Chapter 3

Daily Task?

Ye Susu narrowed her eyes and put the spatula in her hand on the empty bowl next to her.

The cultivation system of her clan has become much more friendly.

It was completely different from the cruel task of becoming a stray cat or something like that before.

Now all she have to do what to raise a cub?

Her heart was suddenly shaken.

Is this the legendary salted fish of enjoying my life?

Even if she has not personally given birth, and only seen countless female cats run away, could she still not know how to raise a cub?

Right away she smiled and stroked the little cub’s furry head.

Task 2. Have a friendly interaction with the little cub.

Cat’s loves to smooth each other’s hair, absolutely love!

She happily stroked back and forth the soft and fluffy short hair, thinking that the child’s hair was probably inherited from the original body.

Ah so comfortable, a high grade feel ah!

But soon after she was intoxicated, she realized that there was no sound of the mission being accomplished.

She couldn’t help but slowly stop her hand from stroking the fluffy hair, and then felt the little head under her palm seem to be stiff.

His has also shrunken, he seemed to be very uncomfortable.

[Your cub feels uncomfortable, please stop this action.]

[Warning, once]

[More than three warning on the same day, the cub will blackened.]


Ye Susu was dumfounded, unable to believe it.

Is it because I become a human and I don’t how to use the correct method?

While lost in her thoughts, the child has jumped off the stool like a rabbit and fled to the corner like a frightened, sticking himself in between the refrigerator and the wall.

With a pair of dark eyes looking at her with uncertainty and confusion.

It was like she had done something heinous to him.

She committed a sin!

This cub is not easy an easy task.

She finally realized, Ye Susu observed him again.

His ragged clothes, him cooking for his mother, and the fear he had for his mother all indicated his unpleasant childhood experience and his traumatic events.

Her rash approach made him suspicious and at loss instead.

“Wait for the water to boil, and then I’ll call Mommy again….”

He had his head down and seemed to be seriously looking at his little mickey slippers.

Ye Susu smiled bitterly.

According to the original’s memory, the birth of the child made the original body, Ye Susu, ignite a crazier obsession on marrying into a wealthy family.

Because that night of accident, it happened in a high-end room of a five-star hotel. She was obsessed and firmly believed that the father of the child was a rich man.

As long as she could find the father of the child who she had a one night stand with, she would be prosperous and get wealthy as well.

So instead of resenting the child, she took it as an opportunity and specially named her son Ye Xuan.

However she was just an adult woman who was eager for quick success. How could she know how to raise a child?

Ye Xuan was instead recklessly raised by her, making him extremely timid and shy.

After she was disfigured and desperate, she abandon the poor child.

“Mommy… you got to work.”

The little cub bit his lip, and looked up carefully at her—quietly looking at her again.

Finally, his lonely gaze settled on the refrigerator beside him, which was much taller that he was.

Ye Susu followed his gaze and found a small camera installed on the low cabinet next to the refrigerator.

After seeing it she couldn’t help but frown.

The original body devotes most if her time to live broadcast.

She had dream of becoming popular, so that the man she had one-night stand with could see her and remember her.

If not she was hoping to use her fame and hook up with some wealthy man, especially men like Li Yinchen, the boss of the broadcasting company.

Her daily broadcast time was 6 or 15 hours a day. Not only does she have no time to take care of her child, but in order to maintain the image of a single female anchor, she also strictly forbid the child from appearing in front of the came while she was working.

Except for eating his three meals and sleep, the little boy has to hide in the aisle hall by himself and play.

Thinking about it, Ye Susu has an inexplicable sadness in her heart.

The whole kitchen was so quiet as no one didn’t say anything.

Outside the window few of the golden ginkgo leaves was dancing with the wind as it slowly fall down from the tree.

Before long the noodles on the gas stove started boiling.

When the little boy heard the sound, he was immediately busy on his toes and went to get a tableware on the cupboard.

Ye Susu sighed silently and quickly reached out to help.

She had just taken over the body and after a short time, had largely eliminated her discomfort.

Other than a pair of clean, slender hands reaching out and moving awkwardly than the little boy, who was an expert in chores, it was all seems normal.

“I’ll serve the noodles.”

She said, she was confident in doing it since she had seen how shovelware operate before.

However, after uncovering the pot and seeing the unhealthy noodles inside, it made her sad again.

“Instant noodles?”

Of course she knows, what instant noodles was. It’s that just there was no nutrients and only preservatives were on the noodles.

Basically it was equivalent to a poor cat food, which was not good for cubs who was still growing.

Ye Susu shook her head.

Does the original body really not care about anything?

She put the bowl down and turned to the fridge.

“I’ll make something delicious for you to eat.”

She had seen how to make a delicious cat meal before and didn’t think it was that complicated

However, once the fridge door was opened, it was empty with only few frozen masks and skin care products left as well as two stocking and only two leftover eggs.

Nothing to eat!


This had stunned her!

“Let’s go out and eat.”

Ye Susu hold her forehead and closes the fridge in despair.

The little boy’s two fleshy, white and tender hands were unable to decide what to do, at loss he pinched the hem of his shirt.

As if hesitating, but he still turned around and ran outside the kitchen took a small school bag from the narrow shoe closet and came back again.

Inside the school bag was a small wallet that the original Ye Susu didn’t like. He took out ten yuan with little hand in the wallet.

“Mommy…. you go out to eat.”

The little boy reached out his little and tender hand and brought the money to her.

But that’s not enough money for a meal.

The little boy didn’t know how expensive the prices were outside.

However, he obviously knows that two people together was not enough, so he take it all out and give it all to Ye Susu.

Ye Susu blinked.



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