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Chapter 81

Fu Ting drove the car and brought Fu Jianchen to the rental house where Fu Zhen once lived.

Fu Jianchen looked at the building in front of him, the old building seemed to be prone on danger and that it would most likely to collapse with a strong wind.

As it has already a few fallen bricks and cement filed up on the west side area, covered with layer of plastic garbage.

Fu Jianchen suddenly remembered the last time he saw Fu Zhen in the area, his heart was filled with bitterness once again.

The two of them looked around the area for a long time, without moving at all, up until the sky gradually darkens and the twilight fell.

Fu Jianchen finally moved a little and said to Fu Ting who was next to him.

“Let’s go up.”

But they don’t even know which floor Fu Zhen lives on.

Fortunately, the private investigator was thorough enough, when Fu Ting asked his assistant to investigate Fu Zhen.

Fu Ting called his assistant. The assistant told Fu Ting on the other end of the phone.

“It should be on the sixth floor. If I remember correctly the house number should be 0609.”

Through the narrow, old dimly, lit hallway, Fu Jianchen and Fu Ting stopped outside the door 0609. And in the oppressive silence Fu Jianchen raised his hand and knocked on the door in front of them.

The person who opened the door was not Fu Zhen, but the landlord of the place. He came to clean up the empty room after Fu Zhen and Fu Jianchen left.

When the landlord saw Fu Ting and Fu Jianchen outside, he obviously froze for a moment, because the clothes of these people really does not look they want to come and rent a room.

Therefore the landlord naturally asked them.

“Who are you looking for?”

Looking at the landlord in front of them, Fu Jianchen could clearly see all the furnishing in the messy living room.

From the furnishing he could see, he could vaguely guess the environment in which Fu Zhen lived.

Fu Jianchen did not dare not imagine that his precious child had lived in such environment for so long.

What Fu Jianchen still didn’t know was that Fu Zhen’s living condition were actually worse than what he saw now.

His throat seemed to be poured in with a bowl of molten iron, and even if he opened his mouth, he couldn’t make any sound. He didn’t speak for a long time.

The surprise in the landlord’s eyes gradually became impatient in their long silence. When he was about to close the door, Fu Ting asked.

“Is Fu Zhen here?”

It turned out that this two people came for Fu Zhen.

Could it be that Fu Zhen owes them money?

The landlord made some trivial guesses and replied.

“Fu Zhen moved some time ago.”

Fu Ting was taken a back for a moment and asked quickly.

“Where did he move to?”

“How would I know?”

The landlord shook his head.

“He moved out with another guy.”

Fu Jianchen could finally make some sound. He asked the landlord.

“What does the man look like?”

The landlord shook his head and said the impression he had.

“It’s quite good looking, tall and has blue eyes.”

Only Jiang Hengshu’s name was not mentioned by the landlord.

Fu Ting immediately thought of the people he saw holding hands and walking in the street outside the fountain square that day.

“I know him”

Fu Ting said,

“I’ve met him.”

Fu Jianchen turned his head and asked him.

“You’ve seen him?”

Fu Ting nodded. That night, the long shadows almost stuck together under the street lamp.

If Fu Jianchen saw Jiang Hengshu appearance clearly the last time he saw Fu Zhen, then he would also know that he had actually met him on the day he was brought by Tang Wanwan to find Fu Zhen.

It was that man who saved his precious child from the abyss of misery, holding him step by step to break free from the mire.

The landlord thought their conversation was a bit odd and asked.

“Who are you to Fu Zhen?”

After a long silence, Fu Jianchen replied.

“I am his father.”

The landlord actually gave a smile, shook his head and said to Fu Jianchen.

“It doesn’t look like it.”

If there really was a father like Fu Jianchen, how could that little cripple live in a shabby place for a long time.

He had also seen Fu Zhen grimacing in pain every cold season, seen him running around to make a day’s end, buying cheap medicine, and seen him hiding in order to live.

He haven’t seen him enveloped under the wings of his father.

They always thought Fu Zhen had no family and now suddenly two well-dressed men came to them and even one of them even claimed to be his father. Which was just too funny, right?

The landlord took a lot of effort to hold back his desire to laugh out loud, mainly because he feels that if he laugh at this time, he may be beaten.

These two people were big men, and it seemed to have exercise regularly, his small body would certainly not be a match for the other side.



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