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Chapter 21

Without answering Li Jun’s question, She Yan goes straight ahead and walked outside of the set.

She has to go back to the city. Later, she would need contact Zhou Ruo to talk about auditions and draft auditions.

The assistant director’s eyes lit up and said to Li Jun.

“Director, you hury up and dump the shares from Yuran, then buy some in Chen’s. Maybe you can make money.”

“I believe in Zhang He and looked what happened, and now you want me to believe in Shen Yan? You should quickly sell the shares you have lest it falls in a few days like Yuran!”

Ahead, Shen Yan who was still not far from them didn’t even turned her head nor stopped walking.

“Ah! The shares, shares have fallen again. Sell them quickly!”

They don’t know which group of actor yelled, but everyone scattered and took out their phone. Now for them, even if they lose less, they still lose more, what’s important was to sell them.

He Han takes the opportunity to get up and run, but her skirt was a little long and once again she falls down to the ground.

She gets up and runs away again, this time holding her skirt. Even when she passed by Shen Yan, she doesn’t have the heart to sneer at her.

The whole crew was in chaos.

She Yan takes off her make-up, and her costume then went back to the hotel to pack up her things.

She then waited for a bus going back to the city on the roadside.


Zhuo Ruo remembered that today was the last scene for Shen Yan’s character. The last time she visited the set, she told her that she would come back when she’s free.

So Zhuo Ruo called Shen Yan.

“Done filming?”

“En, Yuran industry has fallen.”

After a moment of silence, Zhou Ruo said.

“Li Jun has bought a lot and He Han still wanted to continue filming. This will be a bit troublesome. But your production was still poor and Zhang He was still the investor, so He Han can still continue this shoot.”

As Zhou Ruo was talking about it, the assistant director came after Shen Yan with his car.

“Zhang He.. Zhang He wanted to break the contract and withdraw from the film. Although the contract was signed, but as long as paid the 10% compensation, he could withdraw!”

Shen Yan: “……”

The drama would become really popular, if Zhang He continued with his investment the he could surely earn some.

But if he withdraw then she don’t know if he would regret it later.

Not minding those people, Shen Yan throw them at back of her mind, and ask the assistant director instead.

“What about you?”

“I have to go to the city to pull out that investment, just in time, I will send you back.”

Zhuo Ruo in the other end of the line was silent. It was estimated that He Han would be fired from the drama, even if the production was poor, Li Jun could still afford to fire He Han.

After all, what kind of trouble He Han had given to the production? All the crew bought shares and then lost everything, now her boyfriend also wanted to pull out from the investment.

Shen Yan followed the assistant director into the car, while driving the assistant director said.

“All the people in the crew are going to pull out their shares, but I don’t if it would do them any good. By the way how do you know you that stocks from Chen group would not fall?”

Shen Yan thought for a moment.

“Well.. a random guess.”

Assistant director: “….”

The assistant director glance at Shen Yan and saw her smiling a little. He did not speak again and focused on driving.

Investing in the production right now would make Shen Yan more money, but she does not lack this opportunity to make money.

Also, she does not want to get involved with the production again, he hated Li Jun.

She Yan looked at the assistant director– the assistant director who helped her a lot.

“If the investment was lacking, you can invest yourself, with that you will have say in the crew.”

“I’ll think about it.”


Inside the hotel room, loud knocks on the door could be heard. He Han took her phone out called Zhang He, she lowered her voice and said.

“Zhang He, those group of actors said that you pulled out the investment, why did you pull out ah!”

No one spoke on the other end of the line.

“Your girlfriend is still in the crew, if you withdrew the investment, what do you take me for? Am I still your girlfriend?”

For a while, a woman’s laughter came from the other end of the line.

“He took your as his girlfriend, but do you took him as your boyfriend? Seeing that he makes money, you swindle him to invest.”

He Han opened her mouth and found herself unable to speak.

There was voice of a woman.

Is Zhang He was with someone else!

“Zhang He are you still a man!”

The call was hang up.

The knock on the door was getting louder.

“He Han you hurry up and think of a way for us.”

“What can she do, her boyfriend is running away!”

“We will report you!”

“He Han you come out, you come out ah!”

“I should have listened to Shen Yan before, if I had bought from Chen’s I would have made money by now.”

“He Han you come out quickly. You recommended us to buy shared and said we would definitely make money. We even flatter you every day. Now the shares are down, you dare not come out!”

He Han was afraid, she took out her phone again and called Zhuo Ruo.

“Sister Zhou…”

“As your agent, I can only say that you should discuss this with Li Jun, or you could stop shooting immediately.”


If it was an artist that Zhou Ruo was sincerely promoting, she would have helped He Han but she felt that she would not be promoting an artist like He Han anymore.

Bang! Bang!

The loud knocking on the door were getting stronger and stronger, until they have pushed the door open.

One by one the people outside came in He Han’s room with angry eyes.

He Han’s legs went soft but she hurriedly back up and said.

“No, I don’t know, I don’t know. You find Zhang He for this ah.”

At this time, reporters also came in running.


An hour later, Chen Fei crew was in the hot search.

#The whole production is obsessed with stocks and listens to an 18th line star to buy shares from Yuran Industry.

[Yi Lou: that whole crew were bunch of stupid idiots hahahahahahahahahahahah now they lost everything]

[Er Lou1: the IQ of this Chen Fei crew……]

[San Lou: I’m one of the crew from next to them, those group actors actually tells us every day that once they make money they would invest it on their own drama series]

[Si Lou: He Han seems to be Zheng Shu’s younger sister, they have the same agent]

[Wu Luo: Fortunately, Zheng Shu didn’t buy shares]

[Liu Luo: I’ll give you guys some water-melons. There are two people in their crew who didn’t buy share from Yuran Industry, and bought from the other company instead. That person’s name is Shen Yan, because of this she was targeted by He Han. It’s said that He Han was forcing her to jump into the water, when the news broke out about the shares falling]

[Qi Luo: not easy ah, I suddenly feel that She Yan has the only one with higher IQ in that crew]

[Ba Luo: why is Shen Yan so pretty ah…..]

[Jiu Luo:  ah ah ah ah ah ah ah that face value, so addicted to Shen Yan’s face, simply blooming beauty ah]


Luo1– house with more than 1 story; storied building; floor;  literal translation was 1st floor and so forth


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