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Chapter 87

At this time the Fu family was enveloped with cloudy mist. Fu Jianchen has not spoken since they returned home.

From yesterday’s wedding to the present, he hasn’t eaten anything, and would frequently went missing, after returning home.

Fu Ting had looked for him for a while, before hearing the maid at home that they saw Fu Jianchen going to the garden behind the villa.

Fu Ting searched the area, and since the area was not that big he easily found Fu Jianchen sitting next to stone table.

He was staring at the rockery in the garden in daze, Fu Ting slowed down his step, he walked slowly and when he was near Fu Jianchen he draped the jacket on his hand to Fu Jianchen’ shoulder.

He gently called out to him.


Under the moonlight, tiny snowflakes, drifted down and was spread all over the place. Fu Ting found Fu Jianchen has more white hair on his head. He had age overnight.

Fu Ting raised his hand and brushed the snow off Fu Jianchen’s head. He opened his mouth with some difficulty and said to Fu Jianchen.

“Tang Wanwan called me at noon today, asking me why we left during the wedding.”

Fu Ting himself, still doesn’t understand why he suddenly accepted Tang Wanwan as his sister at that time.

And loved her so much that he even hurt Fu Zhen for her.

“The past two years…”

Fu Jianchen lifted his head, and looked up the dark blue sky above his head then gave a long sigh.

“What happened?”

The garden was filled with silence, no one could answer Fu Jianchen’s question.

The nightmare two year ago would continue to imprison them until their sprit die, flesh rotten, but the grief would never go away.

The tall banyan tree was not far ahead of him, many roots intricately coiled together. He suddenly remembered his child once sat on top of this banyan tree while giggling.

He was looking down at him, eyes full of adoration and love, but such a scene, his afraid, would difficult to see for the rest of his life.

It seemed like he was going to lose him forever.

He had the same feeling when he saw his resentful eyes, and was held by another man in the stairs, but he didn’t know what it meant at that time.

Now he understands it all, but it was all too late.

As the deepened night, Fu Jianchen’s expression gradually became grim. He said to Fu Ting in a cold voice.

“Try to get the Fu’s shares back from Tang Wanwan crooked hands.”

Tang Wanwan does not understand economics nor investment, to get the shares back from her hand was not particularly difficult.

But she was not alone now, she had the Qin family behind her, Fu Ting considered a moment and said.

“I’m afraid the Qin family will not let it go that easily.”

Fu Jianchen raised his head.

“Even if we you had to use acquisition, you have to get it back.”

Then he added,

“By the way, check the DNA results of Tang Wanwan that year and see if there is any trace of forgery.”

“You are suspicious of….”

Fu Jianchen let out a siged. He wouldn’t make a move easily until he figured out what Tang Wanwan had done, he had to investigate everything clearly.

Just like when he really love and care for Fu Zhen, but it suddenly vanished overnight. And was replace with his full affection to Tang Wanwan.

What’s more, his affection for Tang Wanwan came from nothing, it was inexplicable.

After a pause Fu Jianchen said to Fu Ting.

“Also, find someone to find out what relationship does Xiao Zhen had with that man beside him.”

Fu Ting know about this matter, and there was no need to investigate. He said to Fu Jianchen.

“He is Xiao Zhen’s boyfriend.”

Fu Jianchen suddenly turned his head, and looked at Fu Ting. He could see and he could tell what that man’s relationship to his precious son.

But when Fu Ting said the truth, he completely run out of excuses to continue to deceived himself.

What else could he do now? Go and tell Xiao Zhen that he couldn’t be with a man? Go and break them forcefully and bring Xiao Zhen home?

Fu Jianchen moved his lips, but in the end he could only compromise. He said to Fu Ting.

“Then go and find out who he is, what is his family background.”

Fu Ting nodded and said to Fu Jianchen.

“I’ve already got someone looking into it.”

“Let’s go back, dad.”

Fu Ting helped Fu Jianchen up from the stone and helped him walk step by step to the empty and silent home.

What happened to them was like a nightmare in which they were nothing more than puppets on strings being manipulated to hurt people they care the most.

And ultimately resulting in a tragedy that could never be undone.

The lonely night and the cold wind, when and how long will it end.



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