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Chapter 78

Wearing the white robe the priest solemnly stepped onto the stage and stood in the middle of the two newlyweds to let god witness their happy life in the future.

With a smile on his face, the priest asked Qin Zhao,

“Mr. Qin Zhao the groom do you take this beautiful young lady as your wedded wife? In good time and in bad, in wealth and in poverty, in health and in sickness, in happiness and in sorrow, you will love her without reservation and be faithful to her until eternity?”

Qin Zhao intently looked at Tang Wanwan across him and replied without hesitation.

“I do.”

Then the priest turned his head to Tang Wanwan and asked him the same vow,

“Miss Tang Wanwan, are you willing to marry this man before you, in good time and in bad time, in poverty and in wealth, in sickness and in health, in happiness and in sorrow you will love him without reservation and be faithful to him until eternity?”

Tang Wawan curled her mouth and smiled, her eyes were glistening as she nodded and said.

“I do.”

“God will bless you.”

The priest said. Next he asked the bride and the groom to exchange rings.

Tang Wanwan stretched out her hand, but Qin Zhao’s hand that was holding the ring kept on trembling because of excitement, making ring almost fell from his hand.

Fortunately, god was watching the couple and everything went smoothly.

Tang Wanwan was more relaxed than Qin Zhao, she put the ring on Qin Zhao’s left ring finger, raised her head and her face was full of smile, she whispered.

“From on you are my man.”

As the couple kissed together, they were surrounded with music and the sound of salute, as the sky was filled with ribbon floating down.

The guests all stood up and applauded, dozens of camera in all angles recorded the scene. The whole world seems to be rejoicing, there was no sorrow, no pain, only sweetness that belong to the lovers.

No one notice the faces of Fu Jianchen and Fu Ting, who were supposed to be smiling with blessings, had lost their color. Their clapping hands were still in the air like a statue, froze in their places.

Fu Jianchen sat stiffly, the blood in his body all dried up at the moment when Tang Wanwan kissed and hugged Qin Zhao.

Different kinds of neon lights appear in front of his eyes, dazzled he closed his eyes and when he opened them again he saw countless children.

One year old, two year old, three year old, they surrounded his knees and as they opened their big black eyes, they grabbed his pants, pulled his sleeves and kept calling him.

Daddy, daddy..

Fu Jianchen couldn’t help but smile, when he saw the adult Fu Zhen, sitting not far from the piano. He opened his mouth to call Fu Zhen’s name, however at this time could not make a sound.

He wanted to stand up and reach out to touch him but his own body has been frozen like an ice sculpture.

Fu Zhen who was sitting on the piano, finally looked up and noticed him, the corner of his mouth slowly revealed a smile.

Fu Jianchen sat still, waiting for him to call him father again and come towards him so he could catch him.

However even his fantasy would not allow him to do it. Fu Zhen in his eyes jumped off from the piano, turned around and walked along the red carpet towards the bustling hall never giving Fu Jianchen a glance again.

Soon an immensely bright light outside the door swallowed him completely, his precious little Fu Zhen disappeared from his sight.

And from beginning to end Fu Zhen never looked back.

Fu Jianchen also noticed that Fu Zhen had an injury on his leg so he didn’t walked fast and was limping a little.

After Fu Zhen left, the figures of the children at his knees gradually became transparent and disappeared slowly.

Soon there was only one child left in front of him.

Fu Jianchen raised his finger to touch him, but when his fingertip touched the child’s forehead, like an illusion everything shattered.

 In front of his eyes was still the flying ribbons, around him was still the noisy crowd and his palm was empty. Leaving only a cold and empty air.

It turned out that he didn’t catch anything, it turned out that he has lost everything.

Fu Ting was no better than Fu Jianchen. As soon as he looked up he saw his younger brother sitting on the high rose window, swinging his legs and beating his hands with the music.

As if he was going to fall from above in the next moment, Fu Ting wanted to stop the impending accident, wanted to shout for  help but his throat seemed to be blocked by a coptis1 losing his voice.

Sitting on the rose window, Fu Zhen seemed to feel the fluctuation of Fu Ting’s mood, he suddenly looked at Fu Ting and blinked at him.

But before Fu Ting could react, he jumped down from the rose window.

Fu Ting wanted to stand up and run to catch him but his body was imprisoned by the chair, and his hands were nailed in place, so he couldn’t move at all.

He could only watched his brother fall into the pool of blood, but soon the pool of blood disappear in his eyes.

Fu Zhen stood up again and the blood on his face disappeared, he left the noisy hall like an elf and disappeared in the warm sunshine.


coptis1– plant/ Chinese goldthread is a species of goldthread


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