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Chapter 89

Fu Zhen was still not quite convinced, he always felt that Jiang Hengshu’s words was referring to himself.

Jiang Hengshu didn’t give much explanation, he patted Fu Zhen’s head and said to him.

“Wait for me for a while, I’ll go first and change my clothes.”

Fu Zhen nodded, he sat down on a stool that was shaped like a tree pier on one side and looked around.

The whole hot spring was decorated in forest style, with green and wood color as the main colors, but most of the materials were not wood.

Such as the wooden pier he was sitting under, and the steps like a wooden ladder in the pool.

After looking at the area and retrieving his line of sight, he saw Tang Wanwan and Qin Zhao not far from his side.

He felt something was wrong.

They just finished their wedding, shouldn’t they be on their honeymoon?

Why are they here?

Fu Zhen knew one thing for sure, the heir of Qin family and the daughter of the Fu family would not come to a place like this for this their honeymoon.

Fu Zhen turned his head and pretended not to see the two people, took out his phone from his pocket and check his weibo.

He found out that several of the voice actors have contacted him.

They all asked how was he, for the past two years and that he could just tell them when to start the Shazou Chronicle, they put down their work and come to him immediately.

Fu Zhen was a little moved, he immediately replied to those actors. Focus on his phone, he did notice Tang Wanwan and Qin Zhao passed by him.

Tang Wanwan seemed to recognize Fu Zhen as she sneered at him when they passed by, but Fu Zhen didn’t looked up.

He was busy creating a chat group and adding the voice actors one by one to discuss with them the next development of the Shazous Chronicle.

After a while, Jiang Hengshu finished changing his clothes and come out of the room. He was standing in front of Fu Zhen, looked down at him and said.

“Let’s go.”

Fu Zhen said something to the actors before he put his phone down and walked together with Jiang Hengshu around the curved corridor to the end of the hot spring pool.

The place has a large and small pools, the small pool was a little expensive but the privacy was very good.

It was also surrounded by a screen printed with few landscape trees and there was a also a yellow green colored lights hanging on it.

Only the two of them were in the pool. Facing Jiang Hengshu, Fu Zhen was a little shy, so he decided to draped the bath towel on his body.

He was wearing a blue flat swim trunks inside while Jiang Hengshu was wearing a black one.

Fu Zhen’s face was soon red because of the steam. He walked along the wooden stone steps into the pool. Jiang Hengshu rushed over to help him.

“Be careful, you its slippery.”

“It’s okay.”

Fu Zhen tried to swim in the pool twice but it was too small for him to stretch a little, so he sat down against the edge of the pool waiting for Jiang Hengshu to get into the water.

But Jiang Hengshu took a long time to come down, when he came back he was already holding a projector and asked Fu Zhen.

“Do you want to watch a movie?”

This was a good time to watch a movie, but this time Fu Zhen didn’t dare to let Jiang Hengshu choose.

He swam to Jiang Hengshu’s side, raised his head and said to him.

“I’ll choose.”

Jiang Hengshu squatted down and looked at Fu Zhen in the water. The water was rippling and the mist was white, making Fu Zhen so ethereal like a water spirit.

Suddenly he thought of the little mermaid in the fairy tale. He lowered his head slightly and said to Fu Zhen.

“Come and kiss me.”

Fu Zhen looked at Jiang Hengshu for a moment and stood up in the water. He put his hands on the edge of the pool, raised his head and stretched his neck.

He then gently dropped a kiss on Jiang Hengshu’s chin, while Jiang Hengshu reached out to hold his waist in order to prevent him from falling.

Fu Zhen’s eyes were glowing because of a little moist, and a blush on the corner of his eyes, he looked more enticing and attractive.

Jiang Hengshu couldn’t help and gently stroke the corner of Fu Zhen’s eyes with his slender fingers.


Fu Zhen on selected a gay film called “Falling Time” the film was directed by a famous director, Jiang Xiaoan, that was shot five years ago.

In that year he won the best director award and the best screenwriter award on the Red Sun Film Festival.

Although there was a political reason, because the legalization of homosexual marriage was completed in that year.

That aside, the quality of the film was considered very good.

At that time Fu Zhen didn’t realized that he had a homosexual tendencies, so he wasn’t interested in the film.

In addition, his favorite director Feng Liwen’s “Sun Sanatorium” also participated in the Red Sun Film Festival that year. Unfortunately, he came back empty handed and didn’t get any prize.

For various reason, Fu Zhen didn’t watched Jiang Xiaoan’s film that won 500 million box office that year.

The Falling Time was divided into the popular version and the appreciation version. The popular version was normally shown to all audiences.

While the appreciation version retained he pornographic plots that were deleted when they were shown on popular version.

Now Fu Zhen and Jiang Hengshu was watching the appreciation version.

After adjusting the position of the projector, Jiang Hengshu got out of the water and sat next to Fu Zhen to watch the film.

The film tells the story of a pair of magician brothers who died for art in the process of attending an international performace.

Although it was a literary film, the plot rhythm was compact, not boring at tall. The characters were also vivid and the actors acts to well.

The techniques was also very good, many commercial blockbusters were not up to this level. But the most touching was the depressed and desperate love that runs through the whole film.

The movie soon ended, Fu Zhen could not help but yawn, his eyelashes were stained with a little water droplets, he didn’t know it was the water vapor or because he was just too sleepy.

Fu Zhen closed his eyes and leaned against the wall behind him.


Jiang Hengshu got up from the pool and went up the projector to turn it off.

“Go back, and sleep if you are sleepy.”

Fu Zhen opened his eyes again, turned to hold the edge of the pool, wanting to stand up. But before he could stand up completely, he sat back down and looked at Jiang Hengshu.

“My legs are a little numb.”

Jiang Hengshu shook his head and laughed, he went back to the water and then takes Fu Zhen out of the water.

 With the sound of the water splashing, Fu Zhen grabs Jiang Hengshu’s shoulder, looking at Jiang Hengshu with his eyes wide open.



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