Chapter 8


Xue Jiayue answered the phone.

Elder Xu’s loving voice came over,

“Yueyue, what are you doing?”

When Xue Jiayue heard Elder Xu’s voice, she remembered her grandfather, who was also very gently and kind like Elder Xu.

“I’m at home.”

Xue Jiayue held back the tears that were about to well up in her eyes, and tried to keep her voice as smooth as possible lest Elder Xu hear something different.

Elder Xu sounded concerned,

“You are alone at home? Where is Yanwen?”

“He went to work ah, today he said that he had to go C city for a business trip.”

“On a business trip? How come I didn’t hear him say that before?”

Elder Xu continued to ask.

“When will he be back?”

“He will be back tonight.”

Xue Jiayue remembered that Xu Yanwen said so last night.

“That’s just right, when he comes back tonight, you tell him that you two will come back to the old mansion for dinner, tell him I said it.”

Elder Xu said.

“Xue Jiayue blinked and asked in a soft voice.

“Is there something wrong with grandpa?”

“It’s nothing.”

Elder Xu said very directly.

“I just miss you guys.”

Elder Xu lives alone in the old mansion. Young people were usually busy with their own business, often it would take ten days and half a month before they could visit him.

Elder Xu feels lonely, wanting them to go back to accompany him was very normal. Xue Jiayue’s grandfather used to be the same, so she agreed without much thought.

Later Xue Jiayue then accompanied Elder Xu to chat for a while before hanging up the phone.

In the afternoon, Xue Jiayue went to the supermarket and bought some things she needed. When she came out of the market, she saw an activity in the square.

It was a creative fashion show for the college students, and various clothes on display were also the works designed by the students themselves.

Xue Jiayue studied fashion design when she was in college and after graduation, she also worked in the fashion industry.

She has nearly had one year of experience in fashion now.

Coincidentally the original owner of her body also studied fashion design except that she went to learn fashion design purely as a spur of the moment hobby.

And did not learn very well, she did not work in the fashion industry after learning.

At this time, seeing those works designed by the students, Xue Jiayue suddenly had the idea of continuing to engage in clothing design.

She really liked clothing design and dreamed of creating her own brand one day.

Of course, it was still a bit far to create her own brand, so Xue Jiayue’s temporary idea was to design some works at home first.

And then look for suitable job in clothing design, so as to accumulate some experience, make connections and lay a solid foundation for creating her own brand in the future.

As soon as she said she would do it, Xue Jiayue immediately bought some things for fashion design and then began to designing at home.

At 10 o’clock in the evening, Xu Yanwen returned from his business trip. As soon as he entered, he saw Xue Jiayue concentrating on drawing something, she didn’t even look up at him when he came in.

It’s a little unusual.

Xu Yanwen wanted to see what Xue Jiayue was actually drawing so seriously, so after he change his shoes at the door and walked over.

And his eyes were immediately attracted to the clothes Xue Jiayue designed.

“The design is very original, the color combination is just right. The drawing is also good.”

Xu Yanwen praised.

Xue Jiayue turned around when she heard the voice and smiled at him.

“You really think the drawing is good?”

Xu Yanwen nodded his head,

“It’s really well drawn.”

From the perspective of a big president like Xu Yanwen, if said it was good then it should be really good!

Xue Jiayue was very happy.

Xu Yanwen was curious how she suddenly drew clothes and asked.

“You don’t seem to have drawn these things for a long time?”

Xue Jiayue knew he was talking about the original owner of the body, and she really hadn’t touched these things since she finished her studies.

“I wanted to draw again on a whim.”

Xue Jiayue found a reasonable explanation.

Xu Yanwen took a closer look at her drawing and added.

“You’re actually very talented, don’t waste it.”

Xue Jiayue smiled,

“Is this considered praise for me?”

Xu Yanwen took a look at her and said,


After being praised, Xue Jiayue was very happy.

She remembered what Elder Xu told her during the day and said with a smile to Xu Yanwen.

“Grandpa told us to go back to the old mansion tomorrow.”

Xu Yanwen paused for a moment and said,

“I have something to do tomorrow, you go back alone.”

Xue Jiayue don’t know if it was an illusion, but she felt that the originally good Xu Yanwen was instantly indifferent, even the expression on his face was colder.

What’s going on?

Wasn’t he just fine a moment ago?

Not waiting for Xue Jiayue to speak again, Xu Yanwen had already turned around and walked away.

Xue Jiayue looked at his back as he left, something suddenly came to mind.

Was it because of that incident that Xu Yanwen was unwilling to go back to the old mansion?



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