Chapter 1

The summer sun, shines into the room passing through the weaving curtains along the window, bringing a trace of warmth.

A ringtone ‘Burned my Calories’ suddenly sounded the whole room.

Ye Susu who was lying on the bed, groan discontentedly and protested like a small animal. She raised her white hands to cover her ears firmly.

Before covering it, she also did not forget to wipe off the suspicious liquid around her mouth.

But seconds later, she woke up from the bed with a start.

Where are my symmetrical, long and elegant whisker on my face?

That only the most beautiful cats of the century can possess?!

What about my white, soft and smooth fur?

She immediately jumped up but immediately came down crashing from the bed, and saw herself slipping from the lake blue quilt, revealing half of the slender legs with white small kneecaps.

Which could only be seen and used by humans, who walked upright.

Was I able to cultivate?

[Beginning of the 100th Life]

Ye Susu propped up her bare forehead, before hearing the beep sounded. And jolted wide awake.

According to the clan’s cultivation system, she has lived her 99 cat lives, and was only one life away from 100.

She has only one life away to become a great demon and reach the realm of immortality.

She had also heard from her predecessors mention before that in the last life was necessary to experience the seven emotion1 and six desires2 of the human beings.

So that she could transcend the reincarnation cycle after she died.

With that thought, she looked around.

It was a small room of only six or seven square meter feet.

The room was packed after placing the large bed and a dressing table, it also seemed too cramped.

The ceiling above was already mottled and there were traces of cracks. On the other side of the wall, there was a small clothes rack that couldn’t be simpler.

It was probably the original owner’s ‘wardrobe’.

Poor, very poor.

Ye Susu, who has been a cat in the human world for 99 times, saw through the situation of the original owner’s body within a second.

After thinking for three seconds, she lowered her head.

Awhile after , she pursed her lips, trembled and even unskillfully extended her finger to poke her chest.

It moved up and down, and was soft to touch.


She lay down on her stomach on the bed, curled her fingers, held a small fist and then scratched the sheet.

This feeling..

Ye Susu who was a cat by birth has now finally become a human being.

And she could now brush her hair as much as she wants in this life time.

The cat who couldn’t brush her fur freely has finally turned over!3

“Burn Your Calories..”

The phone rings once again.

Ye Susu smilingly wriggled on the bed a few time before she slowly found her phone and skillfully answer the call.


As a cat who has insight and could steal human skills, there was nothing she couldn’t do.

“What hello? It’s me your cousin ah! Susu. I’ll pick up in half an hour later, at the wine shop. You’d better dress up beautifully, Mr. Li said that he would introduce some investors to us.”

Ye Susu was immediately shocked by the memories that flood her mind.

She crossed over into a novel and became a cannon fodder.

The cannon fodder adores vanity, and wanted to marry into a rich family. But was used by Ye Wan, her cousin and manager instead, who was envious of her beauty.

Ye Susu was a female anchor but was encourage to find her own resources. Since she had no chance to compete with Li Yinchen, the company’s boss and also the male protagonist.

“Susu, you must remember to spray that bottle of that charm perfume. Your live performance was so bad, that the company is not willing to renew your contract. Success and failure depends on this!”

Ye Wan’s voice sounded so concerned and full of temptation.

Ye Susu on the other hand, was lying on the pillow while wiggling her feet, tilted her head and blinker her eyes.

According to the novel’s plot that she remembered, the original Ye Susu would listened to Ye Wanwan and would sell her body but ended up with no sponsor or investment at all.

Soon after was also convinced by Ye Wan to do plastic surgery, which failed and disfigure her face as the after-effect.

She also owed the company with huge amount due to the operation.

My goodness!

“What did you say…..meow meow meow, ah, there’s a cat making trouble, I can’t seem to hear you well….meow…….ahhhhhh!”


Ye Susu immediately hung up the phone.

All of her 99th life, she experience all kinds of cat life hardships, such as getting sick, being hit by a car, being abandoned, wandering around—and various ways dyeing tragically.

In this life as a human being, she definitely does not want to be miserable or at the mercy of anyone!

Tossing her phone on the bed, she jumped on the floor and rushed to the dressing table where the mirror was.

She looked up and saw her face in this life in the round framed vanity mirror on the table.

She was wearing a deep black strap night dress, showing her snow-white and smooth skin, and her peach like lustrous lips.

Ye Susu picked up the mirror and held it up, and turned it sideways to get a better look.

Just to see her waterfall like black, long and straight hair, but on each sides was a curly like ripple hair that gently fall on the back.

Ye Susu expression was suddenly calm, with her right hand she grab a handful of hair and with extreme seriousness circled it around her fingers.

“Well the hair quality was good.”

Ye Susu was very satisfied with her human form.


While absorb in her thoughts, she heard a soft sound coming from the outside of the room, as if something had fallen into the ground.

Ye Susu raised her eyebrows and at once put down the mirror, and walked out of the bedroom.

With a one-room layout, a quick glance revealed a small, furry head in a narrow kitchen, directly across the aisle hall, just an inch above the stove.

He seemed to have heard the sound of the door opening so he hastily turned back, showing his slightly panicked, jade-like round face.

His black eyes were like ink obsidian, clear and pure, while his little nose shrank nervously.

On the small black head, there were still two curly hair that lightly trembled in the air.

Ye Susu blank out.


This child’s soft voice was obviously timid.

When this voice fell on Ye Susu’s ears, made her blank out.

Many images floats out from the depth of her mind.


This is the son of the original owner!

He was four and a half years old and was born as a result of a one-night accident.

The biological father of the child was unknown.

Because the original owner got pregnant, she had to stop her college education and since then she had lived a crooked life.

Ye Susu remembered this and was dumbfounded on the spot.

[100th Mission: Experience affection and raise the cubs to a healthy adult.]

Hearing the voice inside her head, her expression instantly became odd.

Soon, a message pop’s up in her mind.

This fatherless child has been beaten, and scolded for a long time. And later was abandoned and suffered from serious mental illness.

When he became an adult, he was completely blackened, not only hated women, but also hated those women who wanted to marry into a rich family.

He used his high intelligence to commit crimes, steal trade secrets and sell them in the black market. He had brought down many companies and made several rich people bankrupt.

And after he was worth over a billion dollars, he killed himself in his luxury villa on the night of Mother’s Day, which was also his 255th birthday.

In his short life, he lived in pain and hatred, dyeing without relief.

[If the child is blackened out, and the parenting fails, your cultivation for the previous 99 lives will all be erased.]

The corner of Ye Susu’s mouth twitched.



the seven emotion1– joy, anger, grief, worry, fear, sentiments and affection

six desires2– lust, vanity, dignity, pleasant sounds, good life/death and sensual pleasures

more information here: https://longmen.eu/2015/01/the-seven-emotions-and-six-desires/

turned over!3– to bring about a change of one’s fortunes

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