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Chapter 79

After a long time, Fu TinG came to his sense and the cheerful music had already sounded in his ears. Tang Wanwan stood with her back facing him, with her bridesmaid throwing the flowers and ribbons to them.

The hall was full of laughter.

But this happiness belongs to others and has nothing to do with them.

After all activities were over, the banquet would begin. All the guests in the hall were drinking, laughing and saying good wishes.

But at this time, Fu Jianchen suddenly stood up from his chair. Fu Ting who was beside him also stood up with him and walked out.

The staff beside them was shocked seeing them leaving the venue. They hurriedly walked over to them and asked.

“Mr Fu, where are you going? The bride and groom have not given you a toast yet.”

Fu Jianchen was silent and did not speak, he held out his hand to push the man away and strode out of the hall.

Fu Ting followed him and the two soon disappeared in the banquet.

Some people have noticed Fu Jianchen and Fu Ting leaving but speculated that they may need some fresh air and would soon come back.

However until the bride and groom toast’s they did not appear again in the Eston Manor.

The staff had been looking for them for a long time but they couldn’t get through their phone. They were anxious like ants on the hot pot, they thought of all the accidents that might happen at the wedding scene and designed corresponding solutions.

But no one thought that the two most important relatives of the bride would suddenly disappear.

“Where is my father and my brother?”

It’s time for Tang Wanwan to propose a toast. Qin Zhao’s parents had already sat down in front of them but her father and brother was nowhere to be seen.

Tang Wanwan thought that Fu Jianchen forgot about this, so she personally came to look for them only find two empty seats.

Puzzled, she asked the other guests at the table about the whereabouts of her father and brother, then someone replied.

“I think the two of them have something important to deal with as I saw them left in a hurry.”

Tang Wanwan was not happy, what was more important than her wedding going smoothly. But today was her big day, she still needs keep a proper smile on her face and said to the guest on the table,

“I’ll come back later and give you a toast.”

Qin Zhao looked at Tang Wanwan who came back alone, frowning he asked her.

“Where’s Uncle Fu?”

Tang Wanwan shook her head, indicating that she was not sure, then stretched out his hand and touched Qin Zhao’s nose, smiled and said to him.

“You still call him uncle.”

“Mm.. what should we do now?”

Tang Wanwan tilted her head and looked at the guests in the hall.

“Don’t wait, let’s just continue.”

Hence on the toasting session, only Qin Zhao’s parents sat in front while Fu Jianchen didn’t show up from beginning to the end.

The guests were very puzzled, it would be reasonable to say that unless the bride’s parents died or had a serious illness would they be unable to participate.

But Fu Jianchen was just seating there a while ago, how could he suddenly not show up?

Could it be that the Fu family was going bankrupt? It can’t be, they haven’t heard of any news about it.

Qin Zhao’s parents were not happy with Fu Jianchen behavior either, even if there was something more important going on, they can’t leave at this time.

But no matter what, they still keep a loving smile on their faces as they looked at their son and daughter-in-law who was in front of them.

Looking at their daughter-in-law, they suddenly felt that were not satisfied with Tang Wanwan as before.

But when they thought that she was Fu Jianchen’s precious daughter, they felt that it was still all acceptable.

Not only Qin Zhao’s parents’ impression of Tang Wanwan was changing, the guests at the scene all felt that Tang Wanwan doesn’t seem to be as charming, and beautiful as before.

Her smile was not as sweet as before, but they comforted themselves by saying that it was probably because they have gotten married and with all the activities she was probably tired.

And the people who were watching the live broadcast, after experiencing the festive wedding and looking back at Tang Wanwan on the screen, they found everything to be dull and boring.

They turned off the live broadcast, and did what they had to do.

However the hot search of Tang Wanwan’s wedding was still at the top hot search list on weibo, and for a long time, it was followed by an explosive word.

The story between the prince and the princess draws perfect ending, with the blessings of countless people.

Everything would come to an end, and the world would gradually return back to its original track.


Fu Jianchen returned home. He sat in Fu Zhen’s bedroom that he hadn’t been for a long time, looking at the window.

The room wasn’t cleaned for a long time. There was a thick layer of dust on the ground, and the doll on the bed was waiting for the owner who has been out for a long time.

The music box in the cabinet couldn’t make any more sound, for a long time now.

Lost in his thoughts Fu Jianchen was sitting quietly like a statue, unmovable.



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