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Chapter 88

It’s been two days since the New Year Eve, and it seems that his business on drawing doujins or color inserts has slowed down.

And just recently he had used most of his money on buying gift for Jiang Hengshu’s mother. Originally he wanted to take two drawings and keep that money on his account.

However under the strict schedule management of Jiang Hengshu, Fu Zhen’s speed in finishing the drawings was much slower than before.

And so the speed of making money has also become obviously slower.

Fu Zhen looked the balance on his alipay then sighed.

What could I buy with the remaining money on my account?

If he wanted to go to the Jiang’s house for the Spring Festival, he must give Jiang Hengshu’s parents and grandfather a gift.

Of course he couldn’t just by any random gift to fool them.

Also he wanted to get a new computer, but since he was now using Jiang Hengshu’s computer, that money could be saved for the time being.

Jiang Hengshu came over just in time to hear his sigh. Jiang Hengshu lowered his head and asked him.

“What’s wrong?”

Although he and Jiang Hengshu were already a couple, Fu Zhen was still embarrassed to tell Jiang Hengshu that he has no money.

And whenever Jiang Hengshu give Fu Zhen some money, he would immediately shakes his head, saying it was okay.

Jiang Hengshu immediately noticed that Fu Zhen was embarrassed. He sat down next to Fu Zhen.

Jiang Hengshu knew that Fu Zhen had a strong self-esteem, otherwise he could have directly use the official weibo of the Shazou Chronicle for crowd funding.

And with that large sum of money, he could restart the Shazou Chronicle and make his life easier, but he did not.

Jiang Hengshu now hope both that Fu Zhen could rely on him a little more and that he could stand up on and have a career of his own.

Though these hopes were at odds with each other.

“How much money do you need?”

Jiang Henghu asked Fu Zhen in a soft voice.

“If you don’t accept this money, you can take it as a loan from me or I will give it as an investment and return it to me when you make money later.”

Fu Zhen accepted Jiang Hengshu’s kindness after considering for a moment.

“If I start the Shazou Chronicle, mainly other things can be change but I want to used the same voice actor.”

Once the voice actor has change, it was possible that for many fans, they would think that the anime had lost its original flavor.

“I will also help you with that.”

Fu Zhen looked at Jiang Hengshu and smiled. He always felt that Jiang Hengshu was quite the domineering type.

He shook his head and said.

“I’ll try to use the official blog of the Shazou Chronicle and try to contact them, if I can’t, I’ll think of other ways.”

Jiang Hengshu nodded.

“You can tell me if you need help. We are a family now, you don’t have to be pressured alone.”

Because of what happened with Fu Jianchen and Fu Ting, it was actually difficult for Fu Zhen to believe on another person again wholeheartedly.

And Jiang Hengshu was trying to restore his ability little by little, making Fu Zhen believed that the world was still good even if there was danger.

Because Jiang Hengshu would always be there to guard him.

Jiang Hengshu touched Fu Zhen’s head and said to him.

“You can’t be too tired, take care of your rest.”

Fu Zhen nodded his head, thought about it and said to Jiang Hengshu.

“Why don’t we wait until the Spring Festival to prepare?”

Spring Festival was around the corner, this time even if Fu Zhen wanted to find those voice actors, they could be all busy preparing for Spring Festival or reuniting with their family.

And would be impossible to talked to them, besides he doesn’t have much time himself.

If it goes well, the launch of Shazou Chronicle would wait until March of this year.

Jiang Hengshu nodded and proposed.

“There’s nothing to do these days in the company. How about going out for two days?”

“Where to?”

Fu Zhen put the tablet aside and turned off the computer.

There were still a few days left before the Spring Festival, it was completely unnecessary to go out of town so Jiang Hengshu suggested.

“There is a hot spring at the top of Baimei Mountain, we can go soak and it is also good for your body, want to go?”

Fu Zhen nodded his head after considering, he had nothing to do anyway and it was good to go out with Jiang Hengshu.

But before leaving, Fu Zhen boarded the official account of Shazou Chronicle and posted in the weibo.

Hoping that the voice actors of Shazou Chronicle and other staff who have worked hard with him before could contact him when they see the post.

The post naturally put the Shazou Chronicles fans into frenzy again. They all have the same comment asking Fu Zhen if the anime would be updated again.

Fu Zhen was confident in the Shazou Chronicle’s relaunch but was not sure when, to he did not put any reply to those comments.

Soon after Jiang Hengshu and Fu Zhen arrived at the Baimei Mountain, before he had time to change his clothes, he received a phone call from Madam Jiang who asked Jiang Hengshu.

“Where are you now?”

Jiang Hengshu gesture to Fu Zhen to change his clothes and go in first. He then answered back to Madam Jiang.

“I’m on Mount Baimei with Fu Zhen, preparing to soak on the hot spring. Do you want to come, if you want to come over, I’ll pick you up.”

“I won’t go.”

Madam Jiang then sighed lightly.

“I told your father about you and Fu Zhen.”

Jiang Hengshu couldn’t help but raised his eyes at Fu Zhen’s direction where he had just walked in, and asked.

“What did he say?”

“He did not say anything. He just went to find the stick he used to beat you when he knew you were going abroad to be a mercenary. He just took the stick and drove to find you but only to find out you were not at home and went back here in vain.”

Soon, Fu Zhen changed his clothes and came out of the room. Jiang Hengshu looked up at him when he hear his voice.

He pursed his lips, with a smiled at the corner of his eyes he laughed softly, Fu Zhen walked over to him.

Madam Jiang on the other end of the phone heard Jiang Hengshu’s laughter, smiled and said.

“Still laughing at this time?”

“Isn’t it just a beating?”

Jiang Hengshu said carelessly.

In the end, Jiang Hengshu still came out from her own belly. Madam Jiang said.

“I will talk to your father again.”


Jiang Hengshu said.

After the phone call between Jiang Hengshu and Madam Jiang, Fu Zhen asked Jiang Hengshu curiously and worriedly.

“What’s wrong? Why are being beaten?”

Jiang Hengshu touch the tip of Fu Zhen’s nose and said to him.

“It’s okay, it’s just that the dog at home is not listening.”

“Is that so?”

Fu Zhen was a little unconvinced.

Jiang Hengshu nodded.

“It’s true.”



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