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Chapter 20

Down, the stock was down?

Everyone in the set has shown a sympathetic look towards Shen Yan and the assistant director, after all these two people have bought a lot of Chen’s stocks.

Li Jun face was slightly angry, he knew that Shen Yan was unlucky, but he did not expect that Shen Yan was very unlucky.

The stocks had only been bought a few days ah,

But it fell so fast!

The assistant director knew that the stock would definitely fall, so when he heard other say it had fallen, he just smiled towards Shen Yan.

Meaning, don’t think too much about it and just hurry up and run.

If she doesn’t run, Shen Yan might be get bullied by He Han.

Shen Yan swiped her fingertips across the screen of her phone and watched the latest stock news.

Shen Yan stood there without moving.

Picking up the speaker, Li Jun shouted.

“Let’s shoot the scene.”

The person who ran into the set shouting and said that it was down, was Li San. He was also the one who accused Shen Yan of being jealous of He Han and not letting them make money.

He sat down leaning on the post of the set, he was a little bit out and cried hysterically.

“It’s down, it’s down.”

Li Jun said irritably.

“Yes, yes it was down, but what are you crying about ah. Even the assistant director has not cried.”

Hearing this, Li San cried harder.

Li San also thought that once he made money, he would invest in a TV series, and him as the third male lead.

He even invited his friends to buy stocks, assuring them that the stocks would go up and that everyone would thanked him after.

Thinking that the stock has fallen, that he has lost his money and that he has to face the blamed from the public, he crazily run towards He Han’s direction.

“It’s all your fault, it’s all you fault! Ah!”

He Han was scared that she hurriedly stood up, and stepped back.

“What are you doing? What are you ah! Hurry and protect me ah!”

Shen Yan pursed her lips and smiled a little, while watching the the scene in front of her.

Li San pushed away the person blocking He Han, directly shaking He Han’s shoulder. With his red eyes he angrily said.

“It’s all your fault! It’s all your fault ah! Yuran industry stock was fallen!”

Li San’s words made the all crew frozen, and even the speaker in Li Jun’s has was dropped.

What was down?

The Yuran stocks was down!

It’s impossible!

How could a steady and profitable Yuran industry fall?!

Even if something was down, it should be the Chen industry ah!

At this realization, no one cares about the work. They have taken out their phones to open the stock app.

As they check the stock, the surrounding was filled with breath of cold air, there were even people who directly fainted.

Down! The Yuran industry was down! Not the Chen’s Group! The Chen not only did not fall, but also has a particularly stable rise!

Li San was still shaking He Han’s shoulder, while He Han’s face turned pale.


The people who bought stock from Yuran industry all looked He Han and just like Li San they run towards her.

They were all group of performers and don’t have it easy making money, but because they believed in He Han and Zhang He, they bought some stocks.

He Han wanted to run away, but as soon as she stepped back, she stepped on the hem of her skirt and fell down on the ground.

Shaking she said,

“It’s has nothing to do with me! I don’t know! It’s all Zhang He! It’s all Zhang He. He said that Yuran can make money!”

The gorgeous costume that He Han showed off in front of She Yan has now long been dirty in several places because of the dirt in the ground when she fell.

He Han was still desperately trying to explain but no one listened to her explanation.

She Yan was looking at the commotion without any expression on her face, she carried the hem of skirt and walked towards Li Jun.

Li Jun invested a lot of money, his hand holding the phone was shaking, while the assistant director who was in his side was dumbfounded.

At first the assistant director thought that it was his stocks that was fallen but to his surprise, he made a money and Li Jun did not.

“Director, this.. ah .. when our web drama become popular later, you will be able to earn it back.”

The assistant director encourages Lin Jun.

On the other hand, stopping in front of Li Jun, Shen Yan said.

“Director, I’m done.”

Li Jun looked up at Shen Yan.




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