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Chapter 82

The landlord thought that these two people had almost finished asking questions and should already be leaving but Fu Jianchen suddenly asked,

“Can I see the room where Fu Zhen lived before?”

The house was nothing to be ashamed of so the landlord took the key and led them to the room where Fu Zhen lived, turned the lock on the door, pushed it open and said.

“He lives here.”

Fu Jianchen walked into the room. The room was too small, with an area of less than ten square meters.

 There was a single bed against the wall, and no furniture, the room was really too small, not only it was difficult to turn around, but the air used for breathing was also scare.

It was hard to imagine that the pampered Fu Zhen would live in such a small and cramped room huddle for nearly two years.

When he came out of the old building, the wind and snow was howling like it was crying asking for justice. Fu Jianchen raised his head and looked at the deep sky above his head.

After a long, long period of time, he lowered his head and just said two words.

“Find him.”

From this moment to the day he would saw Fu Zhen, he never made any sound.


The battle for the director of Chun Huashan had come to an end on the night of Qian Zhong’s interview, but at the same time the film was facing a crisis.

However Fu Zhen doesn’t care that much. Now that the Chun Huashan has earned the box office hit, the money that he would get would be big enough for him to do a lot of things.

Such as restarting the Shazou Chronicles, and the rest of the money should be enough to make small cost documentary, although Jiang Hengshu said he could help him Fu Zhen thinks that if possible, he want to solve his own problems.

That aside, Fu Zhen was really nervous, tomorrow would be the day he would meet Jiang Hengshu’s mother.

He just pestered Jiang Hengshu to go out and buy some gift to Madam Jiang in the evening. Since he doesn’t have much money with him Jiang Hengshu helped him make up a little and bought a hand embroider silk.

In the middle of the night, Fu Zhen was staring on an empty space unable to sleep and asked Jiang Hengshu beside him.

“Will your mother really like me?”

“She will, don’t worry.”

Jiang Hengshu patted Fu Zhen in the back, soothing his anxious and nervous emotions.

“It’s late, it’s time to sleep.”

Sensing that Fu Zhen has no plan on sleeping any moment, Jiang Hengshu this time without waiting for Fu Zhen took the initiative to say.

“You are so good, how can they not like you?”

He kissed Fu Zhen’s brows and whispered in his ear to threaten him.

“If you don’t sleep, I will go to the study room to sleep.”

Fu Zhen intimately touched Jiang Hengshu chin with a bit stubble on it.

He whispered to Jiang Hengshu.

“Good night.”

Jiang Hengshu then took him into his arms and also said.

“Good night baby.”

The next morning Fu Zhen got up from their bed early, wearing a white sweater, a gray jacket and on his lower body he was wearing a black straight pants.

Fu Zhen was still young and dressing like this, he looked like a college student.

He stood in the dressing mirror for a long time, checking but at the end couldn’t decide which one to wear so he asked Jiang Hengshu who was sitting beside him and looking at him quietly.

“Is it okay for me to wear this?”

“There is a problem.”

Jiang Hengshu said ruthlessly.

Fu Zhen stared at Jiang Hengshu with his round eyes, waiting for him to say what the problem was.

Jiang Hengshu got up and walked to the closet, picked out a black coat and hand it to Fu Zhen.

“Wearing to little, it should be cold when we go out later.”

Fu Zhen did not reach for the coat, blinking her two big eyes and looking at Jiang Hengshu pitifully as if he wanted to bargain with Jiang Hengshu.

Jiang Hengshu shamelessly said to Fu Zhen.

“My mother doesn’t like willful children.”

Fu Zhen: “…….”

What could he do? He could only take the coat handed by Jiang Hengshu and put it on.

When closing the closet door, Jiang Hengshu notice that Fu Zhen’s clothes were still few, he had to make time and take him out to buy a few more.

Jiang Hengshu drove Fu Zhen back to the Jiang mansion. They pass around the mountain road, and finally reached the villa that was located in the middle of the mountain.

As soon as he got out from the car, the cold wind roared, Fu Zhen couldn’t help but sneeze and gathered his overcoat to warm himself.

Jiang Hengshu didn’t laugh seeing his appearance but just held him in his arms tightly.

The old butler who had been waiting outside the door for a long time now was slightly stunned when he saw Fu Zhen in Jiang Hengshu’s arms.

Last night Madam Jiang said that Jiang Hengshu would return with his partner today, but the old butler never expected that Jiang Hengshu would bring back a boy.

He suddenly remembered the sad face of Madam Jiang when Jiang Hengshu left last time.

However when he saw them coming towards him the butler still greeted them with a smile on his face.

“Your back.”

While helping them push open the villa’s door.

Jiang Hengshu nodded and walked into the villa together with Fu Zhen.

Fu Zhen soon saw Jiang Hengshu’s mother, Madam Jiang smiled and stood at the living rom door to welcome them.

She was nearly 50 years old but was well maintained, almost no fine lines at the corner of her eyes, wearing a dark green cheongsam, and has overly comfortable aura.

Fu Zhen bent down and bowed.

“Hello Madam Jiang, I am Fu Zhen.”

Then he handed the gift in his hand.

“It’s good that you’re here, and there was no need for gift.”

Madam Jiang said while receiving the gift.

She had thought countless times during the time that he didn’t meet Fu Zhen yet, what was his son’s lover would look like.

And hearing that he was hermaphrodite, she imagined that the child might look feminine, but he was not. Fu Zhen looked like a very normal boy, his features were very delicate, very well behaved.

And standing beside his tall son, he was unexpectedly a good matched for him.



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  2. Thank you for the chapter ^^

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  3. Thank you for the chapters! o wo

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  4. Finally things are positive and well. It’s really frustrating not knowing just what that tang wanwan’s ability and past really is. Was she really a family member or did she just steal and push out Fu Zhen from the nest?
    It seems she also doesn’t know her ability perfectly? Transfer to a new family breaks her hold over the old one?

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  5. Finally things are positive and well.
    It’s really frustrating not knowing just what that tang wanwan’s ability and past really is. Was she really a family member or did she just steal and push out Fu Zhen from the nest? It also seems she doesn’t know her ability perfectly? Transfer to a new family breaks her hold to the old one?


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