Chapter 10

Xu Yanlin didn’t wait for Xue Jiayue’s answer and just immediately became upset and, asked her again.

“Xue Jiayue did you come back to the old mansion today to tell of again? You are so embarrassing!”

A person’s habit was really terrible. Since Xu Yanlin was a child he would always find trouble with Xue Jiayue whenever he sees her.

And even if she would ignore him, he would always take an initiative to come up with a completely nasty idea to annoy her.

Xue Jiayue glanced at Xu Yanlin faintly, thinking that the bear like child would deliberately found fault with her today, and or stole her things.

Which would cause elder Xu to fall down the stair and hurt his legs, and be admitted to the hospital. Then she must take good care of him and never let him cause trouble.

Also make sure elder Xu would not get hurt.

“I’m your older sister, call me politely.”

Xue Jiayue asked him to be call and speak to her politely. And not just casually calling her name.

Don’t be like an uneducated child!

Xu Yanlin relies on the fact that he was the youngest in the family and that they spoil him too much. So he didn’t think much of what Xue Jiayu said but rudely talks back.

“You’re not my sister, I don’t have a sister like you!”

Xue Jiayue raised an eyebrow.

This little brat just needs a lesson.

“Then I’m your big brother’s wife! Your sister-in-law! If you talked to me like that, be careful I’ll tell my husband and have him spank you later!”

“Big brother won’t spank me. After all you do was to complain, what else do you do beside complaining?”

Xu Yanlin spat his tongue in disgust at Xue Jiayue and made a face, not putting Xue Jiayue in his eyes at all, and was not afraid of her warning.

“Xu Yanlin!”

Elder Xu scolded in a deep voice.

Xu Yanlin glance at Elder Xu, and then stick his tongue again while making a face to Xue Jiayue. And ran away when Elder Xu was about to teach him a lesson.

“I’ll go out to play ball~”

Xu Yanlin ran away quickly with the ball in his arms.

Looking at Xu Yanlin who ran away, Elder Xu scolded “smelly boy” angrily and turned his back to comfort Xue Jiayue.

“That brat is really spoiled to the point of lawlessness, I’ll ask his parent to control him properly!”

Xue Jiayue smiled and did not speak.

Second uncle Xu’s son was very precious to him, that he was unwilling to discipline him severely.

His second wife dote on him even more, since he was childhood, she holds him in the palm of her hand afraid that he would get hurt or felt any greivances.

She was also afraid that he would suffer, so she raised Xu Yanlin like a bear like child. Now if they wanted to control him, she’s afraid that would be a little difficult.

Seeing that the sun outside the house was nice and warm, the flowers were also blooming brightly, she dropped the topic about Xu Yanlin and said to Elder Xu.

“Grandpa, it’s nice outside, let’s go and have a little walk.”

“Very well.”

Elder Xu also happened to have this idea, smiling he allowed Xue Jiayue to help him stand up and walked with this cane, towards the courtyard.

The garden of the Xu family was very big. It has an open road from the main entrance, where cars could pass through.

Flowers and trees were also planted on both sides of the road. There was an open air swimming pool on the left and a basketball court on the right, where Xu Yanlin was playing basketball.

Xue Jiayue did not want to go to the right, so as to not meet the bear like child Xu Yanlin. Supporting Elder Xu, she took the left path.

The path was paved with cobblestones, Elder Xu’s legs were not good, so Xue Jiayue helped Elder Xu walking on the path very carefully.

Amused, Elder Xu laughed.

“This road is nothing, you do not need to be so careful, I have at least been in the battlefield when I took the shot in the leg, but also endured the pain to take out two enemies.”

Elder Xu had said this glorious deeds many times, that his life came from fighting on the battlefield it was at that time also that Elder Xu established a deep friendship with Xue Jiayue’s grandfather.

“Grandpa was incredibly brave back then, and now he is old but still strong.”

Xue Jiayue really admired Elder Xu.

Elder Xu could not helped but reminisce.

“I fought side by side with your grandfather back then, several times I almost met King Yama1, the most dangerous one, it was your grandfather who saved me otherwise I would have died.”

Xue Jiayue listened silently as Elder Xu recalled the events of that year.

“Old Xue saved my life and I will remember his goodness for the rest of my life.”

Elder Xu said.

“After your grandfather and I retired, I stayed in Kyoto to develop, while your grandfather chose to go back home.”

“I just didn’t expect that something would happen in your family later.Old Xue was obviously in much better health than me, yet he went ahead of me.”

Elder Xu sighed.

“And I don’t know when I’m going to see my old buddy.”

Xue Jiayue hurriedly said.

“Grandpa will live a long life and live a happy and healthy life.”

Elder Xu was delighted by her coaxing.

“Yueyue hou gave changed.”


Elder Xu laughed,

“Become more talkative and good at coaxing than before.”

Xue Jiayue said seriously.

“I mean what I say, not to coax you.”

Elder was happy and began to laugh.

Xue Jiayue accompanied Elder Xu for a walk in the garden, and when she went back, she saw that there was not one on the basketball court across the street, and Xu Yanlin was no where to be found.


King Yama1– king of hell


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