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Chapter 85

After he has spoken, he quietly looked at the two men in front of him. This time what do they need from him? What else do they want to take away from him?

Jiang Hengshu looked at Fu Jianchen and Fu Ting, he already know what relationship they had with Fu Zhen. In this case what he needed to do was to protect Fu Zhen.

As for the other things, he knew that Fu Zhen could handle it by himself.

Fu Jianchen had been staring at Fu Zhen from the time he walked out of the car until he walked towards him, and completely ignored Jiang Hengshu who was walking beside Fu Zhen.

His lips trembles, and countless words were stuck in his throat. It seemed that he was afraid of scaring him away.

Finally, he just asked him in a low and soft voice.

“How.. for two year, have you live well?”

Fu Zhen almost thought he has problems with his ears. What kind of joke does Fu Jianchen telling him? He was asking him if he has live well?

But Fu Zhen keep his mouth shut. The Fu Jianchen in front of him gave off the feeling of his ‘father’ many years ago, it’s as if nightmare that haunted him through all the difficult years has finally broken at this moment.

But everything was too late. Fu Zhen would not believe that Fu Jianchen would really return as his ‘father’, nor would he himself would lived with Tang Wanwan in harmony.

Whether the scene in front of him was true or not, it has nothing to do with him anymore.

“It’s pretty good.”

Fu Zhen plainly said.

There was no need to tell these two strangers about the suffering and pain he had endured two years ago.

What Fu Zhen said was not the truth. Everyone present knew about it, but when Fu Zhen said this, Fu Jianchen suddenly don’t know how to continue.

He could see the strong resistance, and defensive in Fu Zhen’s eyes against him, in which a child should never have to his father.

Fu Jianhen then remembered the dream he often had recently. In the dream Fu Zhen pushed him away with his eyes full of sorrow and exhaustion as he was saying to him.

“It’s too late, I don’t want you.”

This dream has finally become reality, his most beloved child, from now on would never had something to do with him again.

But Fu Jianchen does not want this, he hopes that Fu Zhen would still come back to him and call him father.

He hopes that he could turned back time—to the time when he had not made any mistakes.

Fu Jianchen felt his tongue stiffen, as if he had been poisoned. Bitter regret and remorse spread in his heart, it was hard to squeeze out a little sound from the narrow gap in his throat.

With his strength he finally managed to ask Fu Zhen.

“What else can Daddy do for you?”

Fu Zhen was stunned, he had forgotten how long it had been since he had heard Fu Jianchen called himself dad.

But the more he acted this way, the more suspicious he was. The last time he broke his leg, this time he don’t want to lose his life, he only just felt what it was like to be happy again and was starting to build his family with Jiang Hengshu.

He wanted to have a new future with the man he love.

“I don’t want to see you guys again, please don’t appear in front of me anymore okay?”

Fu Zhen asked Fu Jianchen with pleading look in his eyes, and he said softly again to Fu Jianchen.


The north wind was howling swaying the dry tree branches making a rustling sound, the next street was ringing with the sound of car horns. Fu Jianchen wished all of them should be a little louder.

He doesn’t want to hear, what Fu Zhen had said. Now his beloved child was pleading him to never appear in front of him in a way that he couldn’t refuse.

But, he used all of his strength to stop himself from nodding and agreeing to his son’s plead.

Half a long time later, Fu Jianchen’s voice trembled as he asked.

“Your leg….”

Fu Jianchen suddenly remembered the time he saw Fu Zhen in the hospital. He had gone to see the doctor who check on Fu Zhen’s leg.

The doctor said that it was too late for complete recovery, and that if he had come earlier, he would have the chance to recover normally again.

They woke up too late, not only two years late. But now Fu Jianchen was afraid that they were also late for rest of Fu Zhen’s life.

Fu Zhen lowered his eyes and said expressionlessly said to Fu Jianchen in front of him.

“…..has been crippled, and could never be cured again in the future, so you can be completely at ease.”

After saying this, Fu Zhen realized that his sharp words were a bit mean. He did not want this, he already had a new life, and did not want to be trapped in the past.

He pursed his lips, titled his head and glance at Jiang Hengshu who was standing next to him, with a smile on the corner of his mouth, Jiang Hengshu patted his shoulder.

As if telling and giving Fu Zhen the strength to continue standing this way, and that he would always be at his side supporting him.

Fu Jianchen moved his lips and finally said his apology that was two years late.

“Daddy is sorry.”

But this sentence has no longer any meaning to Fu Zhen today.

Fine snow fell in the sky and the streetlights on both sides of the road lit up one by one.

Fu Zhen laughed when he heard these words from Fu Jianchen’s mouth. He slowly said to Fu Jianchen.

“Mr. Fu you are no longer my father, you should not forget that we broke our father-son relationship two years ago. We should consider ourselves strangers now, and I’m sorry that I show up on front of you guys again, since according to Mr. Fu Ting if you would see me again you would also cripple my other leg, but thinking about it, it shouldn’t be my fault that we met today. However in order to make my life safe, please don’t see me again.”

The blood on Fu Ting’s face disappeared the moment Fu Zhen said this, and Fu Jianchen was not better than him.



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