Chapter 9

While Jian Ruixi enjoys her time shopping, her bodyguard was responsible for carrying the bags.

When she decided to stopped at a coffee shop the bodyguard already sent all the shopping bags to the car so she could enjoy her coffee time leisurely.

The bodyguard dutifully stated,

“I’ll accompany you to the company first.”

“Okay” Jian Ruixi didn’t bother with such trivial matters.

After she paid the bill, she went straight to the Fu Shiyuan’s company that was not too far away from where she was.

As expected nothing happened like those in dramas, asking who she was and what she needed.

As soon as Jian Ruixi walked into the lobby, she was immediately guided by the security guard.

“Hello, the elevator is this way.”

And just before arriving at the elevator, a receptionist came forward to greet her again.

“Hello. Madam Fu, this is President Fu’s special elevator, which goes straight to President’s office.”

The receptionist thoughtfully sent Jian Ruixi up to the top floor where Fu Shiuyan’s office was located.

And then she was welcomed again by a beautiful secretary.

“Madam Fu please follow me.”

Jian Ruixi arrived to Fu Shiyuan’s office smoothly.

Fu Shiyuan was busy signing some documents when he saw her coming in. he stopped writing and jokingly said.

“How about it, didn’t get stopped on the way?”

“How can that be possible? Every employees in your company is more professional than any receptionist at a five star hotel.”

Jian Ruixi raised her slender fingers and slowly tapped her chin.

“What’s that felling… hmm. Oh..a guest that feels so at home..? Yes that feeling.”

On the way Jian Ruixi was like Granny Liu who visits the Grand View garden1.

At this moment, in front of Fu Shiyuan, she didn’t hide her amazement and said.

“It said that art comes from life but TV dramas never have this should the extent. I just saw the world today.”

Jian Ruixi dared to say this because she knew that real Madam Fu was never been it Fu Shiyuan’s company.

And if the original Madam Fu, wanted to visit her husband, surely she would also sighed amazingly like Jian Ruixi was.

But Fu Shiyuan didn’t think so, he felt that he didn’t know his wife well enough. She was much more interesting that he thought.

Fu Shiyuan was amused by her cleverness.

After Jian Ruixi stabilized her excitement, she asked curiously.

“Bu how did they recognized me, you told them?”

“I did told my secretary that you are coming, and asked them to pay attention.”

Jian Ruixi wanted to retort, how would they know that she was “Madam Fu” when they saw her, it’s not like she was wearing a placard nor did she write in it on her forehead that “I am Madam Fu”.

But on the second thought, Madam Fu was a well-known rich lady. There were a lot of rumors and photos taken by the media.

Therefore even if Madma Fu was never been to the company, the employees of the company should have done their homework.

It was not surprising that they could recognized her today, Jian Ruixi nodded thoughtfully and was a little stuck for a while.

The gentleman Fu Shiyuan took the initiative to open a topic. He looked at her attire and praised.

“This is today’s spoils? You look even more beautiful.”

That’s right. Jian Ruixi was already wearing her new clothes. The reason was she likes the Tibi’s2 short boots that was release this year.

It has a white pointed thin heeled bare boots with black laces. It was elegant was comfortable to wear, especially on her feet.

Low heeled boots were easier to walk in the street than Madam Fu’s high-heeled shoes.

However by just putting on her boots, her original clothes did not match. Jian Ruixi then put on the new Helmut Lang3 with a black gold chain belt around the waist.

The whole person looked so elegant and supple of course Jian Ruixi liked it very much.

Seeing Fu Shiyuan complimenting her look, Jian Ruixi even turned around and showed her new image in all directions.

Jian Ruixi happily boasted.

“I’m also not just beautiful but also economical—”

Compared to the original Madam Fu’s consumption level, the dress Jian Ruixi was wearing were much more affordable.

Actually, even after being married for many years they didn’t talked much, much less talked about their clothes.

Fu Shiyuan original thought that it would be more awkward to talked about unfamiliar topics, but his wife’s reaction made the atmosphere harmonious and natural.

So he put his thumbs up and joked.

“You’re quite capable.”

Jian Ruixi was pleased with the compliment and said.

“But how did you know I’m wearing the new clothes? Are you some clairvoyant?”

Fu Shiyuan calmly pointed the phone. Jian Ruixi then remembered something, she immediately logged into her wechat and checked her last post.

Among the rows of comments and red hearts she found Fu Shiyuan’s accounts. Surprised she said.

“Wow, you do know how to check moments.. but during working hours?”

Jian Ruixi posted a new looked and style of herself on the weibo for her new circle of friends to see and added some short description.

About how she need to change to better herself, and that change needed to start together with her friends.

Now even Fu Shiyuan knows her plans for transformation, so later when she act differently they wouldn’t get suspicious.

Fu Shiyuan explained with a smile.

“Assistant Wen said that your new style is very good, so I went and check it personally.”

Jian Ruixi was satisfied,

“You’re great too.”

The atmosphere was just right. The secretary arrived with a tea, and Jian Ruixi also ended the topic.

She did not forget that Fu Shiyuan called her to come to the company to have a rest. She looked at the sofa and asked.

“I want to have a rest is it right here?”

“There’s lounge in the back, you can take a nap on the bed. I’ll wake you when I’m done.”

Jian Ruixi went into the lounge nonchalantly. At six o’clock in the evening, Fu Shiyuan, who had finished his work on time, came in and woke her up.

The walked outside the office, side by side.

As the previous chat was very good, Jian Ruixi had an impression of Fu Shiyuan; approachable, humorous, and witty.

Facing with Fu Shiyuan, Jian Ruixi was more casual and natural, while walking she jokingly said.

“It’s rare for President Fu to leave work on time today.”

Fu Shiyuan shook his head.

“There is an international conference in the evening, so it’s not off to work yet.”

“So you have to go back to the office later?”

“That’s right.”

Fu Shiyuan looked her rather guilty.

“I’m sorry I can only accompany you to have dinner. Can you go home by yourself later?”

Jian Ruixi tried to hold back the corners of her mouth that wanted to rise—she was worried that the it would be hard to refuse the “event” after dinner.

Such as rolling in the bed sheet. It was nice that Fu Shiyuan had to work overtime, but in front of her husband she couldn’t be seen happy.

Jian Ruixi with her not sincere expression of sympathy said.

“I’m okay with it, but you have it too hard.”

Fu Shiyuan’s tone was soft.

“It should be the same for everyone. I will try to make time for you.”

Jian Ruixi virtuously refuses.

“Don’t mind me, work is more important.”

In this way, Fu Shiyuan and Jian Ruixi left the bulding talking and laughing. The whole company’s staff looked so stunned.


Granny Liu who visits the Grand view garden1– overwhelmed by the new experiences and luxurious surroundings

Tibi’s2– brand name

Helmut Lang3– brand name


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