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Chapter 22

Back in the city, Shen Yan took out her phone to contact Zhuo Ruo, but she was surprise by the series of weibo alert on her phone.

She then open her weibo and only then did she realized that her latest weibo post had more than 3,000 likes and hundreds of comments below it.

[What kind of divine face it this ah]

[You are the smartest in your crew and only the most beautiful one]

[Little sister, why didn’t you buy stock with the crew and bought your own?]

[I don’t want to say anything, I just want to indulge in my little sister’s beauty]

[Charming beauty, but what does this post mean? Does little sister have a boyfriend?]

[Such beautiful sister must be single]

[This young lady said that all my heart are for you, and I envy that person]


[What a beauty, drool.jpeg]

Why were there so many likes and comments on her weibo?

She Yan thought for a while and searched her name on weibo.

After understanding what happened Shen Yan then knew that the crew were desperate after losing money so they called in reporters for publicity stunt.

Shen Yan also saw a video, checking, she saw He Han has been frantically explaining everything but no one believes her.

The scene was also very chaotic, then a security crew came over to save He Han.

Chen Fei crew has change from a nameless drama group to one with a name in weibo1. And since many of them lost their money because they believed in He Han, netizen doubted their IQ.

Shen Yan had a wave heat of popularity and has absorbed a lot of face powder. Her weibo followers exceeded 100,000 from over 30,000 follower she had, which was a qualitative leap from before.

Zhuo Ruo took the initiative to contact Shen Yan.

“Where are you now?”

“Just arrived in the city, and was about to contact you.”

“Come directly to the company, if you have read the news on weibo don’t reply to any of it yet, don’t post anything. I have something to tell you when you come.”


Half an hour later, Shen Yan was sitting down in Zhou Ruo’s office.

“In the entertainment industry you can never guess who will be the next one to be popular, and who will not. But if you have the chance to be popular you have to seize it, and now is a good opportunity for you.”

Zhuo Ruo pace back and forth.

“Artist like you who is slightly popular because of face value is not suitable for having any relationship open.”

Zhuo Rui doesn’t know that Shen Yan broke up with someone, so she still think that Shen Yan has a boyfriend.

Understanding Zhuo Ruo’s meaning, Shen Yan smiled and said.

“I don’t have a boyfriend.”

“No boyfriend?”

After a pause, Zhuo Ruo said.

“Then I will not talk about it anymore. Just send a post to clarify that. Later if you have a boyfriend talk to me about it first.”

Zhuo Ruo’s meaning was that she does not want Shen Yan to find a boyfriend yet and delay her career development.

For the matter about love, Shen Yan happens to have a little interest for the time being. Trying to fight for a career was much better, why should she find a boyfriend.

After answering yes, Shen Yan took her phone and post a clarification in weibo.

[Shen Yan: no boyfriend, my heart is full of strawberries2, and are especially delicious.]

After Shen Yan’s post was sent out, there were fans who said that boyfriends were not as sweet as strawberries.

After clarifying She Yan then put back her attention to Zhuo Ruo and asked,

“Sister Zhuo, what do you know about the casting of the Xianxia drama?”

“You can sign up for it, since it doesn’t conflict with other audition schedule. By the way the audition for the TV series is the day after tomorrow, I will go with you then.”

If it was before, Zhuo Ruo might not go with Shen Yan, but now, Shen Yan was different from before.

Out from Zhuo Ruo’s office, Shen Yan was a little worried. She used to try hard on auditions, and this time, she’s going to an audition for a TV series but doesn’t want to be selected.

This series was invested by Meng Group, she doesn’t really want to audition but she couldn’t refuse Zhou Ruo.

Anyway, she must find a way to avoid everything that got to do with Meng Yi’an.

Thinking about the plot, Meng Yi’an was also close in meeting the heroine.

She hoped that Meng Yi’an would fall in love with the heroine as soon as possible, and forget about her completely.

And she would of course not bother Meng Yi’an forever.

Thinking about the assistant director pulling the investment, she got worried. She really cared about the assistant director, she just didn’t expect that He Han’s boyfriend would pull his investment.

However thinking about it, if it was before no one would be willing to invest on Chen Fei, but now that Chen Fei has been on hot search, it could get more investment.

These investment should be enough to make up for the money that Zhang He withdraw before, but also have some left.


nameless drama group to one with a name in weibo1– meaning, the crew was not a well known production nor artist in it, but because of the scandal their crew was known

strawberries2– raw used 草莓 which means, strawberry, love bites, hickey. But here what Shen Yan mean is that, her heart was full of love to give to her fans


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