The Entertainment Circle is Mine Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

Mother Xu reacted to what her daughter had said and pondered.

“Right, we can’t just invest on something we don’t know about. You can’t just invest on something without getting the money back ah. If things go on like this, it is estimated that there will be conflict.”

Mother Xu then looked at her daughter.

“My daughter don’t be too angry, I guess you are fair minded.”

Xu Zhixing took two mouthful of rice, turned back her eye on the TV and said in passing.

“The entertainment company that big brother wanted to do isn’t that the same with dad’s company, also you could monitor the business if you wanted to since it would be all over the news. I heard from my teacher that the eggs cannot be put in one basket. Also incase father’s company go bankrupt you still have cousin’s company as a backup.”

Mother Xu smiled and softly smacked Xu Zhixing at the back of her head.

“This little girl, what do you mean bankrupt? You can’t say anything auspicious ah, pei pei, pei1

Father Xu thought about what her daughter had said and agreed with her.

“You should not beat the child all the time, what would you do if she became silly? I think what our daughter said make sense. My daughter inherited my excellence ah!”

Xu Zhixing triumphantly said.

“That’s right. I also know when to help ah, second uncle’s family is not in need so he shouldn’t need the money right away. On the contrary elder brother, just graduated and is eager with ambition. Since we can help older brother, then we must help him. Moreover second uncle didn’t let you see the some business plan while elder brother gave you a proposal.”

Xu Yan’s side has thrown enough hooks, all she has to do was reinforce the bait, enough to steadily hook the big fish, her dad.

Hey Dad don’t blame your daughter for setting you up, it’s all for your own good.

Xu Zhixing finished her meal and threw down the sentence.

“I’m going to do my homework.”

And went to upstairs to her room, leaving Father Xu downstairs alone with his thoughts.

But she knew that, just as Xu Yan even if he had said “I’ll give you an answer tomorrow”, he decision was already final. And Father Xu was the same, he actually have an obvious answer.

The only bloodline left for his deceased elder brother, was enough reason alone to cast the vote.

Sure enough, two days later Xu Zhixing received a test message from Xu Yan: Success.

Father Xu choose to cooperate with Xu Yan and established, ‘Chen Xing Entertainment Co. Ltd.’, with him as the legal representative.

Father Xu also holds 51% of the shares and was also guaranteed to exercise his maximum rights.

While Xu Yan as the technical shareholder with no money, eventually took the 49% shares and served as the General Manager of Chen Xing Entertainment Co. Ltd, with full decision making power in the company affairs.

But the shareholders of Father Xu was worried about Xu Yan’s young age to lead, as they would also have difficult time watching over him.

After all, the investment was not a small amount. She did not how Father Xu and Xu Yan negotiated.

Father Xu’s energy and time would certainly continue to be put on his own company the Star Media.

Star Media has been losing money every year. As soon as the big investment was made, Father Xu would no longer be able to take out for the capital venture in a short period of time.

Xu Zhixing has nothing to wory about Xu Zhiwen, that greedy monster. She could finally relaxed.


The Chen Xing Entertainment was registered in B city, and the main development in the future would also be in B city. This was the joint decision of Xu Yan and Xu Zhixing.

Xu Zhixing took advantage of her ‘foresight’ and let Xu Yan start the business in B city and made plan for him.

The plan was to focused on variety shows, TV dramas and movies, and to make sure Chen Xing Entertainment invest on these.

There were also list of several names of people that Xu Yan never heard of but basic information of each of these person were listed. So the he could find a way to sign these people up.

Some of them were students of a certain university, some were singers in a certain bar in B city some were performers on certain film and television, there were even who feeds pigs at a pig farm in certain county!

Feeding pigs? Are you kidding me?

Xu Yan felt his head breaking.

The night before he left B city, Xu Yan came to Xu Zhixing’s house for dinner and say goodbye.

Father Xu and Mother Xu were of course giving instructions to Xu Yan at the dinner table, after all in their eyes Xu Yan was still a child.

He just also lost his father and his mother was not with him, he would ne all alone in B city.

Though he has financial support from Father Xu, but in this era of rapid economic development not to mention millions, sometimes tens of millions couldn’t make a sound.

Xu Yan smiled the whole time, and nodded to every advised. Father Xu and Mother Xu feel more at ease at his stable and polite appearance.

After eating Xu Zhixing called him to her room on the pretext that she wanted to Xu Yan to tutor her with homework.

Locking the door, she immediately take out the notebook containing her plans. Xu Zhixing opened it and showed Xu Yan everything one by one.

“You must remember what I wrote, and you must find a way to participate in the investment ah! The prospect is good and will definitely be on click! Don’t be afraid just boldly and confidently invest!”

She then pointed the names under the column list.

“And these people, I already check them and is confident that they are good seedlings! They’re bound to be a famous star!”

Bewildered, Xu Yan asked.

“How did you know that they would be famous?”

Xu Zhixing said seriously.

“I can see it on their face that they could make it big!”

Xu Yan looked her blankly.

“I can’t tell that you can also read destiny through their faces.”

Xu Zhixing who was now thick-skinned, shamelessly said.

“You’re making me blush I just know a little.”

Xu Yan has the ability to see through people and knows that this little cousin of his has many secrets and mysteries that she was hiding, but he would not get to the bottom of it.

After talking for a long time with Xu Zhixing, Xu Yan finally nodded and promised.

“Ok, I will check everything you have written on this, I will personally see them and if they were really good, I will find a way to sign them.”

He turned to the last page and pointed to the name circled and crossed with red pen.

“This one is called Cen Feng, ‘what’s the situation? To sign or not to sign?’”

The vivid look on Xu Zhixing’s face disappeared in an instant.

Xu Yan even saw a certain inexplicable sadness on her face.

It took a long time to hear her say.

“I wanted you find ways to sign him, but…”

She pauses, then sighs and continued.

“Go and ask him, he sings at the address above. You ask him if wants to sign Chen Xing Entertainment. If he doesn’t want to…”

Xu Zhixing looked down at her fingers and when she looked up again she regained her usual spirited self.

“If he doesn’t want to, you could decide on what to do. He is now a trainee under Zhongtian, it’s a ten year contract. If he breaks the contract he will be fined a lot.”

Xu Yan nodded thoughtfully.

Xu Zhixing put away her planning notebook and talked with Xu Yan for a while about ideas and plans, until Mother Xu called Xu Yan.

Xu Yan then said his goodbye and left.

Before going to bed, Xu Zhixing took out the planning notebook again and looked at it.

On the last page, Cen Feng’s name was crossed out by her with a red pen.

She did think of signing him to Chen Xing Entertainment as soon as possible to eliminate all future troubles.

But for some reason she always felt that Cen Feng would refuse.


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pei1– spitting sound


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