Chapter 12

Liu Qingru’s face turned red, and her eyes glaring at her, she tried to break free of Jiang Liangchan’s hands.

However Jiang Liangchan was still smiling and just simply hold Liu Qingru’s hand even tighter and didn’t allow her to break free at all.

“Oh, sister Liu what’s the matter? Oh.. why is your hand so rough? Women’s hand are precious ah, we can’t be too careless. Chunxin.”

Jiang Liangchan called her maid servant.

Chuxin also cooperated and stepped forward.

“Miss, what are your orders?”

“Go back and send the new box of lotus hand lotion in my house to Liu’s. Seeing the hands of sister Liu just make feel so distress.”

Many people who smiled secretly just now couldn’t hold back and burst into laughing but quickly shut their mouths, preventing themselves to laugh out loud again.

Liu Qingru couldn’t hold it back anymore and forcefully shook her hand away.

“No need, but thank you anyway!”

Her tone was heavy as she blushed in shame.

Although Jiang Liangchan was usually overbearing, she has stupid and bad at talking. All she could do was to curse people when angry.

But now—

She was so different, using soft knife1 into various and many ways.

Jiang Liangchan on the other hand, does not seem to understand why her good intention were not accepted.

With an innocent face and puzzled looked she shrugged her shoulder.

After the ‘battle’ between Jiang Liangchan and Liu Qingru, together with those who were foolish enough to try and find trouble were all quiet.

Jiang Liangchan was too bored to talk and just simply took a sip of tea instead.

As all noble ladies gathered, Pricess Chanping arrived. The moment she came in, the stiff atmosphere earlier was change.

The noblewomen, regardless of what faction they were from, greeted and superficially praised her.

And for a while, they all forget to pay attention to Jiang Liangchan.

After talking for a moment, a servant girl came in and reported that the things they need were ready.

Hearing this, Princess Changping said with a smile.

“If that’s the case, let’s go out and have some fun.”

Everyone responded, got up and went outside.

Jiang Liangchan was walking behind the crowd. Liu Qingru took advantage of the fact that the princess didn’t see it and glared fiercely at her.


These noblewomen, were playing cuju just for fan. They were all delicate and soft, so they didn’t have much strength like men to play the game seriously.

But to add a little more interest, they added some gamble.

The maid guided them to the lake side. On the shore of the lake, there were quite a few things that were laid out.

Jiang Liangchan took a few glances and thought that the shoes inside those lines looked rather like ice skates, she also some thick clothes withit.

Then she turned her head and looked at the lake’s surface which was covered with thick layer of ice. Jiang Liangchan had some guesses.

Sure enough the princess, clapped her hands and said with a smile that still plastered on her face.

“In winter, we always needs to wear thick clothes to help our hands and feet warm. However, I heard some new ways in playing cuju which was quite interesting. It’s from the country in the north, where they could play cuju in winter to make their body warm.”

Princess Changping continued.

“I asked some people to learn and prepare those equipment so that we could also play. Let’s have try today.”

This was the first time this noble ladies heard this kind of game, and curiously picked the shoes and talked about them for a while.

Jiang Liangchan also squatted down to look over with interest, the clothes were really thick and pretty comfortable to wear.

She thought to herself.

I can play this!

After the noble ladies check and looked at the skates, someone took the lead to ask.

“If it’s the normal cuju, we know a thing or two but how do you play cuju on ice? I don’t know how to walk on ice.”

Others also have said,

“Yes, I can’t also walk on ice either.”

This was also the first time for the princess to play ice cuju, let alone other people.

The princess was also exceptionally generous today, she signaled some servant to carry up a large box and said.

“Today this game is simple, there will be no rules. As long as you stand firmly on the ice and hit the ball inside the goal post, and according to the number of goals, the top teams will be rewarded. Now form a team.”

It sounds interesting, all the noble women, agree. Besides even if there was no reward, no one will say anything.

The purpose of this gathering was to pass time, when they received Princess Changping’s invitation and attended the gathering they were all aware of it.

After all, this was all about having fun,

Naturally, everyone said yes.

Liu Qingru glance at Jiang Liangchan, before she stepped forward and said.

“Princess this method is good, but the reward alone seems to be missing, if there are rewards, then there should be penalties to make it more fun. How about the top three have rewards and whoever come last, there is also s punishment, how about that?”

These noble lady knew right away what Liu Qingru wanted, as they witness how Jiang Liangchan humiliated Liu Qingru.

The eyes of these noble women were bright as they anticipate the upcoming show.

However they remembered that Jiang Liangchan always comes last on every cuju game before, making their anticipation lessen in half.

But thinking about how the always high-profile and arrogant and bright-looking Jiang Liangchan was, on how hilarious she would be, they all covered their mouths and agreed.

“That’s a good idea.”

And since the princess has an easy-going personality and seeing that everyone was in high spirits, she also said.

“Then we will add this one.”

Liu Qingru then proudly swept a glance at Jiang Liangchan.

Soon, the game started.

Since there were too many noblewomen, fearing that ice surface could not fully withstand the danger, they were divided into three waves.

The first batch that played were all struggling to stand on the ice, no one could stand up smoothly and fell down in variety of ways.

The second batch of people were worried that they won’t be able to stand, but remembering that the first batch of people were like that, they felt relieve.

Since everyone couldn’t stand, then there should be no need to be ashamed of.

The first round was almost over but no one was able to stand up properly on the ice with their skates, let alone score a goal.

Except for one person.

Wearing her skate’s shoes, Jiang Liangchan was able to slide on the ice after only adapting for a while and even scored two goals.

Usually everyone could only look at her as a jokes when playing cuju. However right now, they could see her sliding back and forth a midst of the noble ladies lying on the ground.

The princess laughed and praise Jiang Liangchan, she even asked her for some advice on how to stand on skates.

After a few rounds and counted number of goals, Jiang Liangchan scored nine goals. A veritable first.

The princess also scored one goal at the end of the game, while the other didn’t learn to stand firm in the end.

Liu Qingru and her circle of friends were glaring at Jiang Liangchan as she pulled out the prized from the box. Very opposite from Jiang Liangchan who was on cloud nine.

With all due respect, there was not a single capable player here.

Is what the people around Jiang Liangchan would like to say.

She used to be proficient at skating.

If it weren’t for the occasion, she would have no problem doing figure skating on the spot.


soft knife1– underhanded tactics, devious means of attack


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