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Chapter 92

Tang Wanwan seems to be also unwilling to see Fu Zhen, when she saw the figure of Fu Zhen and Jiang Hengshu, she immediately pulled Qin Zhao’s hand beside her and said to him.

“Let’s go.”

Qin Zhao didn’t know why so he asked Tang Wanwan.

“What’s wrong?”

“There’s just some people that I don’t want to see.”

Tang Wanwan said with a cold face.

Qin Zhao then look ahead and saw Jiang Hengshu and Fu Zhen not far away. He hadn’t recognized them yet, so he said to Tang Wanwan.

“I’ll go and take a look.”

Tang Wanwan let out an, “En.”

And let Qin Zhao walked over where Jiang Hengshu and Fu Zhen was. As Qin Zhao got nearer he then realized that it was Fu Zhen.

At that time Qin Zhao was clear of how Fu Zhen had bullied and cheated Tang Wanwan, when that incident happened, he was more supportive of sending Fu Zhen to prison.

But Fu Jianchen and Fu Ting didn’t seemed to like the idea very much. In addition Tang Wanwan also pleaded to him so he couldn’t say much.

After all, it was the Fu’s family’s business and his relationship with Tang Wanwan at that time was not stable, so if he spoke casually it may leave a bad impression on the Fu family.

However now was a different story, he was now Tang Wanwan’s husband, and since his wife doesn’t want to see Fu Zhen, Qin Zhao thought of a way how to help Tang Wanwan today.

Walking in front of Fu Zhen, Qin Zhao took out a bank card from his pocket and handed it to Fu Zhen.

In Fu Zhen’s puzzled eyes, he explained.

“There is 10,000 yuan here, as long as you leave this place, the 10, 000 yuan is yours.”

Since Qin Zhao also heard about Fu Zhen’s miserable situation, 10,000 yuan was not much for him, and it should be big enough income for Fu Zhen.

And since Fu Zhen was in need of money he would surely agree, all he need to do was to leave the place and he could immediately get the 10, 000 yuan, with this thought Qin Zhao was sure Fu Zhen would not refused the deal.

However, Fu Zhen and Jiang Hengshu didn’t pay attention to him from the very beginning to the end, as if he was a non-existent person.

This kind of being completely ignored makes Qin Zhao feel like a clown jumping from a beam just to get an attention, not to mention Tang Wanwan was still watching him from a distance.

He once again offered.

“Do you think the money it too little? I can add another 20,000.”

Fu Zhen finally raised his head and looked at Qin Zhao in front of him.

Wasn’t Qin Zhao and Tang Wanwan were real the siblings, just that Tang Wanwan just got into the wrong house?

Fu Zhen thought.

Qin Zhao and Tang Wanwan has the same way on casting people away. Last time it was Tang Wanwan who offered money to Jiang Hengshu to leave him.

Just when Qin Zhao thought that Fu Zhen was going to agree to his deal, and was planning to taunt him a few more time, he heard Fu Zhen say.

“Would you be a little quieter?”

Fu Zhen calmly looked at Qin Zhao.

“If you also want to see the sunrise, there are many places next to us that you could watch the sunrise without seeing us. We are all adults, it’s not necessary to be so hypocrite.”


Qin Zhao instantly glared, if not for Jiang Hengshu watching all his movement, he was not afraid to swing his fist directly at Fu Zhen’s face.

Qin Zhao was very angry, but the man beside Fu Zhen doesn’t seem to be easy to provoke, so he doesn’t dare to make any move.

Besides he was a president of a company, if he fight this kind of person in this kind of place, it would be his loss.

Qin Zhao who couldn’t do anything and couldn’t only swallow his anger, could only glared at Fu Zhen.

He hasn’t been embarrassed like this for a long time. Tang Wanwan probably noticed Qin Zhao’s embarrassment quickly walked and over and pulled Qin Zhao.

“Qin Zhao let’s go.”

Qin Zhao smiled at Tang Wanwan and was grateful that she gave him reason to step down at the right time.

But before he leaves he never forget to threatened Fu Zhen and Jiang Hengshu, he said.

“Wait and see, I will not end it like this.”

Seeing that the two of them finally left, Fu Zhen also breathed a sigh of relief and felt that the air around him was much fresher.

He came close to Jiang Hengshu’s ear and whispered to him.

“That’s what the villains in the cartoons seem to say.”

Jiang Hengshu pursed his lips and smile, holding Fu Zhen’s cold hands. Now they could focus on enjoying the beautiful scenery in front of them.

They waited for another 10 minutes or so and the sun finally came out.

A red sun slowly rose from the sea level, like a burning fireball that was about to explode. The fireball rose higher and higher into the sky passing through the fish-scaled layer of clouds.

And at a certain moment, it exploded shooting out tens and thousands of golden light shone across the shimmering sea, reflecting the figure of the cruise ship slowly towards Baemei Mountain.

The golden light extended and sprinkled until the grass-covered plain. The house where the sun was rising lightened the curls of the smoke from cooking.

The golden light awakened the sleeping city, like a sound of a siren.

The magnificent mountains and rivers were all on sight.

Fu Zhen’s mouth was wide opened, as well as his eyes unable to hide the excitement and shocked by the magnificent and jaw dropping scene in front of him.

Jiang Hengshu stealthily takes out his mobile phone and points the camera to Fu Zhen. It takes a long time for Fu Zhen to realize that someone was taking picture of him.

He turned his head and happened to meet Jiang Hengshu’s face. There eyes meet and couldn’t help kissing each other.



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