Chapter 10

Fu Shiyuan was not particular on what restaurant they would eat, but since he said it was his treat, he took Jian Ruixi directly to Guancanghai Restaurant.

Naturally the said restaurant has an excellent service with a Michelin chef, making the restaurant into a celebrity restaurant in the capital.

There were many endless stream of young people coming to check in. And President Fu coming to their place with his guest was a show of how good the restaurant was.

However Jian Ruixi thinks that, Fu Shiyuan coming to his own restaurant was probably to save trouble. With the arrival of the owner, the exclusive room was always standby was not put to use.

The manager together with the chef received and asked them what they want to eat without giving them the menu. She could just name whatever food she wanted to eat and the chef would readily cooked it for her.

They have ordered their food with less than a minute, the waitress then served them with tea and quickly retreated leaving Jain Ruixi and Fu Shiyuan in the room.

Jian Ruixi then had the time to ask how he and her parents-in- law was.

“I haven’t home for a few months, how are mom, dad and Jayce doing?”

Jay was Madam Fu’s six year old son’s English name, which sound very cute. Anyway when Jian Ruixi heard the name, she imagines a white, tender, round little bun with bug eyes blinking like the stars at her—

Truth was Madam Jiang never had much interaction with his son, in her existing memory, the child was quiet and well-beahved.

The child’s delicate feature make him look like a little angel, and his gesture was full of elegance. It could be said that he has the style of a perfect noble boy at a young age.

For Madam Fu, the most gratifying things in her life, one was to marry into the Fu family, the second was the birth of Jayce, her eldest son, which she cared so much in her heart.

It’s just that the child was living with his grandparents, and the time they spent together was really limited.

Jayce was more respectful to Madam Fu than close to her, and Madam Fu was similar but she always doesn’t know where to start when she wanted to be close to him.

As time goes by, the mother and son become the text book like “mother’s kindness and son’s filial piety”—they seemed to be very harmonious but in fact there were unfamiliar with each other.

Now that Jian Ruixi has become Madam Fu, she was not confident enough to interact with her son, and nervously answered her own question.

“His always been fine, right?”

Fu Shiyuan wasn’t troubled with Jian Ruixi’s question nore reaction, because he knew that Madam Fu wasn’t that close to their son.

To some extent she was also influenced by her rich mother-in-law to have Jayce raised and be taken care by his grandparents.

Almost after birth, Fu Shiyuan’ mother treated Jayce like his own son, and regarded him as her lifeblood that she was not willing to let Jayce get close to others, even his mother.

At that time, Madam Fu had just married into a rich family, and she always felt that her family status has no match and her position was not stable.

So she chose to be obedient to her rich mother-in-law’s careful thinking and since then up to now the estrangement between mother and son has been deeply rooted.

Thinking about it Old Madam Fu does not like her grandson to rely too much on her daughter-in-law, but it was also impossible to stop her grandson and son to cultivate their feelings.

She wished that the father and son would be closed. The more close they were the more happy the she was, therefore Fu Shiyuan has fewer obstacles than Madam Fu in parenting.

Of course, this was only an objective factor. The subjective condition was that Fu Shiyuan himself was also very attentive.

As the head of the family, with lot of things to do and pay attention to, he at least knows what his son likes.

He also remembers to bring gifts to his son when he was on a business trip, and would spend a fixed time with him such as picking him from school, playing games with him and having a video chat every day.

Therefore, no matter how busy Fu Shiyuan was, he was ‘the father’ in Jayce heart. And Fu Shiyuan’s affection for Jayce was just like how an ordinary father would have for his son.

Seeing that Jian Ruixi was asking for their son, and since Fu Shiyuan was good at observing words and expression. For the first time he ignored the awkward eyes of his partner and smiled.

“I bought a new set of Lego for Jayce while on a business trip a while ago, I wanted to give it to him personally but I don’t have time to go home. So I have to trouble you in giving it to him on my stead.”

“However if Jayce wants me to accompany him assemble the toys, he will have to wait for a while.”

Jian Ruixi was surprised.

“Jayce likes to play with Lego?”

Her tone sounded doubtful because in Madam Fu’s memory, this little bun seemed to be desireless that she could not even begin where to please her son.

Fu Shiyuan nodded.

“In fact, he is interested in more than just a Lego, children are energetic and inquisitive, challenging things they like.”

Hearing this, Jian Ruixi would like to wipe a non-existent cold sweat on her forehead. Without comparison she wouldn’t know what she need to do next.

Compared with Fu Shiyuan who has a lot of interest and hobbies, she could get a clue making her employer happy.

Jian Ruixi now was more like a stepmother. It could be said that what kind of ending a person has something to with effort.

Jian Ruixi’s impression of her ‘son’ was similar to an ordinary child with mixed parentage, it was no wonder that the child was indifferent to her mother.

But now was not the time to criticized, Jian Ruixi tried to defend Madam Fu’s effort before and said.

“So you guys have a lot of fun together, sadly I don’t know what Jayce’s interest in haha.”

Fu Shiyuan also knew what she was guilty of, but they were not in a regular meeting to discuss the family parent-child relationship with his wife, so he just laughed it off and turned away from the topic.

“What about father-in-law and mother-in-law, are they well?”

Madam Fu was still living in her mother’s house before she came to the capital. She knew best about her own parents conditions, so he picked a topic that Madam Fu would be more relaxed with.

The atmosphere became relaxed and happy again.



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  1. Wait im a little bit confused.
    The ML mother didn’t want the original birth mother to be close to the kid ? Because she sees the kid as her own kid ?? Or did I get it wrong ???

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    1. Yup, that’s how i read it also.. I was really confused myslef, maybe got it wrong but nah, that’s what it said really🤔😅

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    2. That’s how I understood it too. That’s messed up though. 😡

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      1. My cousin’s mother-in-law opened asked her why she didn’t die after giving birth to her grandson? Insane characters like her do exist

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  2. Interesting that he holds it against her, when her mother in law has shut her out.
    Surely with his eq, he can see the power imbalance?


  3. Rather than reading about these evil people be happy while the original is gone after being abused I rather see these wealthy devils tortured too. I bet somehow this will be made to be the original fault since dead people can’t defend themselves.


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