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Chapter 7.2

Tang Tang sweated cold, she quietly wiped it off and stand there obediently. Only did Yan Zhen let her go.

“Jiang Zhu as you can see this woman is greedy and a coward, what she said said this morning is the proof. You are an excellent and good man, there is no need to starve because of her. Here eat some.”

Yan Zhen then goes over to where Tang Tang was.

Tang Tang: ….

Tang Tang originally intended to apologize but the words were stuck on her throat.

Daye1 you’re sealing my way to death, and putting me on fire!

Tang Tang commented inwardly, while silently grinding her teeth.

Jiang Zhu didn’t say anything, he was still holding the knife and playing it with his hands.

Tang Tang felt that she could no longer be silent, so she prepared herself for a pep talk2 and said.

“Eat some, now that there is no water or electricity, what would you do if you got hungry?”

As soon she opened her mouth, Jang Zhu raised his head again.

Looking straight into her eyes.

But he did not utter any words, he just keep on looking at Tang Tang, which make the latter feel at loss of words.

What does this man want!

Why isn’t he talking?

But Tang Tang who was resolved with her pep talk and who made a mistake first continued to speak.

“I’m sorry, I .…”


At this time, outside the dormitory, there was a sudden panic and mournful cry making the silent and quite night like a scary hell that numbing everyone’s scalp.

Tang Tang stiffened, and had a bad feeling in her heart.

The next second she blurrily saw a figure passing in front of her which her eyes quickly followed.

She saw Yan Zhen running quickly to the door, and was about to pull the door handle open.

This one action made her immediately came back to her sense, she did not know where the speed came from but hurriedly ran towards him.

She stretched her hands to stop him from opening the door, but she was two steps late. Yan Zhen already opened the door.

The sound that echoes down the hallway was heavy and turbid, it sounded like a scream that was hiding under the eerie night, making people breathless as the hair on their body stood up.

Hearing the sound and seeing that the door wasn’t completely opened wide, Tang Tang refused to give up she used her foot to slammed the door close back immediately and breath a long sigh of relief.

But her heart still burst with fear.

The sound was too close to the tenth floor but most likely it should be on the ninth floor. If they have opened the door again this time, no one would know what would greet them.

“What are you doing?”

Yan Zhen asked with a frown when he was stopped by Tang Tang.

“Don’t open the door.”

Tang Tang’s feet hurt a little but since Yan Zhen hand didn’t move from the door handle, she also didn’t dare moved her feet.

“There is a message in the group chat, open it first.”

Just when the two were at a standstill, Jiang Zhu who had not said a word and only knew how to put a cold air, spoke up.

Yan Zhen hesitated for a moment then let go his hand.

When Tang Tang saw him moved away at a little distance, she then put her foot down on the floor.

Then she followed suit on taking out her phone to check, just to see the lists of group leaving messages. Not just one group but several chat group had message them.

They hurriedly open to check the messages and found dozens messages on each of their inboxes.

There were five people in the room, each with mobile phone, their eyes were firmly locked on the screen and the more they look the more serious their expression has become.

Finally Yan Zhen broke the silence.

“Shit! That guy got it right!”

Yan Zhen then vented his anger by kicking the iron pillar of the side bed.

“What guy?”

Jiang Zhu also moved his eyes from the screen and asked him calmly.

“I met a man on the road when she and I were coming over. He said excitedly said that the end of the world is coming, I didn’t expect that he was right, shit! What a crows beak3!”

The truth was, the man was merely speculating, but when things were really as he speculated, and with Yan Zhen’s anger the blame was naturally turned to him.

On the other hand Tang Tang stood aside, with her head down and not daring to speak.

There was nothing more to say now. The most important thing was to find a way to escape this disaster.

Fortunately, the internet was still working. They don’t need to leave their homes to know the news outside.

The people who sent the messages inside their group also said in passing about their situation. Basically they opened the door and took a look from afar, only to see a few strange looking people wandering around the dormitory corridor.

It’s not like that no one went up to see what was going on, it’s just that most of those people who checked the situation were reduced to the same strange people they saw.

So people who witnessed this scene have been scared to checked, they all just went back to their rooms, close the door and shivered in fear.

All they could do was to take out their phones and send messages.

Probably with such horrible situation, the still working internet give them a great sense of security.

Tang Tang pursed her lips. It didn’t just happened alone in this dormitory building, there were similar screams in other dormitory buildings too.

Even though there was a long distance between buildings, the shrill scream still made the people’s hand and feet cold.

Mystery was, why does the internet work when electricity doesn’t even work?

Tang Tang suddenly notice the problem.

At the same time, after understanding the general situation so far, Jiang Zhu began to ask the same question.

“If this really is the end of the world, why does the internet working even when the electricity is out?”

The other four people all looked at him and saw that he was looking at Tang Tang again.

Those pair of eyes looking at her were very calm even with this situation.

Tang Tang did not avoid his eyes and stared back at him, then suddenly a flash of idea came up to her.

“Unless someone is making the last stand and making sure the net is still working!”

“Well that could be right.”

Jiang Zhu waited for her to finished and then naturally added.

“Although I don’t know how those people manage to keep the net running even when the electricity is not available. But it has to be said that the biggest possibility of keeping the net available in this situation is that someone is hoping that when the end times come completely, we can at the very least not be completely desperate.”

After saying that, the two looked at each other again.

Then Jiang Zhu tilted his head and continued to exude coldness.

Tang Tang: ….

Tang Tang blinked and thought that Jiang Zhu has a big heart and kind, so he should be able to forgive her.

“But if that’s the case why not just send a message to inform us?”

After listening to the analysis, another tall and imposing-looking boy in the dormitory asked with his tigerish face.

“Probably afraid of causing panic.”

Yan Zhen was the one who answered this time.

At the same time with a strange expression he looked back at Tang Tang.

This woman, has still brain left in her.

In that case, why did she mock Jiang Zhu in front of the whole school?

He then turned his head again to look at Jiang Zhu whose eyes were still cold.

And what’s wrong with Jiang Zhu?

Just now, didn’t you just ignore us?

How come they are now working together so well, as if reading each other’s minds?

These two, are they trying to rekindle their old love?

Are they?


Daye1 raw use 大爷 which could mean many things like arrogant idler, uncle term of respect for older man and many more, just got these two since it’s more relevant

pep talk2– a usually brief, intense, and emotional talk designed to influence or encourage an audience.

crows beak3– person who has made an inauspicious remark


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