Chapter 11

Back in the house, Xue Jiayue found at a glance that the cabinet where she put her bag had been opened, and the bag was not in its original position, so it had been obviously moved.

She hurriedly opened her bag to check and found that the C family bracelet was missing, her face instantly paled.

“Yueyue, what’s wrong?”

Eler Xu noticed that Xue Jiayue’s face looked bad and asked with concern.

Xue Jiayue frowned and said.

“A bracelet I put in my bag is missing, that was the 20th birthday present from brother Xu.”

When Elder Xu heard this, he hurriedly called the servants to ask who had touched Xue Jiayue’s bag.

The steward answered back,

“The young master has just opened the cabinet.”

“That brat, hurry up and go get him back!”

Elder Xu said angrily.

Xue Jiayu was also very angry. In order to prevent Xu Yanlin from sabotaging, she specially hid her bag in the corner cupboard and took other things to cover it.

If he didn’t have the heart to search, he would not have found her bag. Xu Yanlin was determined to steal her things.

Xu Yanlin was soon found back.

“Xu Yanlin, give me back my bracelet.”

Xue Jiayue said with a sullen face.

Xu Yanlin refused to return it and said playfully.

“It’s just a broken bracelet, I’ve already lost it.”

Xue Jiayue’s hand tightened, wanting to raise her hand and give Xu Yanlin two slaps.

No wonder in the original plot, the Xue Jiayue was angry. Xu Yanlin did something so nasty, that bracelet was very important to her.

The bracelet was very important to ‘her‘, though she had other bracelet, but that bracelet had a special meaning.

She was really angry and had to fight him, but in the end even Elder Xu was injured.

Xue Jiayue was itching to kill Xu Yanlin at the moment.

“I’m warning you Xu Yanlin, take out the bracelet and give it back to me before it’s too late, or else I’ll tell brother Xu to come and reprimand you!”

Xue Jiayu brought Xu Yanlin’s greatest fear, Xu Yanwen, in attempt to deter him and make him meekly hand over the bracelet.

But Xu Yanlin was not afraid of her at all, but mocked her instead.

“Big brother was not willing to marry you at all, you are nothing even if you call big brother, big brother will not help you.”

“Xu Yanlin!”

Xu Yanlin’s words went too far, even Elder Xu could not listen to it to anymore. He sullenly yelled and raised his cane to hit Xu Yanlin.

When Xu Yanlin saw what Elder Xu would do, he turned around and run while crying.

“I’m not wrong, or you let her call to try. Do you think big brother will help her?”

“Someone, bring him back to me and locked him in the study to reflect!”

Elder Xu’s leg were not convenient to chase after Xu Yanlin, so with black face, he told his bodyguards to catch Xu Yanlin.

No matter how fast Xu Yanlin ran, he was not the opponents of the bodyguards. Before he ran out of the gate of the old mansion, he was caught by one of the bodyguards.

He was then escorted by the bodyguard to Elder Xu’s study room.

Elder Xu was actually very strict with Xu Yanlin, however that brat was not afraid of him at all, and would only listened to Xu Yanwen.

“Yueyue, call Yanwen tell him to hurry back and give that brat a good beating!”

Elder Xu was really angry with Xu Yanlin this time, he had done something he himself was unable to bear.

“Don’t be angry grandpa, be careful of your blood pressure.”

Xue Jiayue was afraid that Elder Xu was so angry that would implicate his blood pressure, so she hurriedly asked the housekeeper to bring Elder Xu’s medicine.

When Elder Xu saw that Xue Jiayue had no intention of calling Xu Yanwen, he immediately said.

“I’ll call if you don’t, I don’t believe he won’t come back.”


Xue Jiayue hurriedly stopped Elder Xu, slightly pursed her lips and said.

“I’ll do it later.”

But under the gaze of Elder Xu, Xue Jiayu had to take out her phone and called Xu Yanwen.

To be honest, her heart was very uneasy, she was worried that it was really as Xu Yanlin said. Xu Yanwen would not help her out at all.


Linda, the secretary knocked on the door of Xu Yanwen’s office with a cup of coffee.

Xu Yanwen was reading a document and without raising his head he said.

“Come in.”

Linda gently open the door and entered, walked with gentle steps to Xu Yanwen’s desk and said softly.

“President Xu, this is the coffee you asked for.”

Xu Yanwen casually flipped a page of the document and said.

“Put it on the side.”

Linda complied, and put the coffee on the desk, her eyes fell on Xu Yanwen’s handsome side face, she couldn’t help but recall when Xu Yanwen went to their school as a guest.

She received him as an usher, and fell in love with him from the moment she saw him.

He was a handsome and versatile man, and she liked that. She made up her mind right there and then that she would apply for a job in his company.

Now her wish has finally come true.

It’s great that her wish came true, and now he’s right beside her.

Xu Yanwen felt that someone was still standing in front of him, he raised his eyes and looked over, he expressionlessly asked.

“Is there anything else?”

Linda quickly put on her best smile.

“There’s a reception this evening…”

Before Linda could finish her words, Xu Yanwen’s phone on the table rang. He turned his head and picked up the phone.

After seeing the name, he waves his hand to Linda and said.

“You go out first, ask Vice President Wan to attend the evening reception, I have another matter.”

Linda withdrew her gaze to Xu Yanwen’s phone screen and retreated sullenly.

Walking outside Xu Yanwen’s office, Linda remembered the rumors that Xu Yanwen and his wife did not get along.

Linda also inwardly felt deeply that his wife was not worthy of Xu Yanwen. Xu Yanwen was such a good person, obviously deserves a better woman.

How come he married such unworthy wife?

If it was her, she would have been able to take good care of him.



5 responses to “TTTBHSEW 11”

  1. why is that chinese novel always have english name for such insignificant secretaries? it feels like the author is so perfunctory lol


    1. Excuse me for replying to this old comment but her name is probably Lin Da (last name Lin and first name Da) I’ve seen this quite a few times in these types of novels. I also could be wrong so take it with a grain of salt.


  2. Esse pensamento de “Se fosse ela, ela teria sido capaz de cuidar bem dele.” é tão frustrante! O protagonista é um homem crescido, não precisa de uma esposa para cuidar dele!

    Liked by 1 person

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