Chapter 4

It occurred to her that this was the original body’s pocket money, she would give him a dollar a day so he could keep it for himself.

“No, mommy… has the money to take you—”

Ye Susu blushed, she was single whole 99 life and out of the blue she became a mother, she needed to swallow her saliva to be able to smoothly call herself mommy.

But before the words were out of her mouth, she covered her blushing cheeks.

The original body had her payday every tenth of the month which was only two thousand, sometimes more sometimes less.

In addition to utilities and rent, the Ye Susu also have a unboxing live segment so the rest of the money were almost invested on items that were not needed on daily basis.

Even if she had to sale salted fish she would still be losing 10% to 20 %.

In the long run, she now owes her landlord which was her cousin Ye Wan, a three months’ worth of rent, and worst her savings were in negative.

And today was the 9th, her income would not be until tomorrow but she already has no money!

“Mommy, I’m not hungry. I ….. haven’t finished the cookies and buns snack from the kindergarten yesterday.”

The little boy’s voice was soft, and he really took out two small snacks from his dark blue school bag that was carefully hidden in the inner pocket.

Sob sob sob

Pitiful cub ah..

Ye Susu’s whole heart was about to be drowned from soreness and sadness.

Silly boy!

This adult cat won’t leave you to eat alone ah!

Even if we don’t have money, I could find a way..

As she was about to speak, the doorbell suddenly rang outside so she had to turn around and open the door.

 The little boy on the other had was a little frightened at the sound and tried to run in his room while holding his school bag.

Since he know that he cannot let many people know about his existence.

But as soon as he ran with his school bag, all the small toys fell on the floor since he forgot to zip his school bag.

Fearing his mother would get angry the little boy hurriedly picked up the toys but was still a little slow on running out of the kitchen.

As soon as Ye Susu open the door a somewhat disgruntled loud female voice rang out.

“Susu, what’s going on? I called you several times, why didn’t you answer?”

At the door stood a woman with a curly brown hair in a light purple suit dress. She had a exquisite make up and she a pair of upturned phoenix eyes.

Her aura was strong and looking a bit mean.

And this woman was no other than this original body’s cousin and manager, the black heartened Ye Wan.

Ye Susu touched her nose, thinking.

Naturally I don’t want to pick your call ah!

“I left my phone in the room.”

Ye Wan stepped inside the room with her black high heels but step back after scanning Ye Susu from head toe.

She quickly wrinkled her brows and said.

“Didn’t I tell you to get ready? Why are you still wearing pajamas! Go and change into that lace halter dress!”

Ye Susu frowned.

Lace Halter..!

Isn’t that dress obviously telling the men that ‘I am for sale’ ah!

No wonder when the original body went to the party most of the men were drunk with lust, the other side was also responsible.

“Susu, what are you still standing there for? Did you stay up late again? If it were anyone else, they’d all be dying to get in on this opportunity! Why are you not moving yet?”

Ye Susu snorted inwardly.

Do you think my head was full of water1?

“Cousin, I haven’t eaten yet.”

Ye Wan stomped her heels.

“Eat on the way! Don’t dawdle! Those old bosses won’t wait for us!”

Ye Susu lazily replied.

The more anxious Ye Wan was, the more it means that there was something wrong, then she should be less worried.

“Okay, I’ll eat on the way.”

Ye Susu grinned and touched her stomach. She then waved at the little human cub who was a little panicked and did not have time to hide in the room.

“Go and change your clothes.”

Ye Wan followed her gaze, and her expression suddenly change after seeing who she was talking to.

“Why are you letting that kid show up in front of the camera again? What if you forget to turn off the live feed and everyone sees him, how are you going to explain?”

“This kid can’t be seen!”

Her voice was not light at all, scaring Ye Xun.

He trembled lightly, holding his school bag tightly he cowered behind the chair in the aisle hall.

“How would fans react if they know you are an unmarried mother? And when your child is this old who would still want to give you gifts?”

Ye Wan continued.

“You don’t even know who the father of the child was! I told you to send and let him live with his aunt in the countryside! But you want to take him instead with you today?! You have too much guts!”

Ye Wan was very dissatisfied.

“Prices are high here, you can’t even afford to feed yourself and you have to fee him, what the hell are you thinking?”

As Ye Wan said this, Ye Xun’s shoulder had shrunk down completely.

At this time, Ye Susu finally understood why the child had a low self-esteem yet sensible, inferior yet mature at such young age.

And was afraid of the original body yet unreservedly good to her.

He was afraid—afraid of being abandoned, just like how she was back then.

Ye Susu sighed and turned back to look directly at the fuming Ye Wan.

“Cousin, please stop ranting”
“You keep on ranting and raving all the time, no wonder your hair have split ends.”

Ye Wan’s domineering expression suddenly froze and said stiffly.

“You said…. What?!”

Ye Susu ignored her, she walked into the small kitchen and squatted down in front of Ye Xuan who shrunken his shoulder.

She reached out and touched his little head which was lowered because he was afraid, scared and helpless.

“Don’t be afraid.”

“Mommy won’t said you away.”

Back then she also had hoped that someone would tell her that she would never be alone and no one would ever leave her behind.

[Daily task 2, friendly interaction completed]

[Reward: Daily Task Raising a Cub +1]

Ye Susu’s hand froze.

She immediately looked at the Ye Xun’s black eyes when the little boy raised his head hastily after hearing what her mother said.

He couldn’t believe also couldn’t help but want to believe and allow himself to indulge on those words.

Ye Sus chuckled lightly and once again stroke the little boy’s hair smooth and fluffy hair back and forth.


“Boss, the consideration for Li’s shared is quoted and the investment team has followed through.”

In the top floor office, setting on a high-end leather chair was a man with his long legs.

The expression on his face was bland together with his dark obsidian eyes he looked more askance and indifferent.

“Let them finish in three days.”

“Yes, boss. In addition in has been confirmed that Miss Ye will attend the banquet in Wells Hotel at noon, and her personal investigation report has also been sent.”

The man leaned back in his chair as the sunlight fall a fine dots on his high nose bridge varying the shade of light.

He took the investigation report, which showed the woman’s poor performance and read it briefly.

He pursed his slightly thin lips followed by an icy arc of mockery.

In the panoramic office with floor-to-ceiling windows, the hot daylight that shone in seemed to be frozen in an instant.

He stood up, and with his long finger he unbuttoned the first button of his shirt and tugged his tie loose.

“Prepare the car.”



my head was full of water1?– easy to manipulate


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