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Chapter 11

Truth was he was very reluctant to abort the child.

It was said that human being needs to spend a lot of money to raise a child, food, clothes and provide for their education. He also needs to let his kitten integrate in the human society and if he wanted all of this, he needs to start working hard to earn money.

He shouldn’t be the same as before, as long as he eats and drinks, he was already satisfied.

He must be a qualified Cat Father and keep his little one beautiful.

Qin Lin stare at Ruan Tian who was suddenly quiet and behaving very gently, guessing that he must be still thinking about Deng Ru, the air surrounding his body dropped a few degrees.

“Don’t think too much.” Qin Li said coldly,

“I am only responsible for the child on your womb, this is what I should do and it has nothing to do with you.”


Ruan Tian instantly felt that the pressure on his shoulder was even greater. He originally expected Qin Li to pay for the kitten’s milk powder but now it seems it’s just impossible.

He still has to raise his kitten alone.


At night, Ruan Tian was thinking about making a fortune and getting rich, he rarely has insomnia— but of course it was only for half an hour and soon fell asleep.

The next day, Ruan Tian opened his sleepy eyes sticking a plump and fluffy cat head out of the soft duvet.

He opened his mouth slightly and yawned then stretched out his limbs comfortably, pushing off the duvet with his fleshy limbs.

The duvet was lifted aside revealing his round and soft belly.

Ruan Tian wagged his fluffy tail, stretched out his pink tongue and licked his fur on his chest then lightly leapt on the floor next to the mirror.

His body was agile, he jump softly that there was no sound.

Ruan Tian faced the mirror and began to admire his beauty that no cat could match.

His original shape as a cat was very beautiful, very similar to a modern puppet cat. Ruan Tian whole body was covered with white fur, he brushes it every night so his fur was very supple and soft.

His face ha a V-shaped double color, the back part of his eye has chocolate color and the front part is white, in addition the large fluffy tail wagging restlessly was also covered with a beautiful chocolate color.

Ruan Tian walked around the floor-to-ceiling mirror twice still feeling comfortable and relaxed on his cat’s form.

He immediately licked his front paws and rubbed his face gracefully.

Rubbing his face Ruan Tian suddenly realized that there was more fat under his claws compared before.

He leaned in front of the mirror, widened his beautiful dark blue eyes, lifted and pressed his face.

So soft……

Ruan Tian’s tail lifted up and fell down in grief, sure enough he had gained weight, and he seems to have gained several more at that.

Although the chubby one was also very cute, it was not elegant enough to look beautiful— Qin Li’s words resounded back in his mind.

Ruan Tian hugged his fat head with his fleshy limbs thinking sadly and melancholy, he really became fat and Qin Li didn’t lie to him, he really was no longer the beautiful Ruan Xiaotian.

Ruan Tian lowered his head instantly feeling that he was just a mere cat.

He spent two seconds thinking that he had to work hard to earn milk powder money for his kitten and quickly recovered.

Ruan Tian shook his beautiful fur sullenly and then change back to his human form while thinking what job he need to do to earn milk powder.

He never worries about high-paying jobs not to mention good luck and opportunities, it’s just so happens that he always has good fortune. Ruan Tian didn’t lie about the invitation he said to his mother, he did receive it and did not reject it with the same reason.



TL: I really am sorry that updates on this novel is really sporadic. I was actually thinking of dropping this novel, but I can’t. I pick them up and treat them like my babies (⌯˃̶᷄ ﹏ ˂̶᷄⌯)゚so to all the readers please bear with me, updates maybe sporadic by I will never drop this. At the moment I am stacking chapters so you may notice by the middle or end of March schedule of release should be according to schedule except for unseen events.


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