Chapter 9

Xue Jiayue thought about it in another way. If she was Xu Yanwen, she would also not accompany herself back to the old mansion.

In fact, Xu Yanwen has accompanied Xue Jiayue back several times before, but every time they go back together, Elder Xu would always forces Xu Yanwen to ask when to have a baby with her.

This was really difficult question for Xu Yanwen, and since he doesn’t love her, at most he could only treat her as his sister.

The two began to sleep in separate room form the moment they got married. How could he have children with her?

Of course, it was impossible.

So later, every time Elder Xu called the two back to the old mansion, Xu Yanwen would always find excuse to say that he could not go and let Xue Jiayue back alone.

When Xue Jiayue was not around, Xu Yanwen would take time to go back and see Elder Xu, in this way Elder Xu would not asked him when he have a baby in front of Xue Jiayue.

For this reason, Xue Jiayue expressed understanding for Xu Yanwen’s difficulties, and sympathized with his pain of being forced by Elder Xu.

If she were to have a child with someone she didn’t love, she wouldn’t want to!

The good thing was that Xu Yanwen was not willing to accompany her back to the old house, but also know to find a busy excuse for work.

Both were to take care of her mood, but also to leave her enough face.

If the original Xue Jiayue was here, he would have to fight with him again, and then run back to the old mansion the next day to complain.

However, she was not the kind of person who does not know what was good and what was evil. Since Xu Yanwen was not willing to accompany her back, she would not force him.

She will go back by herself.

No wonder Xu Yanwen’s expression changed when he heard that Elder Xu wanted them to go back to the old mansion.

He fled back to his room like he did, was it because he was afraid that she would fight with him?

Ha ha !

Xue Jiayue thought, she was not that senseless!

Xue Jiayue walked to Xue Yanwen’s bedroom door and knocked on it. She said in a very calm tone.

“I’ll go back by myself tomorrow, just go and work if you have something to do, I’ll explain it clearly to grandpa.”

There was no response in the room, she didn’t know if Xu Yanwen heard it or not.

Xue Jiayue thought about it, she didn’t want him to misunderstand her intentions, so she explained again.

“I mean what I said, don’t worry, if you have something to do, go and do it. I’ll talk to grandpa, he won’t blame you or get angry.”

After saying that there was still no response, Xue Jiayu pursed her lips.

Thinking that Xu Yanwen would probably would not respond to her, so she said good night and turned around to go back to the bedroom to sleep.

Just at this time, the door behind her suddenly opened and Xu Yanwen came out, and called her.


Xue Jiayue stopped and turned back,


Xu Yanwen’s gaze fell on Xue Jiayue’s face, she looked really calm, unlike before when he refused to accompany her back.

She would complain relentlessly and even pull him into fight, which made him a little uncomfortable.”

“You, You talked more with grandpa tomorrow, grandpa is not well, you help me take care if him more and instruct him to take his medicine on time.”

Xu Yanwen said to Xue Jiayue.

Xue Jiayue nodded and gave an OK gesture.

“No problem, grandpa Xu is good to me, he is just like my own grandpa, of course I will take good care of him.”

Xu Yanwen slightly frowned at her words. He felt that Xue Jiayue’s words just now had the meaning of deliberately getting rid of their marital relationship.

However, when he hear her say such words, he didn’t feel much relaxed in his heart, on the contrary, he felt a little strange emotion.

Xue Jiayue was unaware of the changes that had occurred in Xu Yanwen’s heart, she waved her hand at him and said carelessly.

“It’s late, I’m going to bed, good night.”

Xu Yanwen stood motionless, watching Xue Jiayue push open the bedroom door and walk in, and then saw her turn around and smiled at him and waved her hand before closing the bedroom door.

It was until he heard a click sound that Xu Yanwen came back to his senses.


The next day, Xue Jiayue really did go back to the old mansion by herself.

After returning to the old mansion, once Elder Xu saw that only Xue Jiayue came back alone, he immediately became unhappy and asked Xue Jiayue with a sullen face what was going on.

“Where is that bastard Xu Yanwen? Why didn’t he come back with you?”

Elder Xu was very angry about the fact that Xu Yanwen didn’t come back and his annoyed tone made her feel as though Xu Yanwen wasn’t his own grandson but rather like a son-in-law!

Xue Jiayue quickly step forward, hold the arm of Elder Xu, help him sit down on the sofa next to him, smiling and coaxing.

“Grandpa don’t get angry, anger is not good for your health, brother Xu has something that he need to do, today there is a very important meeting, he especially me to tell you otherwise he would come with me.”

In the past, Xue Jiayue every time she returned back to the old mansion, Xu Yanwen would not accompany her.

Xue Jiayue would by then complain about Xu Yanwen in front of elder Xu.

But today was an exception, Xue Jiayue not only did not complain but also helped Xu Yanwen say good things.

Her attitude has change greatly, that elder Xu believed that Xu Yanwen was really busy with work and was not avoiding him.

Elder Xu asked.

“Is he really that busy?”

Xue Jiayue nodded seriously and told a lie with her eyes open.

“Brother Xu is working overtime these days, working late at night, the company has many thing to do, that’s why he also works very hard.”

“You don’t need to put in a good word for that bastard, don’t I know him?”

Elder Xu grunted in dissatisfaction.

Xue Jiayue looked at Elder Xu’s face, although he said he was disgusted but he was not really dissatisfied with Xu Yanwen.

Xu Yanwen was his own grandson, and was his most capable and outstanding grandson, he was actually very fond of him.

“Grandpa, brother Xu was really working hard, managing such a big company and doubling its size for the past few years, he really competent and amazing. Not everyone can do as well as he does.”

Xue Jiayue continued to help Xu Yanwen.

Elder Xu took her hand and patted it gently.

“I know, I know it all. Yanwen is capable, and you are so dedicated to him. I just want you two well, and I am now relieved.”

Xue Jiayue didn’t want to worry Elder Xu, she looked at him as if he was her own grandfather, coaxed him and said,

“Grandpa don’t worry I’m fine I can eat and sleep, my body is great!”

Elder Xu was amused by what she said and laughed uproariously, and the living room was filled with joyful laughter.

“What are you guys laughing about so hard?”

At this moment, a boy’s voice came from the door.

Xue Jiayue looked over at the sound, and after seeing clearly who the boy was, walking in through the door, she suddenly felt the alarm in her heart.

Xu Yanlin, Xu Yanwen’s second uncle’s youngest son, he just turned 10 years old this year. He has been spoiled rotten and was lawless since he was a child.

He was only afraid of Xu Yanwen, when face with Xu Yanwen he would be a little restrain, but behind the scenes was a real little devil. Loved to find trouble with Xue Jiayue.

Xue Jiayue thought of plot in the book. The little devil once deliberately found fault with Xue Jiayue and stole things in Xue Jiayue’s bag.

Xue Jiayue was very angry, she chased him and asked him to return the things he stole, but the little devil refused to return them. So they pulled each other not wanting to give up.

Elder Xu came to persuade them to stopped fighting but both of them refused to give in. in chaos, she accidentally pushed him down the stair.

He went down and hurt his leg and was admitted to the hospital.

After Xu Yanwen knew about this, he angrily scolded Xue Jiayue. She felt aggrieved and had a big fight with Xu Yanwen.

Xu Yanwen was very disappointed with her, making his sisterly love for her reduced a lot.

At this moment, Elder Xu looked at the approaching Xu Yanlin and frowned.

“Why are you the only one who came her? Where are your parents?”

Xu Yanlin was not afraid of Elder Xu, he knows that Elder Xu was strict but still spoils him so he answered indifferently.

“Their playing but who knows where.”

Edler Xu asked with a sullen face,

“Watch how you talk.”


Xu Yanlin mischievously smile at Elder Xu, while the later glared at him. But Xu Yanlin didn’t care.

Instead he turned his head to look at Xue Jiayue, hooking his lips and snickered.

“Xue Jiayue, why are you here at the old mansion again? Are you here to complain to grandpa again?”

Xue Jiayue looked at the bear like child in front of her, inexplicably gave a sense of uneasiness.



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