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Chapter 14

Because of the cuju gathering, Jiang Liangchan has not been able to go meet Chen Feng or Hua Shan these two days.

But she had plans, and since she was done sorting out everything, she went out to find them and make sure to give a favorable impression.

After changing into her men’s clothes, she was picking out her shoes when Chun Xin came in and handed her a pair of men’s shoes.

Chun Xin explained.

“This was made by Ruixiang Cloth Shop some time ago. This kind of shoes are most comfortable to wear, and since you’ve change into men cloths, it’s not good for you sit on a sedan chair all the time.”

Chun Xin continued.

“It’s hard to avoid walking more, you can loosen your feet faster if you wear these shoes.”

Jiang Liangchan gave her a thumbs up and sat down to change her shoes without saying a word.

Xia Yi muttered unhappily.

“Miss is already crazy all day long, and you still indulge her.”

Jiang Liangchan then said playfully.

“Then I’ll ask someone to prepare two men’s clothes for you as well, and next time I’ll take you out to play as well, okay?”

Xia Yi was so angry that she stomped on her foot.

Jiang Liangchan smiled and took a few steps to try the shoes, and found that it was really comfortable, good for outdoors.

As she walked to the entrance of the garden, something suddenly occurred to her.

She found out last time that, although she tried hard to show her goodwill in front of Hua Shan, and indicated that she has no plan on harming her.

The big problem was still how to let Chen Feng know.

If it was on her original modern world, she could just record it and pretend to be inadvertently seen by Chen Feng, but it won’t work here.

She could also not deliberately go and tell Chen Feng, with his distrust on her, he may only feel that she has ulterior motives.

Then how about—

Just take him to see for himself?

Seeing is believing!

Chen Feng was usually at Jiang’s manor, so he doesn’t have much time to go out. Also charge for going in the brothel was a bit expensive.

She estimated that if he wanted to visit the brothel, he would need to save money for a long time and could only go once a month, right?

So if she takes him, she could sell him a favor then maybe Chen Feng would appreciate her and would have a good review on his small notebook.

If he ever have one!

This is a good idea.

Oh I’m so genius!

But what Jiang Liangchan didn’t expect that Chen Feng would be ungrateful.

She came to Chen Feng’s shabby little house, and cautiously looked around for a long time and was about to call out him when the door creak open from the inside.

Chen Feng stood at the doorway.

The early morning light was still a little faintly dazzling his facial features. His long black eyelashes were like crow feathers, casting shadow that covering his eyes.

But Jiang Liangchan knew that he was looking at her.

That’s weird.

Jiang Liangchan couldn’t help but think of her favorite ceramic bell in her original world. As soon as she shook it gently, the beads inside hit the clear ceramic wall and produces a series of crisp sounds.

It was said that it was used by the imperial guards before to change their fortune during a resistance but she always felt that the clear sound seemed to call something through time.

When Chen Feng opened the door and stood looking at her in the morning light, she had an illusion, it was as if the ceramic bell was ringing beside her ears, jingling all the time.

But as soon as Chen Feng opened his mouth, he broke that soft illusion.

His voice was cold, not much different from the cold winter wind.

“Looking for me for something?”

Jiang Liangchan was awakened from her illusion. The soft tingling and crisp sound all ceased to exist.

This was, and could only be the man who would be cruel and violent in the future.

Jiang Liangchan has long thought of her good speech, saying that he would be her own guard and go out with her.

Chen Feng raised his eyebrow and uncooperatively said.

“A guard? Didn’t Young Miss say before that it would be degrading for someone like me to serve as your guard?”


“Isn’t that what I casually said at that time when we were not familiar with each other?”

Jiang Liangchan was not someone that would easily back down. She could only tearfully take the original body of the pot.

“Besides, women’s heart can change our mood easily. When I was in a bad mood that day naturally I was full of shortcomings. But since I am in a good mood today, don’t you have more advantages?”

She also smoothly added.

“What’s more, maybe it was because you were disrespectful to me that day and you just forget about it yourself.”

Jiang Liangchan swore that after she finished this sentence, Chen Feng snorted.

She looked up to him.

Chen Feng nodded and said.

“That’s right maybe if I allowed Young Miss to touch my chest then Young Miss wouldn’t be angry on the first place.


I don’t know what else to say.

Jiang Liangchan originally wanted to take him to Hua Shan in order to ease her relationship with the male lead.

As a result, no matter what she said she was choked back Chen Feng.

Jiang Liangchan was annoyed that she was declined one after another.

“You have eaten so many meals in our family for nothing, such a little thing you are pushing and refusing?”

She pointed at him angrily, hiding her weakness.

Ah!! mother!!

I’m so miserable ah!

I don’t want to this ah!!

But why does the plot always force me be a bully?

How could I get rid of this personality?

It was still all Chen Feng’s fault.



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