Chapter 2

As a cat who aspires to be a great demon, she has been dedicated to cultivation for all 99 lifetime and never intended to mate with mortal cats or even have cubs.

But In this life, I have to raise a child of a human being!

While she fumed, the little boy in front of her thought she was upset because he had dropped the bowl.

He immediately lowered his white face, tightly biting his lips, looking so lonely he carefully put down the spatula he was holding with his small hand.

With one hand tightly pinching the seam of his pants, he stepped from the small stool into the gray and yellow tiles that had stained with oil.

“The bowl is not broken…”

He’s cute and soft voice trembled a little, he even shrunk his neck and stepped back. Since he was close to the kitchen cabinet behind him there was no space for him to retreat.

He looked like he was afraid of being beaten.

Looking at his actions, Ye Susu was stunned.

If she still has hair now, it’s going to blow up into a ball of hair at this point.

So the original owner of the body, abused her child?

The boy looked at her with fear in his eyes.

Putting him into a cat’s viewpoint a four or five years old was still a kitten that needed to be teach with predatory skills.

When she was a kitten herself, she didn’t even know how many glasses she had broken then.

“If it was broken, then it was broken.”1

Ye Susu waved her hand, signaling that it didn’t matter.

She took a steps closer, but stooped near the kitchen entrance.

She was afraid that the child would become more frightened because she was close.

And when she got closer, Ye Susu’s heart shattered.

The human cub in front of her was worse than many cubs she had seen before.

He was wearing a small gray plaid linen shirt, whose cuff had been worn out and the original pattern could not be seen, it also had a thumb-sized hole on the chest area.

With matching small black pants, the pants size was obviously one size smaller, and a large section was missing at the ankle, revealing a black socks and his snow-white ankles.

She also looked at the spatula he was holding earlier that was bigger than his tender white little fist.

And the little stool beside him was used to add to his height allowing him to stand up and cook, obviously this was not the first time he had cook for his mother.

Is she… treating the cub as her servant?

Ye Susu covered her forehead, not daring to believe.

She never raised cubs before, but when she was wondering cat before, she would desperately defend the cubs in her territory, not allowing them to get into trouble.

Because, respecting the old and loving the young, was the first command her predecessor taught her.

“Noodle, noodle is almost, almost done…”

The little boy raised his head quickly and carefully stole a glance at Ye Susu.

Seeing that there was no anger on her face, his nervous face relaxed and his small chest let out a sigh of relief.

But being stared at Ye Susu, he seemed a bit uncomfortable again and quickly stepped back on the stool to continue cooking.

But since he was too hasty, he misstep his foot and almost fall down, dangling wobbly in the air with his one foot on the ground.

Ye Susu was so scared that she was sweating cold, she wanted to catch the little cub but the little guy had already stood firm on the stool once again.

Although his posture was clumsy, he clearly put the noodles into the pot, sprinkled salt, beat the eggs and laid the vegetables.

Finally, he stretched out his short hand and lifted the lid of the pot.

Ye Susu’s heart was so sad that she couldn’t help but think of her 33rd life when she was abandoned by her owner and had to rely on her own miserable cat life for everything.

The human cub, made her think of the most sad and panic-stricken helpless days she had before.

The sorrow that surge on Ye Susu’s heart made her lost on her thought.

But second later, she took a long deep breath, stepped forward, reach out her right hand to grab the spatula on the human’s cub hand, that he was holding very tightly.

After hesitating, she raised her left hand and place it against the little cub’s furry head.

The little boy who was about to jump off the little stool, froze.

The soft head seemed to have stopped for a moment.

A reflection could be seen on reflective oil-proof sticker that was attached to tile behind the stove.

At this moment, reflected on his beautiful dark eyes was a confused and stunned look.

Ye Susu squinted her eyes and used two fingers to comb his dull and curly hair making to smoothed and flattened it out.

“I’ll do it.”

Silly boy!

When there was an adult cat, there would never be a need for the cubs to hunt their own food!

The heat in the kitchen was gradually rising.

And so was Ye Susu’s heart.

Since it was part of her cultivation, she would take care of the child and bring him into a happy and healthy adult.

She solemnly swear to the heavens, but the next moment a timid soft voice, almost inaudibly rang into her ears.

“Mommy, the noodles is almost ready, we just need for the water to boil…for a few minutes.”


It was already done?

Her old face heated up.

Would she let the little human cub cook for her?

She was torn whether to eat what the little human cub cook for her, when a sudden light and a sound in her head appeared.

[Daily Mission Activated]

[1. Let the little cub eat a delicious meal.]

[2. Have a friendly interaction with the little cub.]

[Reward: Daily Task Raising a Cub +1]

Ye Susu blinked.


“If it was broken, then it was broken.”1– meaning of this was, it doesn’t matter if what happen to the object something similar to so be it attitude!


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  1. What an amazing baby! My niece is older and doesn’t even scoop the rice by herself


    1. it’s actually not unusual, for abused or abandoned kid to become mature early

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  2. quad-shaped | Batcow Avatar
    quad-shaped | Batcow

    *sobbing* the baby is so cute
    Lmao MC is funny, looking forward to all the fluff!!


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