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Chapter 13

When Jiang Liangchan returned from the gathering, Madam Jiang had already returned from her Buddhist ritual.

Madam Jiang was sitting, drinking her tea with a hand-warming stove beside her and when she saw her daughter coming, she smiled and said.

“In this cold day what are you doing outside again?”

This was the first time, Jiang Liangchan saw Madam Jiang.

She had the appearance of a mother of a big family, with dignified and generous temperament. Jiang Liangchan didn’t know if it was because she had just returned from a Buddhist ritual but her smile was faint and look very kind.

Hearing her call, Jiang Liangchan stood still and was not moving, like she was struck by a lightning.

Madam Jiang smiled and waved her hand at her.

“Come her, aren’t you cold standing outside? Why don’t you hurry in and warm up?”

Jiang Liangchan’s eyes slowly were turning red, and her feet involuntary walked towards her.

Madam Jiang worriedly took Jiang Liangchan’s hand and touched it.

She then covered Jiang Liangchan’s hand for a while and waited until her own hands were cold and hurriedly stuffed the hand stove to Jiang Liangchan.

Then Madam Jiang raised her hand to brush the snow on Jiang Liangchan’s head, and complained bitterly.

“Why is are you so cold? I told you to wear more when you go out. Your head is also covered with snow, but no one gave you an umbrella, if it gets cold, you will have a headache again at night.”

Jiang Liangchan lowered her head and did not say a word but the tears in her eyes was already falling down on the corner of her eyes as she choke her throat suppressing her cry.

Madam Jiang looks exactly like her mother who passed away in her original world.

The she laughed, the way she talked, everything was the same.

When she was a child, she liked to play in the snow, and when she came back from playing, the gentleness of her mother helping her wipe off the snow on her head was exactly the same.

Jiang Liangchan buried her head in her arms, silently crying until she was trembling.

Madam Jiang felt that her daughter was a bit strange today. Seeing her trembling she thought she was just freezing outside until she felt a bit of wetness on her clothes.

She began to realize that something was wrong and was a bit nervous.

“My dear daughter, what’s wrong? What’s wrong with you?”

Jiang Liangchan wiped the tears from her eyes and sat up in her arms.

Again, she met Madam Jiang’s worried eyes.

Jiang Liangchan’s tears almost came out again.

She restrained herself. She was now Jiang Liangchan, the way she acts right now would make her mother scared.

Madam Jiang met her red eyes and asked worriedly.

“What’s wrong, who have wrong you? Tell mother, mother will punish them for you.”

Jiang Liangchan forced herself to smile and complied with Mother Jiang’s words, making up an excuse.

“Well, brother, he lied to me again.”

Jiang Yunting who heard that Jiang Liangchan was back hurriedly went out to find her to taunt her, knowing that she had gotten last place again.

Just as he walked to the door, he heard Jiang Liangchan’s words.

Jiang Yunting who was accused of something he didn’t do: ???

Jiang Liangchan was still blathering, making up a story said.

“I made a bet with brother yesterday, and today I won but he refused to honor it.”

The bet she made with him yesterday, without using her brain, she knew for sure that Jiang Yunting would not admit defeat.

Such a big ambition could not be blocked by such small bet.

Since she couldn’t think of anything to cover up why she was crying, she’ll just take this out and talked about it.

But what she didn’t expect was that Jiang Yunting would be standing at the door listening.

It was rare for Jiang Yunting to be patient but this time he quietly listened to the whole story of Jiang Liangchan’s complaint.

Then he snorted loudly, attracting the attention of the two people in the room.

Jiang Liangchan didn’t expect him to be there and was a little embarrass.

But Madam Jiang frowned and looked at Jiang Yunting disapprovingly.

“Yunting, what kind of bet did you make with your sister? How did your father and I teach you that boys should stand be upright, how can you go back on your word? What kind of bet did you make? Mother is in charge, what you lose, you return it to your sister.”

Jiang Yunting felt like the miserable young master in the capital.

He never felt any superiority of being the young master of the Jiang family.

My sister was really too vicious, and dark-heartened, in order to frame me, she cried so sincerely and pitifully.

Are all women this terrible?

At his age, many other young masters already have concubines but not him, and he suspected it was because of his sister, that he was afraid of women.

Jiang Yunting righteously exposes Jiang Liangchan’s lies.

He thought for a while but he was still angry, he counted the things that Jiang Liangchan had done to him in recent years, and indignantly said to Madam Jiang.

“Niang, sister has hurt me so much mentally, I felt my heart aches every time I think about it. The doctor who often comes to the house said that my mind and body is wounded and the cure would cost at least five hundred taels of silver.”

Madam Jiang smiled and said.

“So you are waiting here because you already spent 500 taels this month. I’ll give it you next month.”

Jiang Yunting wilted.

After waiting for them to finished, Jiang Liangchan cleared his throat and asked.

“Since you admit that we have made a bet, will you admit defeat? I win the cuju today.”

Jiang Yunting patted his chest.

“When have I ever not kept my word.”

Jiang Liangchan asked Chuxin to bring the big box that she brought back today. Took out the things inside one by one, put them on the table and stick to Madam Jiang and ask to be pampered.

“Mother, look, this is what I won today.”

There must be a small 20 items on the table in total.

Even Jiang Yunting came up to look have a look. He picked one of the item and saw that most of them were jewelry, make-up powder, jade and so on.

He suspiciously said.

“Come on, didn’t you take your own things just to fill the numbers, right?”

Frankly, Madam Jiang also guessed so. Her daughter, what she does well and what she was not good at, she still understands.

Seeing that Jiang Yunting did not believe her, Jiang Liangchan snorted and said.

“These jewelry hairpins, have you ever seen me wear them?”

“Who would usually look at what jewelry or hairpin you wear ah? besides, don’t all your ‘jinglings’ things look similar?”


Straight men do not distinguish between generations or ages.

Jiang Liangchan got three items that was given by the princess. Thinking back, since Liu Qingru proposed there should be a punishment for those who place last.

Except for Jiang Liangchan and the princess, everyone else scored the same, zero. So all of them dutifully accepted the punishment.

Liu Qingru look at Jiang Liangchan with dripping hatred.

Jiang Liangchan picked up the jade cup and turned it over at the bottom to show to Madam Jiang.

“Niang, I really won, there are three prizes for the first place, all given by Princess Changping, look it it’s written here at the bottom, Yuzhi2.”

Madam Jiang looked at it and it was true, the bottom was covered with imperial seal, and only the palace could have this.

It seems to be really the princess reward.

Jiang Liangchan gave Madam Jiang the best emerald jade the princess rewarded her. She then kept the small exquisite dagger that was full of gems.

She also kept a fine piece of heitan jade, which she would give to Jiang Pinxuan.

Probably because the previous Jiang Liangchan has never sent anything to her parents before, that Madam Jiang at the moment was really moved.

And directly told her daughter that she grown up well and was considerate.

When Jiang Liangchan looked at Madam Jiang’s happy appearance, she secretly made up her mind that she must make the rest of her life happier than today.

Jiang Yunting was still a bit unconvinced and asked her uneasily.

“Sister, is this a consolation prize you won, or did you have those noble ladies join together to help you cheat on me in order to win?”

The more he thought about it the more he thinks it was possible. His sister was definitely someone who could do such thing.

“Do you think I have that good reputation and popularity?”

Jiang Yinting thought about it carefully and thought it made sense.


Jiang Liangchan: “………”

Good, now he’s convinced.

“But the problem is,”

Jiang Yunting felt that there was a loophole.

“Since I am really amazing, what if His Majesty would name me to go to the battle and accidentally become a famous general, that is not up to me.”

Jiang Liangchan retorted back to him.

“You being amazing is not really a concern. But if there is really no one in the court or if the emperor was hoodwinked for a moment and ordered you to go the battlefield, that could be possible, fairly reasonable.”

“Wait a moment, what do you mean my amazing talent is not a concern?”

Ignoring his question, Jiang Liangchan patted him in the shoulder and said.

“Then let’s do this, let’s honor the bet, but actually I haven’t thought about it yet. I’ll come back to you when I already have the conditions.”



After the people have dispersed, Jiang Liangchan was still pondering.

Originally, she had no real feelings when crossed over in the novel. She just hoped to live quietly and hopes that as long as she doesn’t kill the Hua Shan, then the following plot would have nothing to do with her.

She would be likely return to the original world where she came from.

She originally thought that as long as she doesn’t offend or provoke Chen Feng and Hua Shan, she at least didn’t have to worry about death.

As for other characters, if they could help her, then she would help them though she still thinks they were just stranger to her.

But when she saw Mother Jiang, she no longer think so.

She would use all her strength to make sure that the Jiang Family would not experience the tragic end.

Otherwise, the Jiang Family would be killed including Mother Jiang.

If the Jiang family was in trouble, so would Mother Jiang.

If Jiang Yunting died in the battle, Jiang Mother would be heartbroken and sad.

Although she has not yet met Jiang Father, but her brother Jiang Yunting was a silly cute, so would his father be.

In any case she must reverse the entire fate of the Jiang Family.

Niang1– mother, (I like to use this instead of mother, since it sounded more intimate)

Yuzhi2– raw was 御制 which meant imperial manufacture 御  (yu) imperial 制(zhi) manufacture; to make


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