Diamond King.

How many female star in the circle wanted to be with him, but it’s a pity that so far, he hasn’t had any scandal with any of them.

“Meng Yi’an, he….”

“A friend of mine is a receptionist in a hotel, she said that Meng Yi’an checked into their hotel. You can try it, maybe Meng Yi’an would like you.”


After Shen Yan and Zhuo Ruo arrived in B city, they directly checked into a hotel near the auditioned theater.

She Yan took the script and pretended to look at it, but the truth was she was thinking about how to perform in the audition later that the director would not like.

It’s still a while before the audition would start. Zhuo Ruo went out to buy Shen Yan a meal back.

If the audition had more people, Shen Yan has to queue and would have no time to eat.

After taking a sip of water, Shen Yan wanted to say thank you to Zhuo Ruo but she heard her say.

“President Meng is in the hotel.”

Surprise, Shen Yan coughed a few times.


“President Meng came to B city for a meeting. This hotel is owned by the Meng Group, so he just stayed here.”

Speaking of this, Zhuo Ruo opened the lunch box for Shen Yan and said.

“We have many female star who have come to audition, several of them are asking about President Meng.”

“He won’t go the auditioned right?”

“No, why would he go to the audition.”

Relieved, Shen Yan ate her meal as she casually asked.

“Sister Zhuo, what do you think will happen if I offended Meng Yi’an?”

Zhuo Ruo didn’t even think about it and said.

“Then you don’t have any place in the circle anymore.”


After eating, there was still a moment before the audition. Shen Yan does not want to continue pretending reading the script, she got up and said.

“I’ll go wait for the audition downstairs. Sister Zhou, you do not have to wait in the line with me, it’s a little tiring, just wait here in the room.”

Zhuo Ruo think that She Yan was right, there was no used waiting with her, she said.

“Ok, you can go and wait for the audition, get a number plate once you arrived.”

This was what Shen Yan wanted. She was thinking of just casually audition and rushed back.

She felt thet Meng Yi’an must be attending some social gathering in B City, so probably would come back very late.

So if she went to the audition site earlier, and came early, she could perfectly avoid Meng Yi’an.

After pressing the elevator, Shen Yan watched the elevator go down from the upper floor.

A few seconds later, the elevator door opened. Shen Yan froze.

Because inside the elevator was Meng Yi’an and He Han!

Shen Yan doesn’t really care about Meng Yi’an and could treat him like a stranger, he had nothing to do with her.

But because of the idea that if she avoids him at this time, it seems that she was a little guilty.

Thinking about this, Shen Yan stepped on her high heels and entered the elevator.



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