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Chapter 80

Outside the window was a whistling cold wind, slapping the window wide with a loud roar, it was like calling Fu Jianchen and filling him up with the forgotten past.

He tilted his head, when the melancholy sunlight sprinkled on his bitter face. Then Fu Jianchen remembered the child’s big smiling face when the snow and ice melted in spring.

He remembered the red dragonfly he catch with him in the field at 6 o’clock in the evening, he remembered the gift that should have been sent to him two years ago under the rockery.

He remembered the young boy was kicked down and rolled down the stairs under the bright starry river.

His blood soon drowned the whole world.

Fu Jianchen pressed his chest and in an instant countless insects gathered. They opened their tiny little mouths together, showing their sharp teeth and together they bit his heart and chewed it to pieces.

He was so much in pain to the point of convulsing but he no longer had the ability to resist the pain.

That was his most beloved child ah..

How can he be so cruel one day, how could he—how could be treat him like that?

A phone slipped from his pocket, he picked it up with his trembling hands making it almost fell on the ground again.

He opened the album, and saw the photos that were deleted at some point along with the sweet memories.

Few photos that was there were sent by Fu Ting. Photos of Fu Zhen wearing an old and somewhat faded blue overall pushing a cart of sand shutting on the construction site, or sitting next to a unfinished wall eating with no expression on his face.

The last photo he had was sent to him by the kidnappers.

He don’t know if it was network delay or other reasons, but the photo only appeared in his phone a few days after the New Year’s Day.

Since then he has been having nightmares every night.

When Fu Ting came over, he saw exactly this photo, the photo of Fu Zhen tied to a chair while his head hanging.

Even if the light was dim, he could still clearly see the purple bruises at the corners of his mouth and dried blood, his face was pale, as if he was about to die.

Fu Ting almost lost his voice as his knee was drained with energy and kneels beside Fu Jianchen, he asked.

“…..When was this picture?”

Fu Jianchen raised his head, glance at Fu Ting beside and replied stiffly.

“They sent it to me the day after New Year’s Day.”

Fu Ting hurriedly asked.

“Who are they? Why would they send such photos?”

Fu Jianchen shook his head.

“It’s the Liu family, they told me to give them 80 million yuan, otherwise…”

Otherwise, they would have to kill Fu Zhen.

“Then what?”

Asked Fu Ting.

Fu Jianchen pressed his forehead with a distorted face and painful expression. He never looked like this in front of Fu Ting.

“Tang Wanwan fell at that time, I accompanied her to the hospital, and since then I never received a call from the kidnappers.”

Because after that, the kidnapper’s number in his phone had been blocked.

Fu Ting also suddenly remembered that day, Tang Wanwan injured her ankle, and begged him to have a press conference which he did not refused, so he knew nothing about it.

Fu Jianchen was remorseful and deep self-blame, he had no way to forgive his former self. When he thought of the suffering Fu Zhen went through for the past two years.

Even more so, the torture he had suffered at the hands of the kidnappers, he felt his hear broken and shattered to pieces.

But fortunately, he should not have died there as what the Liu brothers threatened. From the recent disputes over the director of Chun Huashan, he at least know that Fu Zhen was still alive.

He should be alive!

He must be alive!

Fu Jianchen slowly stood up. No matter, they couldn’t fall down at this time, if they fall down now who could still protect Fu Zhen in the future.

Fu Janchen’s face was extremely angry that hardly any blood could be seen. Fu Ting help him up, he said.

“I saw him, just the other day, he’s fine, he’s fine….”

Or maybe he was seemed okay. Fu Ting remembered the man who walked beside Fu Zhen, but he could only comfort Fu Jianchen and himself.

“Go find him.”

Fu Jinachen uttered these words as he walked out of the room. He called the family’s maid and told to clean the room. And wait for its master to return.

It was only been a little more than two days, but it was like a world apart. Everything was not what it used to be.

The gloomy haze completely shrouded the Fu Family, which would not disappear for years to come. And this family would never hear a laughter again.



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10 responses to “IWAWP 80”

  1. The fog has cleared but will they be able to find him as easily as they think.

    Thank you for the chapters as well as the sponsor!!

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  2. She really just came and ruined their lives. For no reason as well. I’m so mad. But I also think it’s presumptuous of them to think he’s coming back. I hope he doesn’t. They didn’t deserve to be mind controlled into hurting their family but it doesn’t seem right for him to just up and leave his new life with the ML. I’d like it better if they slowly earned back his forgiveness.
    Thanks for the chapter!! 💕 Sorry for the rant 😅

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  3. I feel kind of sorry for them, it wasn’t completely their fault. Also it seems like she will at last fall from her pedestal. I can’t wait to see her totally fall! I wonder if we will ever get an explanation or learn how she did it. Thank you for the updates!

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    1. Thank you for the chapter ^^

      Can’t wait to see her fall 😈
      Finally they realize what they did -_-

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  4. Let the begging beg.

    Hope our little dear doesnt give in

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    1. *begin

      Auto correct what are you doing?

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  5. I feel super conflicted. It’s clear that the duo were controlled, so they are also victims. The only difference is that they are getting the repercussions now. At the same time, it’s unreasonable for Fu Zhen to simply forgive them after everything he’s been through.
    In the end this loving family was broken apart for selfish reasons of an outsider.

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  6. Tf with this family????? How come you suddenly want him back? Psycopaths
    Thank you for the chapter.

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